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Setting up Authentication for Cloud Portal using Cloud Identity – II

This blog is part of a series which is related to setting up Cloud Identity to authenticate Cloud Portal in different scenarios.

Setting up Authentication for Cloud Portal using Cloud Identity

Part 1 – Setting up SCI as IdP for a vendor facing Cloud Portal

Part 2 – Using Social Identity Providers to access Cloud Portal

Part 3 – Setup Self-registration form

Part 4 – Manage Cloud Portal Catalogs and roles

Part 5 – Mapping of groups between SCI and Cloud Portal

Part 6 – Setup 2FA for Cloud Portal access

In the previous blog, we had a look at how to setup the authentication of an external vendor in the Cloud Portal using SCI. Quite often you will have a requirement where external vendors do not want to use the user ID which you provide rather they would be more than happy to login into HCP via Facebook or other social media sites. SCI currently support authentication using Social Media like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In this blog, I am going to demonstrate how we can leverage Social Media login to authenticate users to the Cloud Portal.

Configure Social Identity Providers

Login to SCI as an Administrator and access the tile “Social Identity Providers”


Configure the provided social providers. In the below screen, I have already configured all the four social providers. You need to register as a developer with these social providers to obtain the required parameters.


Provide values for your new Application and submit the form.


Once you create your application, you will be provided with the Client ID and Client Secret as shown below. These values need to used in SCI when configuring the Social Identity Providers.


Sign-in with your LinkedIn personal login credentials and click on “Allow Access”


The next time the same user tries to login, it will only ask for their LinkedIn credentials and will not require the user to provide their SCI credentials (as the account linkage has already been established).

In the next blog, we shall see how to setup and use Self registration forms which can be used by external vendors to register themselves and access the Cloud Portal.

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