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Additional Material Attributes transfer to GTS

About the Document

This document provides an overview of additional material attributes transfer to GTS.

Table to Contents

  • Business Scenario
  • Solution Overview
  • Overview of additional attributes in Product Master in GTS
  • Configuration settings in GTS
  • Required changes in ECC
  • Use of product attributes in standard reports
  • Relevant tables
  • Conclusion

Business Scenario

Business wants to transfer following additional material master attributes to GTS:

  • Material Type
  • Material Group
  • Product Hierarchy
  • Military Goods Indicator

These details are needed to take better informed decision in GTS while product classification etc.

Solution Overview

SAP GTS provides standard solution to map additional products attributes from ECC system. To achieve this functionality, standard configuration is available in SPRO and small coding is required in user exit in ECC. Let’s explore in detail the required configuration steps to achieve this functionality.

Overview of Additional attributes in Product Master in GTS

In standard SAP GTS, system automatically transfers a set of material attributes like Material Number, Material description, unit of measure, shot text etc. to GTS. When the additional product characteristics are needed as selection criteria or in the display of customs products, the generic fields in GTS can be used.

R/3 plug-in SLLLEG04/EXIT_SAPLSLL_LEG_PRR3_004 user exit is available to control which product attribute transfer to GTS

These additional characteristics can be used in various standard reports as selection criteria and can aid in better decision making.

Configuration settings in GTS

We can find the related configuration settings in below SPRO path:

Global Trade Services -> General Settings -> Customs Products

You can define 5 attributes each of length 01, 02, 05, 10, 20 and 40. So in total, you can map 30 additional characteristics

For the given business requirement, lets see the step by step configuration settings:

1) Define Product Characteristics from the feeder system

Here you need to define attribute technical name as shown below with description. In the check option, you can setup validation of the values against table values or you can setup ‘No check’ as well.


2) Assign Field attributes to the product characteristics from the feeder system

Here you assign field length to the attributes you defined in step 1. Also you assign field identification in this step. How this identification is relevant, we will find out in further steps.


3) Define Attributes of Product Characteristics with Length 01

In this node, you define possible values for the attribute with description as shown below:


Similarly maintain values with other lengths 02, 05, 10 etc. as applicable.

These were all the changes needed in GTS. Lets turn our attention to the changes needed in ECC.

Required changes in ECC

In ECC you need to do small coding to pass the values in user exit EXIT_SAPLSLL_LEG_PRR3_004

sample code is shown below

wa_attr-attr01a = wa_marc-itark.

wa_attr-attr05a = wa_mara-mtart.

wa_attr-attr10a = wa_mara-matkl.

wa_attr-attr20a = wa_mara-prdha.

APPEND wa_attr TO cs_api6850-attr.

clear wa_attr.

Remember to pass values to correct attribute identifier as per the configuration done in step 2 above.

Use of Product attributes in standard reports

Once you transfer the additional product attributes to GTS, you can use them in various standard reports to filter the report based on selection criteria. Few of the standard reports are:

Classify Product


Mass classification of product


You can display these attributes in product master in additional characteristics tab:


Relevant Tables

Below is the list of relevant tables for this functionality:

  • /SAPSLL/PRGEN – Product attributes in GTS
  • /SAPSLL/TCOATR – Definition of characteristics from feeder system
  • /SAPSLL/TCOATC – Generic settings for general attributes maintenance
  • /SAPSLL/TCOATA – Control of general attribute maintenance – assignment of attributes


We have seen how we can map additional product attributes in GTS from ECC. We can use this information to filter many standard reports and it can aid in better decision making. This can be easily achieved with some simple configuration steps and small coding in user exit.

It would be great to hear from you if you have implemented this functionality and your experiences with the same. Any suggestions to improve the document are welcome.

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      Author's profile photo venu gopal
      venu gopal

      Dear Kul Vaibhav

      Wonderful information Vaibhave,This type postings increase zeal on GTS. Keep it up..

      Thanks a lot

      Venu gopala reddy.

      Author's profile photo Kul Vaibhav
      Kul Vaibhav
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Venu for your feedback and encouragement as always 🙂


      Thanks for sharing. Very useful.

      Author's profile photo Srinivasa Reddy Vangala
      Srinivasa Reddy Vangala

      nice and helpful document

      Author's profile photo PUSHPA JHA

      What if I have to add any custom field from MARA table and that field in not available in the message type  /SAPSLL/MATMAS_SLL ? I have a similar requirement. Kindly help me ?

      Author's profile photo Dhanesh M
      Dhanesh M

      Dear Kul Vaibhav,

      Thanks for this great blog. We are trying to implement the same in our landscape. We are in GTS Hana version - SAP GTS ED FOR SAP HANA. our feeder system is S4HANA ON PREMISE. We did all the config steps you mentioned and also the BADI code changes. However, I am not able to find the 'Additional Characteristics' tab in the GTS product master. It is bit strange, coz in the selection screen for the Manage Products , we can see the 'Additional Data' section and I can see the values I configured for the input help, but once the actual product master details are displayed, the 'Additional Characteristics' tab is missing. Appreciate if you have any clue for this ??