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If you encounter an out of space error in IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN which brings down your coordinator node, the normal recovery procedure can appear blocked if your multiplex has a DAS dbspace. This blog shows you how to work around the issue, and bring your multiplex back online.


You have a multiplex with at least one DAS dbspace. The coordinator node fails with an error indicating an out of space condition in IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN.


Run sp_iqcheckdb in dropleaks mode twice: first against IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN, and then against your DAS dbspace:

  1. Shut down all multiplex nodes
  2. Start the coordinator node with these three start_iq parameters:

    ◦Single-node (-iqmpx_sn)

    ◦Override (-iqmpx_ov)

    ◦Forced recovery (-iqfrec)


    start_iq -n mpx_abc123_m -x tcpip'{port=9612}’ -iqmpx_sn 1  -iqmpx_ov 1 -iqfrec mpx_abc123.db /machinedqp- c2/users/your_name/sp12/abc/mpx/m/mpx_abc123.db

  3. Connect to the coordinator and run sp_iqcheckdb in dropleaks mode with IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN as the dbspace target:

    sp_iqcheckdb (‘dropleaks dbspace IQ_SYSTEM_MAIN’); checkpoint;

  4. Shut down the coordinator.
  5. Restart the coordinator normally without the -iqmpx_sn, -iqmpx_ov, and -iqfrec parameters.
  6. Connect to the coordinator and run sp_iqcheckdb in dropleaks mode with your DAS Dbspace as the dbspace target.


    sp_iqcheckdb (‘dropleaks dbspace ‘); checkpoint;

  7. Run sp_iqcheckdb in dropleaks mode for any other user dbspaces.
  8. Bring your DAS dbspace back online.
  9. Synchronize all multiplex secondary nodes.
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