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UPDATEHCP IoT Services now supports SDS. See here for more info.

I’m pleased to announce that we have just released SAP HANA Cloud Platform smart data streaming.  This is HANA SDS, available as a “Platform as a Service” offering in HCP.  It’s the same technology as HANA SDS and it can be added to HANA Platform Edition (DBaaS) in HCP, adding streaming analytics capabilities to the HANA system.

Ideal for IoT applications in the cloud,  SDS provides both a REST and WebSocket interfaces to stream processing applications that can receive, enrich and analyze incoming data, capturing exactly what you want in HANA, and with the ability to generate real-time alerts when trends or patterns are detected.

SDS runs as a service of the HANA Platform, is managed via the HANA Cockpit, and design time tools are in HANA Studio. You can read more in Working with the Smart Data Streaming HANA Service in the HANA Cloud Platform online documentation.

Self-provisioning of the SDS service in HCP is not yet available – so you won’t see it listed in the list of services that show up in the HCP Cockpit, but if you want to know more about this, just let me know.


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  1. Pavlo Denysyuk

    Hi. Looks like smart data streaming could really make our life easier ) Is there a chance to try it on HCP trial account ? What I need is connection to external HANA DB from HCP. Maybe you could advice some tools or services to do that in trial HCP version ?

    1. Jeff Wootton Post author

      Hi Pavlo – I’m afraid that Smart data streaming (SDS) is not available in HCP trial accounts at this time.  If you have an HCP account with a dedicated HANA system,  then you can add SDS to that system.

  2. Luca Manassero

    Hi Jeff,

    as participants to the SAP HANA Startup Challenge for Germany we’ve been given an HCP account with a dedicated HANA system.

    We’re working on a web intelligence platform analyzing a lot of social data and I wonder whether there are adapters for major social networks (allowing the use of virtual tables in HANA, for instance) available for HCP / SDS.

    Thank you,


    1. Jeff Wootton Post author

      No, I’m afraid we don’t have adapters available for any of the social media APIs currently.  You could build your own, using the SDS adapter toolkit, but note that as currently implemented, the custom adapter would have to run outside HCP, connecting to SDS in HCP.  ( Right now it’s not possible to run custom adapters on the SDS server in HCP).

  3. Naresh Shirupa


    I am accessing HCP Productive Instance (Version: While checking with my Administrator the updates available with this version lists SDS. On selecting the same-  “Do not have a License” message pops up.
    Please clarify whether the above version is SP 10? and version is 203. Not sure how to translate the above version to SP # and version#

    On checking the link “Working with the Smart Data Streaming HANA Service“:   If you are using SP 10, it must be at least revision 104; if you are using SP 11, it must be at least revision 115.


    1. Jeff Wootton Post author

      Hi Naresh,

      Re the licensing error:  if you are an SAP customer or partner you need to order a license through your account team and have the entitlement added to your account before you try to install SDS.   If you are an internal SAP user, you cannot install SDS via the HCP cockpit – if you try to, you will get this licensing error.  Internal SAP users must request installation by opening an HCP service request in Jira.


    1. Robert Waywell

      Hi Leandro,


      No, SCP Streaming Analytics is not available in trial accounts. That is something that we are continuing to work with the SCP team on.


      HANA Streaming Analytics is available as part of HANA Express and is a good alternative to evaluate streaming analytics. This blog post is a good starting point for using HANA Streaming Analytics (formerly HANA smart data streaming) with HANA Express:



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