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Part 1 – How to hook up Ariba and SAP Business Suite in less than “an hour” using SAP adapter without middleware

Hello all,

I wanted to share my experience on using SAP adapter to connect SAP ECC to SAP Ariba network as a buyer without using a middleware.


  • Install Ariba adapter for SAP Business Suite 1.0.
  • Register and obtain Ariba Network ID (ANID) from Ariba (Seller test accounts are free)
  • SOA Manager is configured, certificate is installed using STRUST and bgRFC has been setup by basis (1-2 Hour activity)

Note:  Ariba Network Integration 1.0 for SAP Business Suite consists of 3 components. Download these components and install them on your SAP ERP system. The components are:

  • ARBFNDI2; This component is only required if your SAP ERP system is on EhP4 or higher

Also download all Attribute Change Packages (ACPs) for this product.


Lets get started on configuration of the system. The config nodes for the SAP Ariba adapter can be found in… SPRO>>Integration with Other SAP Components>>SAP Business Suite Integration component for Ariba” “The configuration of the Ariba Adapter has 2 components.

  1. “Framework Setting”; which is used to connect SAP to Ariba
  2. “Application specific setting”; which is used to configure what is sent to Ariba from SAP.

Framework Setting:

This configuration is used to Setup the connection framework between the two systems.

  1. Define Credentials and End Points for Ariba Network
    1. Enter your Ariba Network ID (ANID)
    2. Share Secret which you will need to use in Ariba Network during enablement
    3. Test Account Flag (Only if you are connecting to test ANID which ends with XXXXX-T)
    4. Enable End Points – “End points not enable”; Note: If you are using multiple test system, you need to enable here.*Credentials.JPG
  2. Define Basic Message Settings
    1. Choose New Entries
    2. Add cXML type for Purchase order (ORDR) with direction outbound mapping version V003 and cXML version 1.2.029*
    3. Add cXML type for Order confirmation (CONF) with direction inbound mapping version V002 and cXML vverion 1.2.029 and Send cXML statusUpdateRequest Message ticked.*messageconfig.JPG
  3. Direct Connectivity Settings: Please refere the prequisites.
    1. Define Settings for Polling Agent; add as per screenshot below.Polling.JPG
  4. Map Unit of Measure Codes for cXML Messages
    1. Enter All ISO UOM that need to be converted to UNUOM standards and the other way around.UoM.JPG

Application-Specific Settings

This configuration is used to setup the configuration of sending documents between SAP and Ariba.

  1. Assign Ariba Network ID to Company Code

Assign CC.PNG    

2. Define Message Output Control


3.  Define Document-Specific Message Customizing

Doc Setting.JPG   

4.  Map Texts of SAP ERP and Ariba Network (Map inbound and Outbound per your requirementtext.JPG   

5. Integration for Buyers

    • Enable Vendors for Ariba Network (Activates New seller ANID if it couldn’t find a vendor under the Name in Ariba network and post document

quick enable.JPG

The Configuration required for transmitting a Purchase order (PO) and receiving a Purchase order Acknowledgement/Confirmation (POA) is complete.

Testing the configuration:

  • Create a purchase order in SAP and validate the output generated a XML output.

     PO ouput.JPG

  • Validate SXI_MONITOR transaction to validate the the output has been sent successfully.



     Who would have through that you can connect SAP to Ariba so quickly. Good Luck prototyping in any of your test environment. Ariba provides test seller accounts for free.

  • * Will cover on future blogs where I can explain the enhancements required in detail.
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  • Hi Vijay,

    Thanks for sharing. One help, can you please let me know the SPRO path for UOM Mapping,  i don't see this node in my current configuration.

    Thank you,


    • Hello Reddy,

      There are 2 possibilities....

      1. Version, are you on the latest version of add-on? Can you provide your version

      2. Its on the 'Framework node' not the 'Application-Specific Settings' node.

      • Hi Vijay,

        Thanks for your quick reply. We are in

        ARBFNDI2     100     003     SAPK-10003INARBFNDI2

        SAP_APPL     605     0013     SAPKH60513



        • Hello Jagan,

          I suggest you upgrade the system (ARBFNDI2 and others) component to latest. Looks like you are on version 3 (Currently 12).

          Two things to note:

          1. Ariba support only 2 version back is my understanding, (Will change in future to switch  framework as per roadmap)

          2. There is a new one due next month if you want to wait and upgrade to the latest one.

          Check my other blog on add-on upgrade information.



  • Hi Vijay,

    Thanks a lot for nice blog.

    Our scenario is little different.

    In our case, SAP ERP will be used as supplier and they will get PO from Ariba Collaboration Supply Chain (CSC). i.e,  ERP will be at Sell side and Ariba in Buy-side.

    My queries:
    1. Is the same add-on which you mentioned above will work for Ariba CSC also?
    2. what will be business objects for Forecat commit, Consumption of components etc in SAP?
    3. What are the web-services to be activated for Ariba CSC?

    Please help.



  • Sorry for a delayed reply, I was on a 5 week break from early December. Please see my comments below.


    My queries:
    1. Is the same add-on which you mentioned above will work for Ariba CSC also? Yes, we are on CSC 2.0 add-on SP9 (upgrading to 12 shortly); you have to confire the seller config on the add-on
    2. what will be business objects for Forecat commit, Consumption of components etc in SAP?

    Requisition, planned order or Schedule agreement release
    3. What are the web-services to be activated for Ariba CSC? has a admin guide which will help you with the services


    Hope this helps

  • Hi Vijay,


    Thanks for sharing! I have a question, please help.

    Are Quote Request and Quote Message supported by Add On?

    We have installed the components, but I can't find the interfaces in SPROXY, under the ARBFNDI1 namespace.


    • Hello Rafael,


      If you are using Quotes, contractem then SAP uses BADI's for intergreation. Are you a buyer or Seller? If you are are a seller, I recommend that you start right by using the HCI connector and there is one for buyer coming soon.


      Vijay Vital





  • Vijay,

    Awesome posts regarding the Ariba Add-On.

    This post defines how simple an outbound (SAP to Ariba) message is to configure, but do you have a similar example on how to set up an inbound (Ariba to SAP) message?  For example an ASN?

    Just wondering if this is as easy and if the Add-On has built in Web Services for inbound processing as well.  I'm assuming the answer is yes, but I'm not clear on how frequently inbound to SAP messages are sent?  How errors for inbound messages are handled, etc.



    • Hello Jeff,

      You have to schedule the Job ARBFND_FETCH_CXML_MESSAGES in background to extract ASN from Ariba into SAP.



  • Hi Vijay,


    thanks for your very nice blog series on ariba. Unfortunately we are stuck with the “Prerequisites”. Our basis team has problems configuring the SOA Manager, they seem to lack information on how to do it.

    We are also acting as a supplier and we want to use direct connectivity scenario with certificate, which is already installed in STRUST.

    Could you maybe create a blog or provide some information on how to cope with the prerequisites?




    • Hi Mark,

      You may check any Cloud Integration Guide in Connect Ariba it has the steps by step procedure via Direct connectivity.

      Usually you need to expose your Service interface from SPROXY to SOA Manager and provide a particular port.



    • Hello Mark,


      Sorry for the delay in response On the document link below, page 93 on ward help you config SOA manager. Please follow the diagram.


  • Hi Vijay,

    I have a client on a non-unicode ECC system.  We are looking at doing Ariba integration.  Would we be able to use this Business Add-on, or the PI with CI9, or Cloud integration approach without converting to unicode?  Is it possible to install the SAP add-ons in ECC and get them working and put in any conversion code if needed as a workaround?  Have you seen those cases by any chance?



    • Hello Jay,

      You can either use the add-on for business suite or the CIG add-on which support IDocs. I personally would not look at PI. The business suite add-on can support you all the way back to ECC 6.0.

      The prerequisites do not talk about being unicode ECC system.


      Vijay Vital

      • Hi Vijay,

        Thanks for your quick response.  We will try both of those approaches.  I think the CIG installation with SUM may enforce that the underlying system is Unicode - but I am not sure.  I will post an update.




        • Hi Vijay,

          I heard from an expert at SAP that there are customers on non-unicode using the Ariba add-ons.  We are looking at the CIG approach.  We are not sure which software to install since there three choices as per the CIG installation guide.  I have posted a question - Which Ariba CIG Add-on to download and what is the difference between ARBCI1 100 vs ARBCI2 100?

          I was wondering if you can provide the answer to that question since you are the expert in this area.  The client would prefer to use the CIG approach instead of PI/PO approach with CI9 or the direct approach with the Business add-on.

          Thanks for your help!