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How to Consume SAP Cloud Platform, OData Provisioning Services

In the Back-end connectivity with SAP Fiori Cloud demo | Part 1 I reviewed the landscape options and focused the series on the cloud + embedded option. For this video blog I’m going to focus on the cloud + ERP option using SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning.


The first video provides you an introduction into what SAP Cloud Platform OData Provisioning is


In the second video I show you how to consume OData services from the SAP ES4 public demo system. If you don’t have access please reference here to sign up. I’ll show you how to change the back-end destination of the My Inbox Fiori cloud edition app from an on premise back-end system to the ES4 system using SAP CP ODP.


*Disclaimer: the My Inbox Fiori app and the respective Task Processing service are used in this tutorial as an example to show how the configuration is done. Technically speaking the task processing service is hosted on the Gateway system and not in ERP. My Inbox is unique in this and all other Fiori apps would work as shown in the videos.

*Note: I’m using a productive SAP Fiori, cloud edition account for these videos but the process is the same should you want to follow along in your demo account.


In the third video I’m going to show you how to create a sample custom Fiori app in SAP Web IDE using the GWDemo OData service. At the end of this video you’ll see both apps running in the Fiori launchpad.

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  • Thanks Liz,

    The video series are neatly composed and provides a good kickstart to get hands on with HCP OData provisioning services integrating with an On Premise system.

    Just to confirm , Is HCP OData Provisioning the new naming convention of GWAAS ?

    ( GWAAS >HCI OData Provisioning > HCP OData Provisioning )


    Also can you let me know if SNote 1830712 can be accessed with Partner SUser ID .ODP Provisioning.png



  • Hello Liz, Thanks for great videos.

    I was trying it with my HCP trial and SFCE trial. For video#2 (consuming HCP ODP service for my inbox) how can i relate FLP (part of SFCE trial) and destination configured at HCP trial? I was not able to proceed after video timing 10:40. Any hint?

    • Hi Jitendra,

      Thanks for pointing this out. You're right in the SFCE extended demo you do not have access to the FLP through the Portal service in HCP. I filmed this using a productive account so if you purchase an SFCE license you would navigate to the portal as described in the video. If you're using the extended demo then you get to the FLP by logging to your extended demo account: > See it in Action > Customize and Extend > Get Started

      Kind Regards,

      Liz Thorburn

      SAP Technology RIG

  • Hello Liz,

    My steps on Configure OData provisioning have created a successful connection, but when I went to the step OData provisioning Administration for registering the service, I found ES4 at select Destination tab but on services search, I have got this alert "Could not retrieve services from ES4". Any help?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi Christina,

      A few things to try:

      • Clear your browser cache
      • Make sure your credentials are correct for ES4

      If you still receive the error then open a new discussion marked as a question, post the question and include a screen shot for the destination you have established then send me a DM with the link and I'll take a look at it. Posting a new discussion marked as a question will make the post searchable for other members who are experiencing the same issues, comments on posts are not searchable 🙂


  • Hi Liz,

    Thanks for the great post!

    A quick question. We're planning to use a Fiori App "My Spend" which is not a part of SAP HCP apps currently but it's under "Finance" category. Can we still use HCP-ODP method to implement "My Spend" app? If not possible, what's the alternative please?

    Thank you


  • Hi Elizabeth,

    I tried creating all the steps you have illustrated in the ODP Service creation for the inbox service but after executing all the configuration steps you mentioned there are 2 issues.

    1. I created a new portal site, which is blank
    2. in the Subscriptions, I am not able to see the inbox service which we selected from ES4 system.

    Below are the screen shots of the portal page and the subscription configuration screen.

    Can you please help me to identify the issue here.

    Thanks in Advance,


    • Hi George,

      My sincerest apologies for the delay!! I just returned from maternity leave and need to get used to the new community 🙂

      Are you using the Fiori cloud edition demo or the SAP HANA cloud platform trial? With the SAP HANA cloud platform trial there are no Fiori apps in your account. You need to use the Fiori cloud edition trial to get the apps that I used in this demo. Furthermore, I did this demo against a productive account so the steps I used to access the launchpad would be different in the demo account as you don't have access to the portal service. Instead you login to the demo where you have your launchpad and can complete the steps.

      Liz Thorburn
      SAP Technology RIG

      • Hi Elizabeth,

        Congratulation for the baby!!!

        Thank you for replying my query.

        Even before going to this i would need your help in configuring the connectivity between SAP Cloud Platform (trial) through the SAP Cloud Connector which is installed in a cloud  connecting to the gateway.

        I am getting the error : Failure reason: "Backend status could not be determined"

        Below is the post which i created explaining the details of the configuration.

        Updates to this post.

        1. I have mapped the URL in the destination to the Virtual Host/Port configuration in the Cloud Platform
        2. If I click the "Check availability of the internal host" i see that the status changes to "Reachble"
        3. If i try the url "https://mylocalhos:port/sap/iwbep" from the server where the SAP Cloud connector is installed, i am able to access the page.
        4. I have also installed a System certificate in SAP Cloud Connector.

        Even after doing this i am not able to connect to the backend system from SAP cloud platform.

        I am also not aware how to check if the request from SAP cloud platform has reached the SAP Cloud Connector.

        Can you please help me on identifying the problem?

        Thanks in Advance.





          HI Elizabeth,

          I was able to connect with my backend system by adding the parameter CloudConnectorLocationId=<MylocationId>.

          however when I try to access the services from the OData Services page I am getting the below error.


          Can you please help me to identify the error?


          Thanks in Advance.


  • Hi,

    I am using the OData Provisioning, but then when I try to read the Payload from backend, I am getting a Format Error. I did a debug and found that the payload I receive in the backend is truncated/scrambled. But then, the same service works well with OnPremise Gateway system.

    Any suggestions to resolve this issue?

    Thanks in Advance,


  • Hi Elizabeth,

    First of all, thanks for sharing your inputs.

    The demo that you have showed is for My Inbox application. However as per OSS 1830712: "My Inbox App and the app extensions are not supported with the deployment option "Cloud + Erp" (as explained in the following blog".) that uses OData provisioning.

    Is still not possible to use deployment option SAP Cloud + OData Provisioning services for My Inbox?

    Thanks in advance and best Regards,



      Hi Bart,

      I'm also keen to get an answer to that. Have you had any success with the My Inbox setup? I can see the app in the launchapad but getting the 500 errors in the ODP Adminstration (Troubleshooting section).

      Backend HTTP status 500

      Service name: TASKPROCESSING

      Service namespae IWPGW

      Service Version2


      "while trying to invoke the method java.util.Map.get(java.lang.Object) of a null object returned from"




      • Hi Bart & Paul,

        Only for the My Inbox app you can't use the Cloud + ODP option...this is because the service for My Inbox is hosted on the Gateway system and not ERP. All other Fiori Cloud apps can use the ODP service.

        Christian Loos anything additional to add here?

        Kind Regards,

    • You can use ODP but need to connect it to a single Gateway system, which will do the federation of multiple back end systems.

      We are currently evaluating the technical options to support the "Cloud + ERP" scenario also for My Inbox (without the Gateway dependency), and hope to share some more details and timelines after TechEd.


        Hi Christian, Elizabeth,

        Teched is already few months ago 🙂 So I was wondering if there's already an update on "Cloud + ERP" scenario for My Inbox? Is it technically possible to run the OData service directly in the backend and assign it via ODP to the Cloud based version of My Inbox?

        Thanks in advance.

        Best Regards,


        • We have provided new functionality (a new task processing service) for the Fiori Cloud/ODP scenario with SAP NetWeaver 7.4 SP19. The same is planned to be available with the next SP update in SAP NetWeaver 7.5 (planned for March).

          This new (backend) service can be configured directly in ODP and hence will not require a Gateway Hub / Task Gateway installation.

          We are currently working on the final validation and documentation of the setup/configuration and hope to have this completed very soon.

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    My client has a hub deployment of the gateway. In the gateway system, we have badi implementation of /IWFND/BD/MGW_RUNTIME to modify the Odata request and badi implementation of /IWFND/BD/MGW/DEST_FINDER to switch the system alias (rfc destination) depending on user type.

    If we use the SAP Cloud Platform Odata provisioning, is there a way to implement these badis in the cloud ? In other words, is there a way to access the SAP cloud system instance which is providing Odata provisioning on SCP?

    Thank you,


  • Hi,

    We have an Odata service configured on a backend ERP system and that ERP system has multiple clients (different clients for different geographical regions).

    In Odata Provisioning you can add multiple destinations to your service, one is set as the default. We have 3x destinations per OData Service. If you call the service URL it will pull data from the default destination.

    How do you choose at runtime which destination you would like to use? (i.e. which backend client the data will be pulled from)  Is there a URL parameter? I could not find it in the official SAP OData Provisioning documentation.

    Note that we don't want to do Multi Origin where all destinations are called and data combined. We want to sometimes call destination A, sometimes call destination B, sometimes call destination C, but always separate. How should we structure the URL to make this happen?



  • Hi, this is an old thread but this is what I am looking for except we want to connect the ODP service with Mobile Services ...


    I successfully registered my service inside ODP and now I would like to consume it with SCPms,

    inside Mobile Services, you need to create a Destination, what type do we used there ?

    Mobile Destination or Cloud Platform Destination

    the URL should point the cloud connector or GWAAS ?