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  1. Part 1 | Introduction / High Level Overview
  2. Part 2 | End-to-End 12 implementation Steps [6 steps for System Admin & 6 steps for App Consultant]
  3. Part 3 | Simple hands-on exercise [This blog]


In this blog I’ll show you how to get hands on experience connecting your SAP Fiori, cloud edition extended demo account (free for 90 days) to a back-end system using a few simple steps. This hands on blog is intended for community members who do not have an on-premise back-end system readily accessible to them but still desire hands on experience. We are going to use the SAP ES4 system as the back-end system. ES4 is a Gateway demo system on the internet, but let’s assume it as an ERP back-end system. We’re going to use the My Inbox app for this simple hands-on exercise.



1. You have registered for an account on ES4 [sign up here]

2. You have an SAP Fiori, cloud edition extended demo account (free for 90 days) [sign up here]

  • See it in Action > Customize and Extend > Get Started!


This hands-on exercise focuses on key steps of the System Admin and App Consultant – S3, A2 and A6 (highlighted below), the other steps have been completed for you.






  • We selected landscape option 2 (cloud + embedded landscape) for this hands-on exercise. The UI components are included with SAP Fiori, cloud edition on HCP and ES4 has the required Gateway-Hub and OData back-end components.



  • You already have an SAP Fiori, cloud edition extended demo account (free for 90 days).



ES4 is accessible on the internet so we don’t need to use the SAP HANA Cloud Connector for this simple hands-on exercise. However, we still need to define a destination in HCP.

  • From your launchpad choose the drop down next to your name > Manage Site
  • Useful Links > HCP Cockpit
  • Destinations > New Destination
  • Enter the following information



My Inbox needs the add-on component IW_PGW. It has been installed with the Gateway-Hub component on ES4.



The OData service TASKPROCESSING has been registered in Gateway HUB component on ES4.



The TASKPROCESSING OData service needs authorizations from the authorization template //IWPGW/RT_WF_USER. It has already been configured on ES4.




  • Save the absence request


  • Go to transaction SBWP to ensure there is a work item in your inbox



We are going to use the standard My Inbox app without an extension. We will skip this step for this hands-on exercise.



Some Fiori apps need a small set of configurations in the back-end. The My Inbox app needs a decision button configuration in the back-end. We will skip the configuration for this hands-on exercise, but included a guide in the reference below if you want to do this configuration in a separate scenario from this simple hands on exercise.





We are going to use the standard tile in the SAP Fiori, cloud edition because we have not extended the app. We will skip this step in this hands-on exercise.



To test the app, we are going to switch the back-end system to ES4.

  • Login to the HCP cockpit
  • Choose the Subscriptions menu tab from the left side pane > Select the ‘crossfndfioriinbox’


  • In the Required destinations table choose the Edit button > drop down arrow in the Mapped Account column > choose ES4  > Save


  • Open the launchpad on your SAP Fiori, cloud edition extended demo account (free for 90 days). You will get the basic authentication dialog for ES4. It means your SAP Fiori, cloud edition extended demo account is connecting to ES4.


  • After entering your user ID and password you should see the number of work items on the My Inbox tile


Congratulations! You’ve successfully connected your SAP Fiori, cloud edition extended demo account (free for 90 days) to the ES4 demo system! Now that you have all the pieces in place be sure to get your hands on an on-premise system of your own and continue testing with each of the SAP Fiori, cloud edition apps. For the full list of available apps for a productive SAP Fiori, cloud edition license please reference SAP Fiori, cloud edition – SAP Help Portal Page.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I am now trying the same procedure using this article. I am using the neo trial Fiori, cloud edition and ES5 as back-end system.

    We cannot find any Subscribed HTML5 Applications by default in the subscription monitor. Is there any change in this section?


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