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Have you ever:

  • Had trouble installing an add-on?
  • Maybe had more trouble on a 64-bit client?
  • Needed administrator rights on every computer for the installation?
  • Pulled your hair out over the old add-on installation process?
  • Had to make sure an add-on, such as Intercompany, works smoothly on 150+ computers?


SAP Business One’s new installation mechanism (since 9.1) can help you!


Here’s how to solve the crisis quickly and effeciently:

  • Complete the installation of the add-on in both 32 and 64 bits on any client computer, making sure it runs correctly in both modes.
  • Use the Extension Packager from the SAP B1 SDK installation to create a package with both executable files. Here are the relevant screenshots for the Intercompany Add-on:






  • After you package the add-on as an extension, I suggest you remove the old add-on installation from SAP Business One (Add-On Administration window), ideally even eliminating it from the registration (SBOCOMMON).


  • Then use the “Manage Extensions for Lightweight Deployment” link to upload and assign the extension to the required company databases.


  • In the end, the add-on (now called extension) should be smoothly installed by the SAP Business One Client Agent on each machine upon logon. The only reason I have encountered so far that could cause this process to fail, is that the file is actually in use during installation. For that reason I have changed the name from “Intercompany” to “IntercompanyLW” so that it actually installs to a different path on each client computer.



Let me know if you find this useful! For my part I would have wished SAP delivered that install method out of the box.



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  1. Former Member



    Is this process of installation of Intercompany add on still applicable to SAP Business One 9.2 ? And what do you mean by the first step? I need to install or register the intercompany add on in both 32 and 64 bit SAP Business One client?


    Hope to hear your feedback on this. Thanks.


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