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  1. Edwar Soto

    Hi, In my case.

    The user not have a authorization in this code





    1. Run transaction Role Maintenance (PFCG) and create a new PFCG role or edit an existing role.

    2. On the Menu tab, open the menu of the pushbutton for adding objects (+ pushbutton) and choose the object type Authorization Default.

    3. From the Authorization Default menu, choose TADIR Service and enter the following data:

      • Program ID: R3TR

      • Object Type: IWSV

    4. In the table, enter the name of the OData service.

      For more information about the OData service for your app, see the app-specific documentation in the section SAP Fiori Apps.

    5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for all services of the catalogs that you want to authorize with the role.

    6. On the Authorization tab, choose the pushbutton next to Profile Name to generate the authorization profile for the role.

    7. Choose Change Authorization Data.

    8. Choose Save and then Generate.

    9. Run transaction User Maintenance (SU01) and assign the role to the user.

    If the user does not yet have the business authorizations required to use the app, perform the following steps:

    1. Open transaction User Maintenance (SU01).

    2. On the Authorization tab, choose Generate Profile next to the profile name.

    3. Choose Maintain Authorization Data.

    4. On the Authorization Details screen, choose the Generate symbol.

  2. Former Member

    I have a similar situation… In the development system everything works OK, but after transport to QA system I have this same issue. I checked  my ZCL_XXXXXXX_MPC and ZCL_XXXXXXX_MPC_EXT in both systems and in both cases the methods are also private (in case of MPC class) and not inherit to the MPC_EXT class. So I don’t understand why in DEV works as it is and why in QA won’t. I will try your solution in QA since I need this to work, but either way, is unclear for me how this will make any difference since in DEV worked with private methods and without the inheritance.

    Thank you and regards!

    Cristian R.


    1. Former Member

      I found the cause of my issue, it was an incorrect system alias assignment, it wasn’t neccesary to change anything in the model classes.


      Cristian R.

  3. Steve Sandrio

    Try this:

    SEGW > Service Maintenance > Maintain >  Load Metadata

    You should not change MPC and DPC class, otherwise next time it will be neu generated.


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