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ABAP Worst practices (Most Common Mistakes and Alternatives) – TechEd Barcelona 2016

“It is not often the case that we deal with codes developed only by ourselves. Unfortunately, in a fast-changing development environment we  often face with incorrect development approaches, carelessness, or mistakes that lead other mistakes. In this presentation we will focus on the most common development mistakes made by ABAP developers, the results of these mistakes, and alternatives. It will be based on blog Top 10 ABAP Crimes

I am very happy that my abstract ( as shown above ) for  community sessions in SAP TECHED Barcelona is accepted. The session ID is DEV222 .  And I will try to give a bit more detail what my session will be all about and why it might be usefull for you.

Quality in software development is very important subject and it becomes even more and more important today with many new products and development tools.  In a controlled development environment it is not very difficult to maintain acceptable standards.But  if we do not follow certain principles while coding in an uncontrolled environment we all tend to mix things up.

In my session I will explain most common development mistakes that are made by ABAP developers with examples and negative results of them, and will also try to emphasize what needs to be done permanently avoid making such mistakes.

Main subjects  in my session will be;

  • Modularization ( Main modularization errors, how to avoid them and what is the right approach)
  • Modifications ( Why we should try to keep them at the minimum, how to decide if a modification is really needed or not )
  • Performance ( Main performance mistakes that we need to avoid all the time, how to code proactively in terms of performance )
  • Change management ( Most common system topology, What might happen if don’t follow change management rules )
  • Success and failure checks and exceptions ( How to use them to improve user experince)
  • Copying programs and functionalities ( What we need to be carefull about while copying programs or code parts,  why we should avoid copying standard programs )
  • Data definiton issues ( Global definitions, random data definition )
  • Comments ( the right approach )
  • Badly formatted source code and too many hard codings
  • Using wrong update mechanisms, not using locks, updating standard tables from custom programs
  • How to avoid all and keep track of changing development approach and standards

Although I will explain it from ABAP perspective many points are generic and might also help other developers. Practical and daily use cases that will be explained in the session might help ABAP developers in reducing development time, facing less bugs, providing better readability by increasing the development quality.

Hope to see you in Barcelona and discuss more about software quality. 

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