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SAP Hana TDI setup – SAP Hana HSR & SAP Netweaver With file system replication (Part2)

In the Part1 of my doucment i have explain how to config my DNS, install Hana by using a script, install Netweaver 7.5 and configure Hana HSR by command line.

My Hana HSR competed i check the replication status, this can be done by:

SAP Hana Studio under replication


From the Hana Cockpit


By command line as SIDADM with the command “hdbnsutil –sr_state


And by using Python tool from the “python_support” directory


I’m all set for the Hana replication I can now configure my FreeNas for storage replication for the ABAP server portion.

Configure FreeNas 10 Storage replication

FreeNas is a nice opensource free storage appliance which can by virtual or physical, up to you.

It allows you to use the same functionality or feature (very close) like a professional NAS and certainly the same as Home NAS.

Using storage replication is a common feature/service deserve by any professional NAS/SAN appliance such as:



… and more

Earlier in my configuration I have assign disk and create dataset to my respective vm which host SAP application, this task is mandatory to allow storage replication.


The first step is to create a “periodic snapshot task” is order to schedule the frequency of the data shipping



Once frequency is define, I can configure the “replication task”


When active I can see now my storage from site1 replicated under site2



I need now to mount on my secondary site the filesystem /usr/sap and /sapmnt from the snapped volume


I can see now that I have the same content on both storage


Note: Do not forget to request the license for BOTH site, run saplicense –get on both site for the HW key and load the license

/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/59_1_974934.jpg /wp-content/uploads/2016/06/59_2_974935.jpg


Perform failed over to Site2

My Hana replication is working and my storage replication either for SAP application, I need to test now my solution to make sure I have no issue, I my case it is a controlled failed over process.

On the primary site, I begging to shutdown my SAP application


Then I suspend/stop the replication and periodic snapshot task on FreeNas



On my secondary site, I perform a takeover on Hana by using: hdbnsutil –sr_takeover


And shut it down the primary site


The failed over process completed I need to update my DNS in order to point the alias (vmapp/vmhana) to the correct site

/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/65_974942.jpg /wp-content/uploads/2016/06/66_974943.jpg

Before to start the application make sure to check the hdbuserstore on the secondary site and also copy the /etc/services file in the secondary too

My secondary site is now fully operational from Hana side, I can start my SAP application


My application is now up and running I will connect to it I check the system information retrieve from the system info, I’m connected to the secondary database as expected.


I can see that I’m running on the secondary site without changing anything from my saplogon information and hana studio

My connection successful, I can perform a failed back operation.

Perform Hana upgrade to SP11

My upgrade process consist of updating my Hana instance from SP10 to SP11 in a limited time frame windows, my scenario will reflect a situation where I can’t afford to have more than (time) of outage.

In order to realize this operation I will proceed as follow:

Step 1

  • Stop the replication and snapshot task of FreeNas (site1)
  • Configure the system user password in the local userstore under the key SRTAKEOVER (site2)





Step 2

  • Upgrade Hana to SP11 (site2)
  • Upgrade Hana client on application server (site2)






Step 3

  • Re-sych the secondary Hana database site with the primary site (site2)


During the update process


Once the update is done Hana will restart and re-sych


Step 4

  • Shutdown application (site1)
  • Perform takeover (site2)
  • Switch DNS pointer
  • Start application (site2)
  • Start the replication and snapshot task of FreeNas (site2)


Refer to the section “Perform failed over to Site2” except for the file system replication, since now I replicate from Site2 to Site1. By doing so the client on Site1 will be automatically updated to SP11.




Step 5

Upgrade Hana to SP11 (site1)

Register Hana as secondary site (site1)


By running the option “–hdbupd_server_nostart” when the primary will be updated it won’t restart, so I will be able to register it a secondary site and start it only once




Note: something you probably notice, but I still add it, when you are running on Hana SP10 and do register a site for replication vs SP11, the syntax change when you choose the mode of replication

  • SP10 = hdbnsutil -sr_register –remoteHost=<host> –remoteInstance=## –mode=< sync|syncmem|async> –name=<site name>
  • SP11 = hdbnsutil -sr_register –remoteHost=<host> –remoteInstance=## –ReplicationMode=<sync|syncmem|async> –operationMode=delta_datashipping|logreplay –name=<site name>

Once done I check from the former secondary site the replication process


My configuration is now completed for my DR scenario.


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