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As a ‘relatively’ new deployment option for SAP’s user experience, Fiori cloud edition simplifies and streamlines the implementation process of Fiori via a cloud service reducing the need for the installation, upgrade and back-up processes of the ABAP Front End Server using HANA Cloud Platform.


In this tutorial, you will learn how-to quickly implement My Inbox application using the advantage of Fiori Cloud edition to change one of the most daunting tasks that a majority of managers do on a regular basis – approve SAP workflows.

In this first step, I will configure the back-end system connection to access real service data in our project. Sign up and get started with the SAP Gateway Demo Consumption System using this link.

Click “Sign up here!” to connect your SAP HCP developer account to the demo backend system.


1. After a successful registration log on to the gateway system with your previously registered login data.

2. Execute SAP Business Workplace transaction code – SBWP to make sure that there is something in our workflow which can be assigned to a user.


3. Assign something to your workflow (in my case I already had two requests assigned, considering that you have been just registered you might have nothing in your workflow) by executing /nswxf


4. Create Notification of Absence filling some basic information and click on Save.


5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach three workflow items in your Inbox.


6. Log in to your HCP cockpit and go to Services > OData provisioning > Configure OData provisioning



7. Click on Roles and highlight GW_Admin and click Assign to assign your user ID and click Save – (repeat this process for GW_User)


8. Configure Destination to backend demo system (ES4) by clicking on Destinations > New Destination (make sure that your URL ends with – iwbep) and that your user and password details are reflecting your details from ES4 registration process.


9. Go to your OData provisioning service by clicking on Go to Service


10. This will open up OData Provisioning Administration page where you are going to register for OData Service.


11. Select your Destination by clicking on your backend demo ES4 and search for OData service needed for My Inbox Fiori application.


12. In order to pick the right OData service go and click on SAP Fiori apps on SAP HCP filter for My Inbox > Implementation Information > Configuration and find OData Services (TASKPROCESSING version 002)


13. Go back to your OData Provisioning Administration screen and register TASKPROCESSING version 2 service


14. Test the OData service by opening the Service Document



15. Go to Destinations > New Destination and create the destination on the account level which points to your gateway as a service


16. Go to Subscriptions and find Fiori Cloud edition provided My Inbox Application > crossfndfioriinbox


17. Edit the required destination and point to mapped account ES4_ODP



18. Go to Subscriptions > HANA Cloud Portal > Go to Service


19. Click on Site Directory > Fiori Tile


20. Click on My Inbox tile which will the reflect number of workflow items (previously created notifications of absence)



Special Thanks to HCP Product Management team and Suparna Deb on invaluable #hijackingMay session covering HCP, OData Provisioning!

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      1. Former Member

        Hi Nash,

        We can  have the features in trial account. Please assign your yourid with GW_ADMIN role. After assigning, do wait for half an hour for changes to get into effect. Your rights will get reflected.


        Sukanta Rudra


  1. Former Member

    Hello Nash,

    Thank you very much for your sharing. I used my on-premise system instead of ES4, the connection is OK. But after I created a new vacation request in SWXF, there’s no new workflow in SBWP. Could you please suggest what should I do?

  2. Former Member

    Hi Folks,

    I am working with HCP trial account and stuck on step 16. Can someone guide on how to get ‘sapfioriapps’ on HCP. I tried to find the same using Implementation guide in fiori apps library, but had no luck as the guide does not exist!


    Sukanta Rudra


    1. Former Member

      Hi Sukanta,


      Did you find a solution for step 16? I am stuck at the same point, unable to find sapfioriapp: ‘crossfndfioriinbox’ on HCP trial as well premium account.



      Arpit Sinha

        1. Juan Alejandro Knight

          You must first log into the Cloud Portal admin site and select “Content Packages” from the tab on the left hand side. Then click on the “Add Content” button.

          Then, select which package you need to load into SCP.

          When it has finished loading, the content will then be available. You will have to publish the site in order to see the apps in the Launchpad.



  3. B. van de Kamp

    Thanks for you very descriptive blog.  In step 8 you connect with the ES4 backend and already maintain a user. In a more real scenario we want to connect with some customer backend system and while opening the app get a popup to logon should appear (thus not a fixed user). Therefore we tried the available options under authentication, however no success. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance 🙂


    Best Regards,


    1. Juan Alejandro Knight

      You will need to configure the Single Sign On between SCP/IAS and SAP backend system to enable a smooth and seamless authentication process. I recall there are at least two options: SAP Assertion SSO and Principal Propagation through temporal X509 certificates issued by the SCC and trusted by the ERP.

      You could checkout this link for Principal Propagation. We have successfully integrated this scenarios many times.


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