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Author's profile photo Ashutosh Rastogi

Control charts in SAP Lumira

Control charts are one of the often used statistical charts. I will not get into further details of what the control chart is, its available at the following wiki page

Today, Lumira does not have control charts available as one of the default charts. However, that does not mean you cannot use Lumira to address your control charts usecase, following are the options

  • Develop your own extension and use it in Lumira (provides you more control on look and feel)
  • Or use the following approach to achieve it via the line charts

Here is the dataset that I am going to use, simply a set of 25 data points

Serial 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
Data 15 7 -2 -5 -10 7 2 -8 -7 -10 -2 -7 -11 -15 -20 -3 -8 -12 -18 -19 4 -3 -8 -14 -19


  • Import the data in Lumira and choose a line chart
  • Display the data against serial, here is how it would look like



Now create few custom calculations

  • Standard Deviation = [Power((Average(Power({DS1.Data} – Average({DS1.Data}),2))),0.5)]
  • Mean = Average({DS1.Data})
  • UCL = {Mean} + 3*{Standard Deviation}
  • LCL = {Mean} – 3*{Standard Deviation}


  • Go to cog wheel option and check “Show Data labels”
  • Choose a custom color palette to color the lines based on your choice
  • What you would get in Visualise room would be like below



Drag the chart on to the story page and make few changes to beautify the chart

  • Hide the dot marks on the specific lines by choosing no color for the dots
  • Hide label marks for the Mean, UCL and LCL lines by choosing no color for the labels (except the last one, you will know why 🙂 )
  • Choose the last label color on the lines to be same as that of line color
  • Change the line style for the Mean, UCL and LCL
  • Hide the legend title
  • Position the legend based on your choice
  • Hide the horizontal axis line, ticks and axis labels from the bottom

What you get is as follows


Hope this addresses the use-case, let me know if you have thoughts or requirements to improve this further.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello, I am trying to replicate the control chart using the Lumira line chart. I'm having trouble with the standard deviation formula. When I copy and paste the formula above into the Calculated Measure syntax box, I get errors. How can I ensure that this works? @ashutosh.rastogi

      Author's profile photo Ashutosh Rastogi
      Ashutosh Rastogi
      Blog Post Author

      I am assuming that you have replaced in the formula with your measure prefixed with your dataset.

      Can you paste here, whats your final formula. Along with name of your dataset and measure.


      Author's profile photo Thomas Quäbicker
      Thomas Quäbicker

      Hello Ashutosh,

      I found this blog that fits exactly to my requirement. I have the same issue with the formula for standard deviation. When I display the result in a crosstab I only get “ERROR”.

      Here my formula:

      [Power((Average(Power({DS1.Result (2)} – Average({DS1.Result (2)}),2))),0.5)]

      I have only one dataset and the key figure that I try to use inside the formula is: {DS1.Result (2)}

      I'm using Lumira 1.31.5 .


      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Ashutosh Rastogi
      Ashutosh Rastogi
      Blog Post Author

      Can you try renaming your measure "Result (2)" to something else like Result2 may be. And then use that in the formula. I suspect it could be an issue because of brackets around 2.



      Author's profile photo Thomas Quäbicker
      Thomas Quäbicker

      Hello Ashutosh,

      I renamed the dataset and the key figure. Here the full new formula:

      [Power((Average(Power({DRIFT.Result2} – Average({DRIFT.Result2}), 2))), 0.5)]

      Even with this renaming I still get the result “ERROR”.


      I tried to reproduce the functionality with your data but here I got the some error message.


      Kind regards,