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CAR in a Minute: Import coupons for use in PMR


When creating an offer in SAP Promotion Management for Retail (PMR) I want the term to include coupons.  My coupons are managed by a system outside of SAP. How do I import my coupons for use in my offers?  In this CAR tip in a minute I will show you how to bring your coupons into the SAP Demand Data Foundation (DDF) module of SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) so they are available as additional incentives in your offers. To do this, we will import these coupons as products of type coupon.


  • You have the authorization to run transaction SE37
  • You have CAR installed, with DDF and PMR configured.


To import your coupons as master data, you use a function module named /DMF/MDIF_PRODUCT_INBOUND.  Note: An RFC of the same name is included in the function group, but for this post we are assuming the data will be produced and processed on the application server. The documentation is attached to the function module and describes the inputs, exceptions, and example records. To view this documentation, login to the SAP application server using SAP Logon.

1. Execute SE37.

2. Enter /DMF/MDIF_PRODUCT_INBOUND in the function module entry box.

3. Press the Display button, then use menu Goto > Documentation.


Run the Function Module

Once you have populated the /DMF/MDIF/* tables you can run the function to import your coupons then process into master data.

1. Execute SE37

2. Enter /DMF/MDIF_PRODUCT_INBOUND in the function module entry box.

3. Click the Test/Execute button or press F8

4. Press the execute icon (if displayed).

To verify and process the imported data, execute transaction NWBC and in the Net Weaver Business Client session navigate to Menu Services; Monitor Imports.  For help go to and navigate to Application Help> Services > Monitor Imports.

Verify the Master Data

To verify that your coupons were entered as products into the system:

1. In your NWBC session navigate to Menu Services > Product Services > Product.

2. Using the Quick Criteria Maintenance Search in the POWL, select product type of Coupon.

3. Click Apply. Your imported coupons will list in the POWL. Select one to verify.  

Now you have imported your coupons and have greater flexibility using your coupons in terms and incentives of an offer.

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      Author's profile photo BAYRAM HAKAN KOCATEPE

      Is it possible to import data from external system ? I guess the IV_SENDER import parameter of the function ( /DMF/MDIF_PRODUCT_INBOUND ) only supports ERP System 🙁

      As a result , How can I data import external system to DDF ?

      Best Regars.