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SAP Inside Track Hamburg 2016 sitHH – a short recap

Hi All,

last Saturday I was joining again SAP Inside Track Hamburg (short: sitHH) organized again by Peter Langner, Mark Teichmann and Renald Wittwer.  This time I will recap the inside track by some of the tweets from the event. You can find more on twitter under #sithh.

Before I start a few words about myself. As a basis infrastructure architect I see the topics from this basis perspective and what will be the impact of our basis infrastructure and also our daily administration work.

Around 40 SAP geeks met at Sturmfreie Bude and it was really a nice place  (see picture from 6. Etage over Hamburg)


We started already on Friday evening at a nice place called Altes Mädchen, but this will stay internally, so please join next time to get more details.

The event was opened by the org-team with a short but warm welcome


As there are so many contributors to this event, there were already 2 parallel sessions running most of the time. So you had the hard decision whom to follow.

The first session was a keynote with a surprise speaker and it was Uwe Lübbermann from Premium-Cola who had built up this company with a really anti capitalistic approach


Please check later his presentation, which will be linked on  as all other presentations held at this event.

After a short break for networking the next slots started in parallel.

I decided to follow Enno Wulff on SAP Gui controls and their dynamic programming. This is an internal project by him together with some colleagues and he showed us the possibilities and also the problems which still exist (3 ABAP dumps during his short Demo). But despite on that it was really an interesting field for SAP Gui programming.


The parallel session was held by Karol Kalisz about testable JavaScript code and tests with low effort


Next sessions were about SCRUM and parallel processing in long running ABAP reports.

I decided to follow the SCRUM session, but let’s start with the session of parallel programming by Timo John. This parallel programming will not only influence development but also the basis administration of systems. You have to provide enough batch resources on the application server where these jobs will run and you have to focus on priority of parallel jobs who will compete each other for available resources. So a very interesting topic and I’m excited about the slides to come.


Now to the session about SCRUM by Martin Fischer.

He shared his experiences of using SCRUM in different projects and pointed out the problems and difficulties when using SCRUM as an agile form for projects


After that time flows and we went over to lunch.

Finger food and different soups to fill up our stomachs and sitting on the beautiful terrace and continue networking


First sessions after lunch were about GIT in ABAP and Design Pattern in ABAP.

Design pattern held by Marcus Wolffson and he was pointing out how design pattern will help coding in a good structure


I decided to follow GIT in ABAP by Hendrik Neumann and he gave a short introduction of the history of git, what is git about and how to use several git commands.


The impact on ABAP was unfortunately only be slight ripped due to lack of time, but it was picked up by the follow-up session of Lars Hvam about abapGIT and abapOpenChecks. In parallel there was a session by Karol about IoT.

abapGIT is an open source project on github actual by 7 developers. With abapGIT you will be able loading coding from and to giHUB to share ABAP programs. abapGIT itself is a program of about 24000 line of codes which can be easily uploaded via Clipboard as a new program and then be used not only for sharing open source reports but also include new and extended features for ABAP Syntax checks. (Hopefully I understood everything right as I’m not a developer, otherwise please feel free to correct me)


Karol talks about IoT scenarios offered by SAP and their technical background (platform, HCP, etc.),  see more details when his slides will be available.


After the last break session there were the last parallel sessions by Remo Bettin & Mark Teichmann about crossapp navigation, bringing data from one app to a different one. Interesting topic for all Power users who will use Fiori apps extensively and these small, single-task focused applications are not the apps they really needed.


Markus Theilen in the other session talked about his personal experiences of being or becoming agile in ABAP development environments and their impact on architecture, testability and people


For the last two sessions we all came back together. The first should be a session by Soumyasanto Sen but unfortunately he was ill that Saturday (best wishes to get well soon).

So the org-team switched to a discussion about their new registration method using UI5 and it started an agile discussion about SAP Inside tracks and SAP Mentors and their role in the community.

The last session was held by Oliver Kohl and Sebastian Wolf about the new Sap community and the running BETA. Again Oliver was pointing to use the new sites intensively to check if everything is working properly. Also use the new profile site to update your own profile. Spaces were no longer available, please use tags instead. And also in gamification we will get rid of the actual points, but there will be new gaming activities included.

The last 10 minutes of their time slot then belongs to Sebastian who gave some insides in technical parts behind the scenes.


This brought us to the end of that event but not without a big thanks to all the speakers and to the org-team and an announcement of a new SAP Inside track at Bern, Switzerland on September, 3rd, details under #sitBERN .


The evening ended the same way it had started on Friday. Few of us gone for a beer (or even some more) again to Altes Mädchen, but that’s a different story.

As a conclusion, I can highly recommend to join such events, no matter if you are a developer, a basis guy like me or more specialized in applications.

For more details of upcoming tracks check their website or follow sapinsidetrack on twitter.

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      Author's profile photo abilash n
      abilash n

      Nicely Written Blog Roland on how the event proceeded along with Experience gained......

      Author's profile photo Roland Knipp
      Roland Knipp
      Blog Post Author

      thx. abilash

      Author's profile photo Renald Wittwer
      Renald Wittwer

      Hello Roland,

      thank you very much for this great recap!

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Heiko Walter Bernhart
      Heiko Walter Bernhart

      Hi Roland,

      great recap of a great event. Hope to see you in Bern!

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Roland Knipp
      Roland Knipp
      Blog Post Author


      talked about that yesterday with my wife and first she sad: "Great. Fine weekend. I'll come with you 🙂 ".

      But a second closer look to our calender and we went 🙁