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Cloud for Customer Homepage Reporting – Never miss a KPI

Welcome back! This is the last blog in Analytics Enablement series.


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Interactive Dashboards


In this blog I will cover homepage based reporting.


SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer provides you option to track your performance right on the homepage. Various options are available for homepage based reporting to ensure that you never miss a KPI.

You can add reports directly on your homepage or can add a KPI tile.

Blog 4 Image 1.jpg


Let us look at each option below in detail.


Add Report


To add report on homepage the admin should go in Adapt mode and add the report to a role. Once the report is available to a role, end user can directly personalize to make the report visible/invisible on his/her homepage.


Blog 4 image 2.jpg


Blog 4 image 3.jpg


You can click on homepage report tile to look at details of the report.


Add Report Tile


Aggregated reports can also be converted to a tile pattern.This pattern is available for tabular reports that have one or two KFs.

Once a report is added to homepage (following the above method), you can select a pattern for your report


Blog 4 image 4.jpg


You can click on homepage tile to do further analysis.




Apart from basic reporting options, Cloud for Customer provides you option to do extensive analysis using KPI. KPI allows you to add multiple drill down reports/ dashboard to a tile.


You can also add reference or target values and measure your performance. KPI also provides you option to define threshold values. This helps you check where you stand currently.


Blog 4 image 5.jpg


Once Admin makes a KPI tile available for a role, user can add the tile on his/her homepage.


Multiple patterns are available for you to choose from. These patterns change color depending on where you stand as compared to reference/threshold.



Hope you enjoyed reading about analytics features available in Cloud for Customer. These blogs give you just a high-level overview of the Cloud for Customer analytical functionalities. There is a plethora of things that you can achieve with Cloud for Customer Analytics. I will keep coming back to provide you more details.

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  • Experts,

    Solution Version we are using is 1608. In Home Page Adaptation , not getting KPI option. Will you please let me know how to get that . Business Role Selected was SALES_MANAGER.



  • Thank you , Pooja. Don't we expect this to be available to the Administrator in Silverlight so that he/she can decide the tiles and the KPIs to be included for a given Business role and the end users can see that in HTML 5 and personalize ?. am I missing something here?..


  • Hi Pooja.

    Thanks for the blog.

    - I have one simple question, hope you can help me.

    Can I add the KPI created to the Dashboard that in have created in the ANALYSIS workcenter?

    And How to do it?


  • Thanks Pooja for a prompt reply.


    Is there a possibility of this being available in near future. Because the users over here in India are not very comfortable with "Millions". We have users in rural areas as well and quite a lot of users.

    Having the Indian number system(Lakhs/Crore) would really help in driving user friendliness.



    Mayank Rathee


    • Hi Pratik,

      You can do this by editing the home page. Admin can adapt and end-user can personalize.

      Once you are in adapt or personalize mode then you can add tiles or groups.




  • Hi Pooja,

    You've mentioned, that it's possible to add a dashboard to a tile? We have a requirement to add a Dashboard on a home screen, but there doesn't seem to be an option to do that. We can only add Reports, KPIs etc. but not the Dashboard