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Best companies for SAP consultants

Most of us begin our SAP career by being a part of either Implementation project/rollout or support project. How you end up getting assigned to your first project is often decided by fate and rarely a choice but when given a chance  to choose your next company how would you choose your next employer?

You’ll be surprised to know that there are over 3,200 service partners ,and over 4,200 channel partners/distributors in the SAP ecosystem worldwide.

All these partner companies can be divided in two main groups:

  • SAP Implementation Service Providers

  • SAP Application Management Services (AMS- Support)

Almost every big IT company is providing both SAP implementation and AMS services. But when it comes to choosing your next workplace, one should choose on the basis of company’s strength in providing these SAP services i.e. whether the chosen company has its strength in SAP implementation services or in SAP AMS support.

Considering company’s strength as a SAP implementation service provider vs SAP AMS support provider is important, because for a successful SAP career, it’s important to align your strengths according to your employer’s strengths.

Most of us choose implementation projects over support or rollouts, it is here this blog comes into picture and helps you take informed career decision in choosing your next employer.

For example, if you are in SAP AMS services, and you need to decide between TCS and Deloitte  as your future employers then considering you wish to continue your career in SAP AMS services, you should choose TCS over  Deloitte, because TCS is the leader in the SAP AMS services while Deloitte is known for its SAP Implementation services.

Best Implementation companies to choose  on the basis of their SAP Implementation revenue share :

Revenue from implementation services :

* Values in Percentage.

Best AMS project companies to choose  on the basis of their SAP AMS revenue share :

Revenue from AMS (Support) services :

* Values in Percentage.

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* Source : Gartner Report

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  • I would like to see the employee retention on the top 5, revenue per project or support to SAP customers does not necessarily translate into a better working enviroment.

    I agree it does translate into better opportunities to learn and grow as a consultant....but sometimes at some personal cost.

    • I agree this post doesn't talk anything about work environment.

      All it has to say is this that if you land in E&Y there are very thin chances that you'll land in Support project.

      It's on Choosing your employer on AMS and Implementation strengths.

      On work environment i would like say that it is very subjective to people that organisation have. Irrespective of polices few bad people can ruin your perspective about companies Work environment.

    • Itelligence has both implementations and AMS. If they put you in Implementation, it is a cake walk.

      AMS-- Itelligence India is customer of Itelligence USA. Means you will have two clients to convince.

      If you can focus 100% on work then join Itelligence.


      All the best.