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Troubleshooting: Agentry client crash

SAP Product Support tries to be proactive in giving resolutions out to the customer to be readily before the need arises.


Based on some internal or external installation of SAP Mobility products(SMP SDK 2.3 or higher), the followings KBA articles will help user troubleshoot Agentry client crash issue.


Android Client:

2127557 – SDK SP06 Android client crashes on launch with UnsatisfiedLinkError – Agentry

2141810 – Agentry Android client crashes while navigating screens and

2152190 – Agentry Android client crash after transmit when Wi-Fi is lost – SMP 3.0 SDK SP06/SP07

2176053 – Agentry Android client crashing (or closes unexpectedly) when launching – coming from background or resume from sleep – SAP Mobile Platform 3.0

2145271 – Agentry Android Clients not working on Android 5.0

2203405 – Client crash after overlay view in landscape mode


iOS Client:

2302936 – Agentry Client crashes when user selects to browse Documents folder – iOS Device

2290944 – Agentry iOS client crash when uploading document

1965897 – Agentry iOS client crash on iOS 7 for SAP Work Manager

2107493 – Application crashes on barcode scanner field for iOS IPAD Agentry client – Service Manager 4.1

2153328 – Agentry client Crash when clicking transmit 2 – 3 times simultaneously – SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 and 3.0


WPF Client:

2321983 – Agentry WPF / ATE clients not launching successfully in Windows 8.1 for SMP 3.0 SDK

2234405 – Client crash on OpenUI call to background Agentry action

2215665 – Agentry: Service Manager 4.1 Client Crashing


ATE(Agentry Test Environment):

2167661 – Agentry Test Environment (ATE) does not work in Windows Enterprise 8.0 or 8.1

2321983 – Agentry WPF / ATE clients not launching successfully in Windows 8.1 for SMP 3.0 SDK


All Client:

2211721 – Agentry client crashes with “java.lang.IllegalStateException” error


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