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WCM -Business Models & Process flow

Why do we need Work clearance management?

Maintenance crews generally work in hazardous environment ( E.g. High voltage, radiation exposure). There are some work related illness which requires special health and safety measures. SAP WCM enables you t control and monitor these activities. This means you are able to ensure safe and secure working conditions for maintenance crew, observe environmental regulations and guarantee technical system availability.


WCM Terminologies

  • WCA – Work Clearance Application
  • WCD – Work Clearance Documents
  • WAP – Work Approval
  • WA –    Other Work Applications ( Additional)

1) Work approval is an Object in WCM which can have WCA linked to it.  other Work applications (WA) including Hot work Approvals, Chemical environment approvals, Hazardous Gas approvals etc. Work approval links PM Maintenance Orders to WCA and other applications in an Enhanced WCM scenario. In a standard scenario, it is the WCA which links PM Order to WCD’s.

2) Work Clearance application (WCA)  is a WCM Object which represents a Safety certificate in particular for Lockout/Tagout. It is used to control maintenance processing and groups together Operational WCD’s. A Work clearance Application can be assigned to several Operational WCD’s and vice versa.. In the Enhanced model (as configured), a WCA is used to control communication between work approvals and Operational WCD’s.

Work applications are additional specific work related certificates. For example Hot work application, Hazardous Chemical/Gas/Particulate work certificate etc. The Hot work application, for instance, is to protect  a maintenance personnel from a hot working environment before entering the actual maintenance site.

3) Operational WCD is a WCM Object that is responsible for executing the Operational cycle. It would consist of 3 key phases namely Tagging phase, Temporary Untagging phase (To test when work has been done before making a system fully operational) and Untagging phase. In  WCD we define Lockout/Tagout operations for Technical Objects which need to be isolated temporarily from Technical system.

Operational WCD should be assigned to WCA and its status will affect the status of WCA. Here the status of WCD will be transferred to the linked WCA. For example, once the Tagging operation is finished, the Tagged status will be assigned to WCD and transferred to WCA.

WCM Models & Process Flow

Process flow for Standard model, PM Order is linked to WCM Objects as below:

Work Order  >>  WCA >>  WCD (Work Clearance documents- Linked to WCA)

Process flow for Enhanced model, PM Order is linked to WCM Objects as below:

Work Order  >> WAP (Work Approval)  >>  WCA & WA >> WCD (Work Clearance documents- Linked to WCA)

In following document we will get into step by step process for Standard Model followed by Enhanced model.



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      Author's profile photo Ravi Prakash
      Ravi Prakash

      Nicely graphical WCM process for basic understanding Amol keep posted.