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New SAP Fiori Launchpad on SAP Enterprise Portal Features in NetWeaver 7.31 SPS18, NW 7.40 SPS15 (Java stack SP13)

This blog is for portal end-users and administrators who would like to learn about the new features developed for FLP on EP, their added value, and the configuration required.

These features include the following:


iView configuration enhancements:

  • Configurable iView/Page width
  • Configurable SAP Fiori Borders for iViews/pages  (header and footer bars)
  • Window feature property


FFP personalization enhancements:

  • Show User Image
  • Alphabetical sorting of tiles
  • Remove of duplicate tiles
  • Enabling Hide/show groups in the Homepage Options Menu
  • Enabling Settings as tile action for editing of EP tile properties in the Home page (tile personalization)
  • Enabling Filtering by Tags in Tile Catalog
  • Enabling Clear Personalization in the Homepage Options menu
  • Enabling accessibility settings change in User Preferences item of the Homepage Options menu
  • Theme change in User Preferences item of the Homepage Options menu (including HCB theme support)
  • Search configuration in Tile Catalog and Home page

Homepage Update options:

  • Automatic: User gets automatic updates automatics
  • Manual updates: End user gets the updates using Options menu.
  • Notification: End user gets a notification about an update on his homepage
  • Never: End user will not get updates.


Navigation enhancements:

  • Quick link
  • Browser history support


FFP extensions

  • Custom plugin enabling
  • Extension points


Web IDE integration


The highlighted features are described below.



1 iView Properties Enhancements

1.1 Configurable iView/Page Width

The Open in Full Width property specifies whether an iView or page opens in the full width of the screen area or in a narrower width. Administrators can check-in the property:




And in run-time the layout will look as following:




If the property Open in Full Width is not checked, the page looks like this:





1.2 SAP Fiori Borders in iViews and Pages


SAP Fiori borders allow to enhance end-user experience with portal iViews and pages. Portal administrators can enable the following:

  • Header bar – contains the iView/page title and a back button
  • Footer bar – can contain the following UI elements:
    1. Related Links – end-users select this option to open a popup window with the related links
    2. Dynamic Navigation – end-users select this option to open a popup window with a dynamic navigation iView/page
    3. Save as Tile – end-users save an iView/page as a tile to the Home page.

To enable this feature, open an iView/page in Property editor and set the SAP Fiori Borders property:





  • For all iViews and pages except for SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori iViews, Header and footer bars is the default option.
  • For SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori iViews, No header and footer bars is the default option.
  • In the Launch in New Window property, select one of the following:
  • Display in Portal Content Area
  • Display in Separate Headerless Portal Window (standard mode).


SAP Fiori borders example:




2 Fiori Framework Page Configuration Enhancements


2.1       User Image Display


User image, uploaded in UME, can be shown or hidden in the Homepage header by configuring a new option in the Fiori Framework Page, Show User Images:




The Homepage for an end user will look like this:




2.2 Alphabetical sorting of tiles within a category:

This FFP configuration option determines whether tiles are sorted alphabetically by title within a category.




2.3 Remove Duplicate Tiles

An administrator can remove duplicate tiles, either in portal or remote content, using an option in Fiori Framework Page.




For the remote content only a single tile appears within a category when multiple tiles from remote content exist with identical title, subtitle, and intent.



2.4 Tile Personalization


If FFP personalization is enabled by administrators and Enable ‘Settings’ as Tile Action option is checked-in, end-users can change the tiles properties, such as name, subtitle and info text in run-time (the tiles should be representing an iView or page):



In the Settings pop-up an end-user can change the tile title, subtitle and info properties value, and immediately get a preview of the changes:




2.5 Clear Personalization Item in Option Menu


An administrator can show or hide Clear Personalization menu item for a Fiori Framework Page. With this item an end user can rollback all the changes that have been made to the home page.





2.6 Accessibility Settings in Homepage Options Menu


End users can now change accessibility settings by choosing an Options menu item User Preferences and then Accessibility:



An administrator can show or hide the Accessibility item by configuring in the Fiori Framework Page:




2.7 Theme Change Using User Preferences Option

An end-user can now choose the preferred theme using Options menu:



After Save is pressed the UI is refreshed and displayed in a new theme.

High-Contrast Black theme is available in the drop-down list:





3 Homepage Update Options

As an administrator, you can control the ability of end users to see the updates done for the iViews properties, role assignments and content, changes in administrative groups, i.e. the changes done by an administrator, which are affecting the end user’s homepage.


The control options are as following:




  • Automatic update (default): on FFP loading the homepage will be updated without a warning. The performance is affected, hence this option is not recommended in production.


  • Manual update: a menu item Check for updates appears in the Options menu. When clicking on it, an end user gets a pop-up with a summary of updates:




The updates can be viewed in details and either applied or not:




  • Notifications for end users: provides a similar to manual updates pop-up on FFP loading:




A user can accept or defer the changes. The pop-up will come up until the changes are accepted. This is the recommended option as it has minimal impact on performance and gives the end user control on his homepage, while keeping it up-to-date with administrator’s changes.

Check for updates menu item is available in the Option menu as well.


  • Never check for updates: this option means the user will not get any updates done by the administrator.

Changes that administrators make to home page content do not overwrite end user personalization.


4 Navigation

4.1 Quick link for iView/Page

Administrators can configure quick links to iViews or pages in the Fiori Framework page (except for News iView):




In run time append a slash ( /<name> ) to the portal URL:




The quick links should be composed of letters, digits, hyphen (-), period (.), underscore (_) and tilde (~).

4.2 Browser History Support

An end user can now navigate between a launched application and the launchpad using the Web browser standard back and forward buttons.



5 Fiori Framework Page Extensions

5.1 Custom Plugin Enabling

The Fiori Framework Page core capabilities can be extended by enabling custom plugin to load when the SAP Fiori launchpad opens.

This allows the customers to extend the standard FLP functionality, with, for example, an additional action in Option menu, a custom footer, etc.

The extensions are activated by the following FFP configuration (details):

  • Custom SAPUI5 Module Plugin Name
  • Custom Plugin URL.


5.2 Extension Points

FFP extension points allow performing actions on FLP events, for example an action on tiles in catalog or home page before rendering.

The customers can extend the standard FLP functionality, with, for example, an additional action in Option menu, a custom action in a footer, etc.

These extensions can be used inside a custom bootstrap plugin in FFP (details).



6 Web IDE Integration

A plugin for SAP Web IDE enables a Web IDE app deployment to Enterprise Portal.


  • A user has been subscribed to SAP Web IDE
  • The required destination to the SAP Web IDE system is configured in SAP HANA Cloud Platform (details).


To learn more:

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