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Going Beyond the Traditional Classroom

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Reinventing The Way You Learn SAP

This post follows on from last week’s about all the amazing things that cloud based learning solutions make possible. 

Today I’m looking at blended learning.  This is a term that has been used for years but only now can education providers offer a fully comprehensive blended solution which addresses all the challenges organisations are facing.

So firstly, what are the big challenges?

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  • Enterprise challenges – companies invest heavily in innovation to create new processes and improve existing ones.
    • How can you educate people quickly and efficiently enough to keep up with the pace of change and thereby ensure return on investments from your innovative technologies?

  • Workforce challenges – the wide range in ages in today’s workforce and subsequently differing values, ideas, ways of working and ways of learning
    • How do you meet such varied learning needs?

  • Financial challenges – is it really the case that organisations are constantly squeezing their education budgets? Some research says not. Yet experience suggests they are and certainly in tough times education is the first thing to be cut.
    • So how can you educate more people with less money, and more quickly than ever before?
  • Resource challenges – you already have a vast pool of experts in your organisation.
    • How can you capitalise on their expertise by sharing it with others who could benefit from it?

All these challenges can be met with an appropriate blend of traditional approaches and up-to the minute solutions.

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SAP, and many of our customers, are combining the best of all worlds to meet these challenges:

  • SAP Learning Hub a wealth of proven course content from flipbooks to videos with supporting exercises and assessments; expert-hosted SAP learning rooms; user-friendly collaboration sites

  • Instructor-led trainingboth face-to–face and virtual, for project teams, super users and end-users

  • SAP Live Access – live training systems where people can review their training and practise at a time to suit them

Here’s a short video on SAP Learning Hub to get you started but if you’d like to find out more about how you can benefit from a blended learning approach, contact one of our Learning experts.

I hope you have enjoyed this Wise-Up follow-on blog post and trust you will join the next installment Is the 70:20:10 approach disrupting the L&D world as we know it? – How SAP delivers this model internally to drive business through the SAP ecosystem” by Donald Ross on 15th June.

As this week’s blog bonus, here’s a link to an article by Patrick Willer, Workforce Innovation, SAP published on Forbes online – Millennial Employees Will Dominate The Workforce. Is Your Business Ready?

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SAP offers ideal conditions in which to learn

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      Author's profile photo Raúl Orellano
      Raúl Orellano

      Excelente entrada, muy instructiva. Gracias Amanda por tu contribución.