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Hello All

Can you anyone tell me regarding ESS/MSS issue.

We have implemented ESS/MSS portal for client ,but we are facing a issue almost for the past 6 months

For Some low level employees if they want to  apply leave or any details through portal they wont have separate system as they are not user friendly to PC, for this common system is used where a reporting person apply the details on behalf of them ,but all the employees have separate logon details.

If one detail has been entered in portal,if the reporting person wants to enter another employee details the system is not clearing the cache it shows the previous employee details completely which is not correct.

Also other employee details should not be visible once we logged out and login again with another employee cache clearing/killing is not happening in the portal.

The cache memory in the browser is not getting cleared when a user logs off or closes the session and on the same machine if another user logs in data displayed to the user is from the previous session or previous user.

Can anyone suggest in terms of sap ess/mss to kill those cache.



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