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Author's profile photo King Chen

How to replicate data from an Oracle table which has a long field

When using SLT to replicate data from Oracle DB to HANA, you might see SQL error 932 occurred on a specific table and the initial load was failed.
The reason is that you have defined a long field in the table, e.g. VARCHAR(2000).
Following is an example of the problem and the workaround.

  • We create table SLT_DEMO with 3 long fields – BBB, CCC and DDD, and insert 2 records into it as below.
  • We start to load the table in SLT.
    However the load failed. We can see SQL error 932 below in tag “Application Log” or by clicking “View Errors” button.
    We also can see the following shortdump occurred in ST22.
  • Now let’s check the proxy table of SLT_DEMO.
    You can see the data type of CCC and DDD were converted to “STRING” which should be “CHAR”.
    However BBB was converted to “CHAR” correctly.
    Data type “STRING” is for “LONG” and “CLOB”, so when SLT tried to read data from SLT_DEMO on the source DB, it hoped field CCC and DDD should be “LONG” or “CLOB”.
    However it found the data type of CCC and DDD were”VARCHAR”, then error “inconsistent datatype” occurred.
  • We can use table IUUC_DB_COL_TYPE to specify the data type of a field in SLT as below.
    We need to stop the load and add 2 records in table IUUC_DB_COL_TYPE for CCC and DDD in SE11.
    We need to specify the values as below.
    Field “DBCON NAME” and “DB SCHEMA” can be found in tag “Administration Data” in LTRC.
    Now we have 2 convert rules in table IUUC_DB_COL_TYPE.
  • Let’s start the load in LTRC again.
    You can see the data was loaded without any problem.

We do not have a plan to enhance this functionality at the moment and the design may change, so there is no Note or KBA to introduce the workaround.
If you have the same problem, you have to refer to this blog.

P.S. For the details about the Data Type mapping, please refer to note 2236069.

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      Author's profile photo Saritha Koroth
      Saritha Koroth

      Hi Expert,

      I am facing a similar issue while replicating a table from Hana to ECC.

      Below is the structure of table in hana -

      field_name    SQL_Data_type  dimension   column_store_Data_type           key

      MANDT         NVARCHAR          3                     string                                  x(1)

      MATNR         NVARCHAR          18                   string                                   x(2)

      Description   NVARCHAR          18                     string

      While replicating for the first time, I do not get any failure. But if i check my ST22, its full of dumps increasing at an alarming rate thereby bringing my servers down.

      While checking my proxy table for this test table,


      PROXY for logtab (dbcon:user./1CADMC/0000235)

      Field                             Key    Data Type   Length      Decimal

      IUUC_SEQUENCE     y        DEC           20              0

      IUUC_TIMESTAMP              CHAR        26               0

      IUUC_PROCESSED            CHAR        1                 0

      MANDT                        y        CHAR        3                 0

      MATNR                        y        CHAR        18               0

      IUUC_OPERAT_FLAG         CHAR        1                 0

      I have maintained entries in IUUC_DB_TAB_KEYS for fields MANDT and MATNR as per blog Special considerations for ABAP source/targets on HANA.

      I fail to understand why IUCC* fields get added in my proxy table. This needs to have some note or workaround. In this case what entries should I maintain in table IUUC_DB_COL_TYPE ??

      My DMIS version is DMIS 2011_1_731 SP10. I have already raised an incident with SAP.

      Kindly advise.



      Author's profile photo King Chen
      King Chen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Saritha,

      It's a different problem.
      Table /1CADMC/0000235 is a logging table, so it has IUUC* fields.
      You can find it in the source HANA DB.

      The Proxy table in my blog is in SLT. In my case, you can find the table name in ST22 shortdump or the Application Log in LTRC.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Bhupinder Sasan
      Bhupinder Sasan

      Hello King,

      SAP Note 2236069 SLT 2011 SP11  Changes to How Source System Data Types are Mapped to ABAP Dictionary Data Types.



      Author's profile photo King Chen
      King Chen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Bhupinder,

      Thanks for the note. 🙂

      I updated the blog.