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Recruiting management and own assessment solution

During recruitment process you always search for new methods to find out the best suitable candidate for your company. As the life goes by you’re changing the way how to get the best candidate. Sometimes you select different recruiting solution and sometimes just other test provider or methodology. Now let’s look at the situation that you have selected test provider and choose different recruiting solution. For our case we will use SuccessFactors Recruiting Management and Cut-e testing. As the integration platform we will use Boomi.

From the recruiter perspective we need to cover following cases:

  • Mark candidate for testing
  • E-mail to candidate with testing link
  • Information that candidate is performing tests
  • Testing results sent to recruiter
  • And maybe the possibility to automatically reject candidate

How to achieve it?

  1. Let’s create status group in the candidate pipeline. For our example the three statuses will be enough
  2. Recruiter will choose candidates that should be tested and move them to To be Tested status.
  3. Integration platform will take the candidate and create an account in testing provider, sends url to candidate and move candidate to next step. This will trigger e-mail with testing url to candidate.
  4. Now we are waiting for candidate to complete the tests. When the tests are completed than the candidate is moved to Testing Finished status and notification e-mail with results is sent to recruiter.
  5. Now the recruiter could decide what to do with candidate. But there is also on option to move candidate automatically to status “rejected based on testing”. This can be performed by the integration platform.
  6. Of course you can have several other requirements like choosing which type of tests should be performed by the candidate. As well as you can set results tests visible and sort them on list of applications page.

Now the technical solution

  1. Update candidate application xml and add necessary fields that should be tracked:
    Candidate testing URL
    Candidate result
    Set these fields as hidden for candidate and visible to recruiter.
  2. Create statuses and group them in the Applicant Status Configuration. Now it’s time to set the integration platform connectors and process.
    The process is really simple, quick description:

    – find candidates in status To be Tested
    – enter them in the testing solution and create testing URL (this url is always unique)
    – update the candidate profile with url
    – move candidate to status Testing in Progress
  3. Now it’s candidate turn. And we will take a look at process that will get the candidate results and populate them in SuccessFactors
    The process takes candidates from status Testing In Progress and asks for results. If the test is not complete, than do nothing. If the test is complete than publish results and update the candidate to Testing Finished status.

Other variants could cover more tests integrated in the process (the test variant is selected by recruiter using simple picklist value). The mapping to right tests is done by integration platform. See picture below:boomi_integration_map3This also covers some error tracking options like “No test variant selected”. Than populate testing error and sent notification to recruiter and move to the relevant candidate status “Candidate testing error”.Prerequisites:

  • Test provider with some web service that can be used
  • BOOMI integration platform
  • Free time to do the integration and testing (btw. you need to fill in the tests and be prepared that you will see your results)
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