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Author's profile photo Sarhan Polatates

Manage and Convert MRP Live Purchase Requsitions by S4HANA Fiori Transactional Apps

In my previous blog, I have shared how MRP Live runs succesfully in S4HANA on Premise 1511. How MRP Live (MD01N) Runs on S/4HANA with S4CORE after Logistics Simplifications

Now let’s see how easy to convert those MRP created purchase requisition into purchase orders by using a single Fiori transactional app provided by S4HANA on Premise 1511.

1. Set up Fiori:

I would like to skip this step in order to focus only main purpose. However this blog will help you for sure: Activating FIORI-Apps in S/4 HANA – not so hard after all! by Joachim Rees

In my user called Fiori I have assigned only role: SAP_BR_PURCHASER

2. Run Fiori Launchpad

If you succesfully completed the step 1 your Fiori Launchpad will look like this: I have added tile called Manage Purchase Requisitions to my home,


Just click on this tile and get the Purchase requisitions easily

3. Edit Purchase Requisitions

Once you click the tile all documents will be listed with the default information. You may need to change some information or you need to feed information.


In my case I would like work only these purchase requisitions, you need to click the pen icon in order to change or feed information:


You can change supplier, delivery date or quantity. I will chage only two purchase requisitions’ delivery date and assign them supplier.



Delivery dates are changed and suppliers’ are assigned, Now I can convert them into Purchase Orders by selecting them and clicking Create Purchase Order button, which is enabled after selecting at least one document.


The good thing is Fiori app checking the documents before posting, so all features are provided by Fiori. I need to handle these messages.


Most important one is price.

4. Manage Source of Supply

I need to click an other Fiori app called Manage Source of Supply, it manages the inforecord.


I need to enter required information


So easy and amost alll information available


I have entered price


Time to go back and complete mission 🙂

5. Convert PRs to PO

Now all messages are handled and I am ready to post


Just create the PO.


So easy…

To be continued…

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      Author's profile photo Tahir Öz
      Tahir Öz

      Good write up Sarhan thanx for sharing.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Sarhan for sharing this one !!



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you Sarhan, It is very valuable information for all of us.

      Regards, Sade

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      hey Sarhan - thanks the detailed explanation.

      I have a question, lets say you have to tweak the standard MRP process or do any enhancement, do we have to follow the same process as we do in ECC that is to look for a BADI/enhancement in S4 HANA.

      Could you please throw some light on that in general how we can modify the standard SAP processes which is not limited to MRP execution.



      Author's profile photo Sarhan Polatates
      Sarhan Polatates
      Blog Post Author

      Many thanks for your time and comments Raghu.

      I have followed the standard, no enhancement applied. Only required business functions activated.

      I will share another one very soon about Sales and Distribution.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you for your reply.

      Sorry, if I was not clear, could you please let me know how an enhancement can be done if we have to modify/tweak the standard MRP process (if required as per the business process).

      Is it the same process that is look for an enhancement point/BADI and do the coding as per the business logic ?

      Please let me know if I am not clear.



      Author's profile photo Sarhan Polatates
      Sarhan Polatates
      Blog Post Author

      O sorry I got your point.

      MRP Live and MRP Classic are active at the same time, this means your existing enhancements will be kept.

      However if you want to enhance MRP Live here is the explanation from SAP provided simplification document. ( I did not try or applied any of them)

      MRP Live is implemented in SQLScript running on the database server as opposed to classic ABAP code, which is performed on the application server. Any enhancement or BAdI implementation of the classic MRP run does not work with MRP Live. A new set of AMDP BADIs will be available for MRP Live from SAP S/4HANA on-premise edition 1603. BAdI implementations of the classic MRP have to be translated into AMDP BAdI implementations if still required. This affects the following BAdIs:…

      Page 139 and 140 have the whole new AMDP BAdI list vs old ones

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you very much !

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Maria Grazia Bombini
      Maria Grazia Bombini

      Hi  Sarhan , 

      this is a very interesting note.

      some question regarding the app 'manage purchase requisition' : where i can see the pr document type? if an mrp responsable can manage both pr deriving from mrp and create (but not convert) different pr how can i create the correct authorization in order to have this particular case?

      how i can add coloumns to list diplay (for example Purchasing Groups)?.

      thank you very much for your help.


      Maria Grazia