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Client opening and closing in SAP.

1. Go to client and system that you want to login (e.g. R01 CLIENT 300)


2. Tcode SM01 – to unlock the tcodes SCC4 AND SE06


In SM01, Search SCC4, select SCC4 and client lock/unlock button.


Note: Locking/Unlocking the tcodes depends on project landscape requirement. As I worked in both environment currently I require to lock the t codes. sometimes it’s not necessary depends on project requirements


3. After unlocking SCC4 , go in SCC4 –> “change option” tab —> Edit (2 setting we have to change.)


3.1 Intial option:

3.1.1. No changes allowed.

3.1.2. No changes to repository and cross client customizing allowed.

3.2 change option:


3.2.1 : changes without automatic recording nand no TR allowed.

3.2.2. : changes to repository and cross client customizing allowed.


4. Save.


5. Go to Tcode SE06

select system change option.


5.1. global setting change to Modifiable. (By default it’s Non-modifiable)

5.2  In Edit tab, select,


          “Namespace Modifiable”

          “Software component Modifiable.”

6. Save.

7. Again lock SCC4 and SE06 tcodes in SM01 as given in step 2


Note: we cannot keep client open more time.



8. For client closing reverse the steps.



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