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Make your profile photo real – Profile photo and Avatar (Primary photo Vs Avatar)

This is all about awareness program.

It is highly shocking in SCN community page that most of members are not updating their primary photo or profile photo.

I am the junior ( Member Like you )who has raised this concern to open SCN community page. Those who registered member should come up boldly and put their profile

photo or put their image into primary photo section.

Question : 1

Why member are showing only avatar instead of photo?

SCN had given choice to chosen avatar upto five. It sounds really great.

Question: 2

Why members are not updating their real photo in primary photo section?

They want to hide their brand/image.

Kindly give us feedback to improve photo awareness to all SCN members.

Thank for your kind cooperation.



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  • Hello,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.

    In future cases, please post this kind of content as a discussion.



    • Thank you Mr. Moshe Naveh for appreciating. Surely I will bring various awareness content in future discussion also which you had stated here.



  • Not sure you really nailed the primary reason for people not to use their real name and actual photo here.

    While I personally made the decision to provide a lot of information about myself, I highly value the option to choose not to do that.

    For some it might be a professional duty to be active here on SCN even though they prefer to not be part of the social network realm.

    Not everybody likes the idea of others being able to anonymously "stalk" them and know things about them without ever having interacted with them.

    I can relate to that.

    One option however always remains if you're that interested in a person's details: write her or him a direct message.

    • Thanks for your comments Mr. Lars Breddemann.

      Your profile carries bunch of information - It really great. you are the model for others.

      It gives your good reputation not only for your job but It gives always added value of your SCN page. Congrats......this what members should come forward to represent their profile photo and some known information - that is my suggestion.

      Still most of members profile shows no details filled in profile page like e- mail address and photos.

      As you had stated here ' because of professional duty to be active - ?? they prefer to not be part of the social network realm'.

      My suggestion is that ' It is okay they don't mention address or phone number by at least they should post photo in the profile and email address is useful right'.

      For example: In general some members shows photo and contact number in Linkedin and some other social networking site.

      Coming to topic: SCN is professional site - This represent Members knowledge sharing platform so that we can identify members whose raising the question and providing the answer for that question.

      Benefits of the Make your profile photo real - Profile photo and Avatar (Primary photo Vs Avatar):

      1. Question repeated will be minimized

      2. Question asking members can be identified ( He/she will not use multiple profile/fake profile)

      3. Genuinity of SCN is preserved.

      4. while ranking top in SCN profile it shows who you are at what level - This give us credit for contributing answer to the asked question. Not only these we sometime raise some question in our SCN forum.

      5. This is not whatsapp it an SCN Community Platform - Hence here no to personal chat/discussion thats it.



      • Hmm... ok, I think I got your point the first time around.

        Not sure, I got my view across, though and that's probably my fault.

        I agree that there can be many benefits in sharing personal information. However, I am strictly against a rule that forces users to do that.

        Motivating others to show more of themselves is one thing (and a good one, in my eyes) - forcing them a completely different one (really bad).

        My personal experience with influencing rules or rather commonly accepted ways of doing things is that it is most effective, when I do what I ask of others first.

        Looking at your profile gives me your profile picture and your name, but doesn't tell me all that much more about you, either. No email address, no country, no company, no short bio or areas of interest.

        To me that's your choice and it's OK.

        • Again thanks you feedback Mr. Lars Breddemann.

          This is all about individual initiative task. Here I post as concern for good cause.

          Also that is not forcing somebody to post or update details immediately. Members should realize how worth their are being an SCN Community Member.

          For you kind information :

          Kindly do check I had given phone number , profile picture, skype Id , area of expertise and email address, country.



          • I'm sure you put all this into your profile, but I cannot see this and I guess it's because the visibility for those items is "just yourself".

          • thanks for bringing this attention to me Mr.Lars Breddemann. I had changed preview of profile from 'yourself' to 'everyone'. You may check now pls.


  • Hi Vivek,

    Thank you for posting these questions, while encouraging fellow SCN members to add a photo of themselves in their user profiles. Check out one of my past blog posts Work it! Work it! Helping You Build Your Brand at #SAPTechEd, with a similar message.

    There may be many reasons why community members haven't added a photo or change their avatar - one reason could be that they haven't taken the time to do this. Another reason could be that they want to stay anonymous.

    I agree there are many benefits to adding a picture to your profile, improving the person-to-person interactions we have in this community. I wonder, would having a photo increase the likelihood of other members answering your questions, liking your blogs, or trusting your advice?


    • Jason Cao wrote:

      I wonder, would having a photo increase the likelihood of other members answering your questions, liking your blogs, or trusting your advice?

      Sounds like a case for the DataScience-Squad "Data access & cleansing-Man", "Hypothesis Modelling-Woman" and "Diagram-Kid"...  🙂

    • thanks for your feedback Mr. Jason Cao. After seen I read your profile SAPTecEd page. It sounds some good stuffs. Congrats!!

      My blog tell you the value of :

      1. Image Brand, Mode of communication Brand : It all about it represent who you are in SCN community page.

      2. For SCN event participation it will really helpful in order to easily interact without fear of communication.



  • I think it's quite unfriendly to demand that other users put photos or more details about themselves in their profile.

    Let them use SCN the way they want (according to the rules, of course) and provide as much (or "as less") information as they like!



    • Hi Joachim,

      thanks for your feedback. I had to make my concern very clearly, this is all about self awareness. Members without profile photo and avatar also good. But since we are in Living advancement of technologies era.

      Kindly note:

      It is up to members decide to choose average, best, good. Basically profile Members photo and information represent brand image. It always add an value not degrade oneself.



      • Hi Vivek,

        I tend to agree with Joachim regarding profile pictures and names, but part of that comes from our contradictatory instructions versus our behavior.  How can we ask our members to follow those rules when we broadly violate them ourselves?   SAP (Official) is an egregious violation of all those rules, but officially is winked at and ignored.  A case of organizational schizophrenia perhaps?

        So when we walk the walk ourselves, perhaps we can comfortably ask others to do so as well.

        Regards, Mike

        SAP Technology RIG

        • thanks for your feedback Mr. Michael. Here I had highlighted the gap not rules. some member are leaving profile picture as blank and some more member are updated profile picture as movie stars and other icon. According to your reply is this good one. All right.

          my concern is that members are not updating their profile picture and avatar.

          This is all about awareness. We are not forcing member to do. I hope let them take their own time to do accordingly.

          Again thank you for your open statement. I know that some member will not agree suddenly. But later they will accept. Let us see.



          • Hi Vivek,

            Despite the rules, which do not read as recommendations, it is really how it is enforced (i.e. not enforced as such).  My intention was not to encourage people to ignore the guidelines.  I much prefer working with members whose face I can recognize before reading their name.   Avatars work as well, but the face is preferred. 

            SCN is meant to be a collaborative group of disparate folks from around the world and with differing levels of experience and contributions.  That it works so well is a tribute to the efforts of the support staff and the members.  It works because we collectively make it work. 

            My hope is that it will continue to work as well as it does because the people involved make it happen. 

            Cheers, Mike (Moderator)

            SAP Technology RIG