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SAP Web IDE does not allow to manage App folders in groups

SAP Web IDE cloud connectivity requires project folder direct below root node “Workspace”

In the HANA Cloud Platform cockpit I’ve setup a connection to the demo Gateway system. Next, in SAP Web IDE I created a new App project folder. As I prefer a manageable overview of all Apps (to be) developed in Web IDE, I created that App Folder in a subfolder beneath the Workplace folder:

2nd level project folder in Web IDE.png

This however gives problems within Web IDE wrt setting up the cloud connectivity.

Issue 1

neo-app.json generation is not available; that is, the menu option (New / Cloud Connectivity Configuration) is disabled on the project folder level:

neo-app generation not available.png

It is only enabled for folders that are direct below root node ‘Workplace’.

This issue/shortcoming can be pragmatic resolved by generated the neo-app.json file on a temporary project folder that is direct located below ‘Workplace’, and copy + paste it in the 2nd level project folder.

Issue 2

At runtime, the destination to the consumed OData service is not correct resolved, and data cannot be consumed. Via F12 I observe an HTTP 503 error on connecting to the REST service destination:

Connection destination not available.png

I duplicated the project folder direct below ‘workplace’ (via Web IDE export + import commands), and without any code nor configuration changes ran the App from this location. And now the HANA dispatcher does handle the request, and the accessed Gateway service returns data:

Gateway service available.png

I compared the urls generated from Web IDE to the service destination in the 2 situation. The only difference is in the ‘webidetesting<number>’ part. Apparently there is some “magic” in Web IDE that reserves a dispatching url in HCP for service destinations, and that ‘magic’ is dependent on the project folder located direct below ‘workplace’.

I considered as workaround to modify the 2nd level project in manifest.json and have it use the absolute connecting url to service:

Setup absolute path to datasource destination.png

However, that setup runs into a cross-domain issue, and is thus neither working:

Cross-Domain issue to absolute url.png

The only resolution for this is to comply to the ‘implicit rule’ of Web IDE, and place the project folder thus direct below root node “Workplace”. With the drawback that you loose the option to structure and classify your projects / Apps folders, and all need to be administrated at the same level as sibling nodes. I would rather be able to make in Web IDE visual groups of project / Apps folders per customer and / or functionality, e.g. for HR, Finance, Marketing. Perhaps in a next version of Web IDE?

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  • Hi William,

    Your needs are clearly understandable and makes sense, Web IDE team is looking into that.

    Thanks for the feedback.


  • HI William,

    I am new to sapui5, but one of the first things I tried to do is structure my work in webIDE, I wasted a lot of time trying and failed, in 4 months my workspace is a long list of projects! As someone new who is playing around with different consepts while trying to build an actual prototype for my client, it would have helped to have some structure for filing my projects.

    Thank you for posting this issue and explaining it in detail, I hope that the webIDE team fix this soon.


    • Hi AK

      Thanks a lot for your feedback, as Yuval mentioned this makes a lot of sense. We are thinking of different options here to handle a larger amount of projects in your workspace. Can't commit on a ETA, but keep checking our release notes.

      Thanks a lot,


    • Hi,

      You can now create multiple workspaces in SAP Web IDE to help you organize your projects:



    • Hi,

      You can now create multiple workspaces in SAP Web IDE to help you organize your projects:



  • I know this is an old thread, but I would also like to know if this has been resolved. How can we structure multiple projects in SAP Web IDE?




  • Just want to echo the challenges faced by others. Especially if working in bigger teams on the same corporate Cloud Portal account, the WEB IDE quickly becomes crowded with different project folders. This is a great lack of an ability to organize the projects in a simple folder structure.

    Hope that you may soon be able to deliver an enhancement on this area.


    Adam Lamaa


  • Hi,

    You can now create multiple workspaces in SAP Web IDE to help you organize your projects: