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Interactive Dashboards

Welcome back!


This is the third blog in our Analytics Enablement series. Please refer to the link below for previous blogs:


Derive Business Insights using SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Analytics


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In this blog we will talk about Interactive dashboards.


Interactive dashboards allow you to club related reports together and view them side by side. You can also establish connection between reports which can be used to pass filters during analysis. Key features of interactive dashboards are as below:

  • Easy to consume and configure
  • Guided wizard to create and publish dashboards
  • Define connections and pass filters between reports
  • Flexibility to define layouts
  • In-place interactivity and drilldown
  • Transactions quick view
  • Launch transactions from dashboard
  • View data in the form of chart and tables
  • Open reports on web/excel for further analysis from dashboard


As a key user you can work in design mode. This will help you edit the dashboards without waiting for it to launch.


Blog 3 image 1.jpg


SAP provides guided wizard for easy creation of dashboard. In case you have enabled Role Based Analytics you can assign dashboard to the various roles.


Blog 3 image 2.jpg


System provides you a flexibility to define the layout. 3×3 grid gives you option to add upto 9 reports in a dashboard. You may also choose to expand reports to multiple columns or rows. This can come very handy when you are adding a tabular report to dashboard.


To define layout drag and drop reports from available list to the left pane.


Blog3 image 3.jpg


You can define connections in step 5. These connections will be used to pass filters between reports. Make use of Auto-Mapping to allow system to propose possible connections.


blog 3 image 4.jpg

Dashboard Analysis


Execute Mode can be used to analyze data using dashboard.


Please Note – End users can only work on Execute Mode.


In-place drill down allows you to slice and dice data for further analysis. Dashboard allows you to view data in different visualizations e.g. if you see a particular month is not performing well you can add Employee responsible, Account and Opportunity detail and change char to table to get further details.


Blog 3 Image 5.jpg



Quick view of transactions help you analyze details without leaving dashboard.


blog 3 image 6.jpg



Interactive dashboard is a very powerful feature. It helps you to get complete picture of your business.


Our customers love it. Have you tried this feature yet!


Now I leave you here to explore dashboard further. We will meet next week again for our last blog in this series about Homepage Reporting – C4C Homepage Reporting – Never miss a KPI

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    • Hi Djalma,

      It is not possible to meaningfully derive additional information from more than 9 reports. We have observed that customers generally add only 4 reports to dashboards.

      Can you explain your use-case, may be I can suggest some other way to implement it?



      • Hello Pooja,

        I asked because my client has some reports and would like to put more on the Dashboards. Since you can not, I'll just say what had already spoken to him.


  • Hello Pooja,
    The Drill Down are working great (for example Dahsboards : Pipeline  & report Pipeline Funnel in that dashboard) in the HTML5 Browser version of our C4C.


    In the Above, I click on "Qualify Opportunity" Bar and  then click on Drill Down option "ABC Classification and the resultant view i get as follows :


    Whereas, if I am trying to do Drill of the same report through the SAME dashboard in my IPAD Mini , As well as IPAD , the drill down is not working fine.
    In the Ipad, I am choosing the same report from the same dashboard , I am clicking on the same bar " Qualify Opportunity" and then clicking ABC CLassification


    But the resultant View is as follows:
    The Drilling down is not happening, instead it shows Both the salesphases as well as ABC classification FOR EACH phase( Instead of Just the SELECTED phase- Qualify Opportunity"


    I have tried with all possible mobile devices. Android Pad, Ipad mini as well as Ipad. All of them are C4C Extended Edition apps and are all Up to Date .
    May I know if this is a BUG in the App??
    Please guide on how to deal with the same??

    Thanks in Advance,


    Pooja Bhalla

    c4c dashbaord ipad-app drilldown analytics

    • Hi Srinivatsan,

      The drilldown feature is not available in RUI. Thus not available in extended app. This is planned in future releases.



  • Hello Pooja,

    I created a dashboard with 9 views and tried setting up the connection between the reports to make it interactive. This, so that in whichever report the user clicks on, it re-defines the other views. Basically, if i click on the sales rep, the others will be redefined. Similarly, if i click on brand, they will be redefined as well. But am getting an error message and the connection does not work:


    Anything I might be doing wrong?

    Also, is it possible to have the interactive dashboard as well as setting up navigation target on same dashboard? Or can we have only 1 of them?



    • Hi Naseef,

      Try using auto-mapping when you are crearting the connection.

      In future you will have both Interactivity and Navigation in dashbord.



      • Hi Pooja,

        Thanks a lot. I have been using auto-mapping. Works fine but for some reason did not work for 2 specific flow which is quite an issue. Makes me wonder if we have a limited number of connections between the views in the interactive dashboard?

        Also, does this mean that for the moment we cannot have both interactive dashboard and navigation? Any idea after which release will it be available?

        Kind Regards


  • Hello,
    I switched to the new responsive UI and the dashboard connections don't work there. Is it by purpose or am I doing something wrong?
    Kind Regards

      • Hi Pooja, We have similar requirement and created dashboard with four tiles. How to bind the filers for all tables. For example when user selects filter one dashboard, how to apply for all tiles.Thx.

  • Hi Pooja,

    is the connection feature also ment to function between different reports based on different data sources like linking territory iD from leads to contracts?  I could not make it work.

    Where is the automatic connection  wizard hidden. There is no in the last release?

    Thanks and Cheers,



  • Hi Pooja Bhalla,

    I dont find the "manage connections" dialog box in the Fiori UI. After I click on the "define connection" icon, no screen appears where I can define connections between the attributes...

    Can you help me?



    • Drag & Drop the Source to any other report... is the solution 🙂