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How to use SAP HCP, mobile service for SAP Fiori – part 3

This blog post is continuation of a 4-part series on How to use SAP HCP, mobile service for SAP Fiori.

Part 3: Configure Fiori Mobile and build Fiori app

In this third part, we’ll configure Fiori Mobile and test our app on a live device.  You’ll learn how to…

  1. Subcribe your Fiori app in HCP
  2. Create Android Signing Profile
  3. Create your Avanced Configuration File
  4. Use Fiori mobile build process (application wizard, application workflow, etc.)
  5. Executing the app on the device (new work-around in step 22)


1. Subscribe Fiori app in SAP HANA Cloud Platform – At the moment, packaged SAP Fiori apps can only be created if subscribed as an HTML5 application in HCP.  In future, this will be automated.

  1. Open SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit
  2. Click Subscriptions + add New Subscription
    1. Provider Account – click drop-down and select your account (e.g. P12345trial)
    2. Application – select your application (e.g. productlisting)
    3. Subscription Name – append “sub” at end of pre-populated appname (e.g. productlistingsub); note that this subcription name is your cloudComponentId in Fiori Mobile Advanced Configuration File
  3. Click Save


Step-by-step guide:

1. Open Fiori Mobile Admin Console

  1. Open HCP Cockpit
  2. Browse to Services > select Fiori Mobile
  3. Click Go to Admin Console


2. Add Android Signing Profile

NOTE: If you using Apple Signing Profile, you will need to have an iOS Developer Account and must upload your Signing Certificate, private key pass-phrase, and provisioning profile.  Here is an KB article that shows you how you can create your own iOS Certificate.

  1. Open Account tab > Signing Profile
  2. Add New Profile (or use existing profile if you have one)
    1. You can create a signing profile if you have JAVA installed on your computer.  You can either use Windows Command or Android Studio (if installed) to generate the keystore file.  In the example below, I’ll use Windows Command.
      1. Open Windows Command Prompt and type the next line (feel free to change values but ensure you use same alias and keypass password)
      2. keytool -genkeypair -alias password123 -keypass password123 -keystore productlisting.keystore -storepass password123 -dname “CN=Bill Joy, OU=IT O=ACME, L=Palo Alto, S=CA, C=US” -sigalg MD5withRSA -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 99
  3. Select Android
  4. Click OK


3. Provide signing profile details and click Save


4. Fiori mobile

  1. Select Fiori Cloud Edition and click Ping (typically status will let you know if server is available)
  2. Click OK on Ping Successful window (not pictured)


5. Add Fiori Mobile Application

  1. Click Applications tab
  2. Manage Apps
  3. New Application (NOTE – you will not see Application Type menu unless you have App & Device Management Service enabled)
  4. Select Application Type – Fiori Mobile


6. Click Get Started to start the App Wizard


7. Select your Fiori app scenario > select (default) – local launchpad (click Next)

  • Scenario 1 – “I want to create…” All HTML/JavaScript resources are packaged into binary and are located on device when installed; an app re-build is required when making changes to the app and notification is triggered on Admin Console
  • Scenario 2 – “I want to mobilize…” This is an optimized Fiori Client build with all HTML/JavaScript are accessed via cloud; re-build of app is not required for this scenario


8. Select your Fiori Server (click Next)


9. Upload an Advanced Configuration File (ACF) – The advanced configuration file is a .json file (you can create one in notepad) that describes an array of components (using properties) that should be packaged with the app. Your ability to create an advanced configuration file is dependent on selecting “I want to create a local launchpad with only the apps I want to mobilize” on the Fiori App Scenario page.

  1. Browse to upload ACF (please note that fields in ACF are case sensitive)
    1. Here’s what your sample ACF file code should look like
      1. id = your app id (it’s located in webide > app_project folder >webapp > manifest.json
      2. cloudComponentId = app subscription in HCP
      3. url = the location under which the application is registered in Fiori Launchpad. By default when deploying the app via SAP WebIDE it is /sap/fiori/[heliumhtml5appname] … it is NOT the subscription name but the name of the app that you subscribe to.
      4. Click Next
               "url": "/sap/fiori/productlisting"

NOTE: Currently there is no integration with SAP Demo Cloud, therefore if you try to select and build the available Fiori Application, the apps will not execute on mobile device.


10. Finish your application – Here, you can build your application or further configure application.  In this example, uncheck the option and click Finish.


Application Workflow – After running through the App Creation Wizard, you can modify app information to control your app’s usability and appearance on SAP Mobile Place.

11. Details – no change; here you can modify the app selection, add app description, and provide more app context.  In addition, if you need to re-upload your ACF, you can start your workflow again by click “Select Fiori Appliations”


12. Insight – Once application is deployed and consumed, Administrator can monitor application inisight such as usage charts, registration information, and user logs

13. Groups – If using SAP Mobile Place, Administrator can assign application to an individual group or multiple group(s)

14. Multimedia – For a better user experience, upload an app icon, a splash screen, and optionally a banner image (if using SAP Mobile Place)

  1. Application – upload Application Icon, Splash Screen, and optionally a Banner Image for SAP Mobile Place
  2. Screenshot and Videos – optionally add these elements for better usage experience (supported types include jpg, jpeg, png, and mp4)
  3. Documents – optionally add application usage documentation (supported types include ppt/x, doc/x, txt, pdf)


15. App Settings – no change; Use the SAP Fiori mobile service app settings to define, deploy, and monitor your app

  1. Application Security – When setting app security, consider the sensitivity of the data in the app. If the data is highly sensitive, requiring a complex password is recommended.
  2. Feature management – Control which device features (for example: Calendar, Camera, Barcode Scanner) can be used by the application running on the device
  3. Notifications – Send notifications to iOS and Android devices by using the Notification URL and Application ID under Notification Information
  4. Logging – Admin can capture log information for review; collect performance metrics and identify performance issues as they occur

16. Categories – no change; Use the Categories tab to sort apps so they appear in logical groupings within SAP Mobile Place

17. Owners – no change; Use the Owner info tab to view the apps you created and therefore own, and to select co-owners for the app.

18. Platforms – Use the Platforms tab to build your app; if you made changes to any of the above settings, please click Save before continuing

  1. Click Action and select Build


19. Build Summary

NOTE: “debug-enabled” mode is only supported in trial and can only be tested with a physical device.  In order to use this feature, you will need Chrome installed as well as the Android SDK (I think).  Once your device is connected to your computer, open Chrome and select More Tools > Developer Tools (from Menu).  Then, from Console menu, select More tools > Inspect devices.  Now run the app on device to debug it.

  1. Turn off iOS (unless you are building for this platform then leave it on and select your profile)
  2. For Android – Select your Signing Profile from drop-down
  3. Click Build


19. Your New Signed app is available for consumption; no actions are required


20. As a developer, we’ve made it easy to test your app.  Simply login to SAP Mobile Place and go to Menu > My Profile > Fiori Mobile Apps

NOTE: Your SAP Mobile Place URL is available via HCP Cockpit > Services > Fiori Mobile > “Go to Mobile Place” or try https://<trial-p#trial> (only replace p# which is your trial id)


21. Click download button to immediately download app to your device (and start install process); else, you can view details of your app by clicking app icon (and download and install app from that page)


22. Once the app is installed, you can run the app (first time authentication will be required)

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to run the app on your mobile or virtual device, please fix destination path in your SAP Web IDE project’s /neo-app.json and /webapp/manifest.json file by appending “/sap” in front of “/northwind” in destination field.


Before “path”:”/Northwind”…

After: “path”: “/sap/Northwind”… (do not change casing of northwind)

MyApp/webapp/manifest.json: (open with code editor)

Before: “datasources”… “/Northwind/V*/northwind/northwind.svc/”,…

After: “datasources”… “/sap/Northwind/…”,… (do not change casing of northwind)


This concludes part 3 of this blog… On to part 4, adding push notification.

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  • I got an error when build the apps in android platform.

    how to correct the error message ?

    {"Status":"FAIL","ErrorDocument":[{"errorCode":1927,"statusCode":400,"message":"No Data OR No Application Container for this BuildPackageID","data":null}],"status":0,"message":"No Data OR No Application Container for this BuildPackageID","error":{"message":{"lang":"en-US","value":"An error occured, if this happens repeatedly please contact support."},"logtoken":"5764cb84d61c0"}}

    • Hi,

      Can you please provide specific steps to analyse this further.

      1. What kind of App scenario selected? Packed or custom Fiori Client?

      2. Do you see app listed in catalog on Applications-> manage Apps?

      3. Have you used any localized language while creating application?



  • I'm experiencing error opening Fiori Mobile Admin Console. Invalid account, username or password - Logon Again. It looks like SAML issue?


  • Thanks for fixing SAML issue, unfortunately, there is a few more to come -

    Tiles are not accessible (numbers are not rendered) - screenshot 1 and there is no + sign to add new profile under (Account tab > Signing Profile > Add New Profile).



    • information in first screen are correct. You have 2 users. You have not enrolled any device hence you see zero enrolled devices.

      For signing profile, i have tried with multiple accounts and could not reproduce this problem. what device/browser are you using?



    • Hi ,

      I to got the same error.Did u found any solution for this.

      Dhimant Patel please check below problem.Thanking You

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.42801] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Output] [:processReleaseJavaRes UP-TO-DATE] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.43581] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Output] [:packageRelease] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.44341] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Output] [:assembleRelease] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.45106] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Output] [:cdvBuildRelease] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.45886] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Output] [] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.46659] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Output] [BUILD SUCCESSFUL] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.47420] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Output] [] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.48188] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Output] [Total time: 1 mins 23.128 secs] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.48948] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Output] [Built the following apk(s):] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.49712] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Output] [ /*/*/*/*/*/platforms/android/build/outputs/apk/android-release-unsigned.apk] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.50477] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Return Value: 0] [] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.51248] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Finished Executing Command: cordova build] [] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.52045] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Cordova Build End] [] [Cordova=>build]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.52817] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Android Sign Application start] [] [CordovaAndriodBuildEntity=>signApplication]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.83083] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Extracting android Signing Information] [] [CordovaAndriodBuildEntity=>signApplication()]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.83864] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Decrypting Certificate Start] [] [Utility=>decryptCertificate]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.84644] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Decrypting Certificate End] [] [Utility=>decryptCertificate]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:16.85861] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Executing Command :jarsigner] [] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:17.32447] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Output] [jarsigner: you must enter key password] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:17.33318] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Command Return Value: 1] [] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:17.34103] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Finished Executing Command: jarsigner] [] [Utility=>execCommand]

      [2016-06-23 14:05:17.34939] [IT] [576be9c5e595a::p1940837875@trial-p1940837875trial] [Android Sign Application Fail] [] [CordovaAndriodBuildEntity=>signApplication]

      • Unless you are asking for clarification/correction of some part of the Document, please create a new Discussion marked as a Question.  The Comments section of a Blog (or Document) is not the right vehicle for asking questions as the results are not easily searchable.  Once your issue is solved, a Discussion with the solution (and marked with Correct Answer) makes the results visible to others experiencing a similar problem.  If a blog or document is related, put in a link.  Read the Getting Started documents (link at the top right) including the Rules of Engagement. 

        NOTE: Getting the link is easy enough for both the author and Blog.  Simply MouseOver the item, Right Click, and select Copy Shortcut.  Paste it into your Discussion.  You can also click on the url after pasting.  Click on the A to expand the options and select T (on the right) to Auto-Title the url.

        Thanks, Mike (Moderator)

        SAP Technology RIG

  • Followed all the instructions. But on step 19--> Android build continuously fails. I tried to build with the debug option ticked on step 19. Successfully build process completed. But when i launch the app in my mobile, error shown as

    "requestUri":"sap/fiori/product listing/sap/destinations/Northwind/V2/northwind/northwind.svc/$metadata?sap-documentation=heading","statusCode": 404"

    Seeking help..



    • In your Web IDE project, please use search function to search for "northwind.svc".  You'll see three files show up... /PROJECT/.project.json, /PROJECT/webapp/manifest.json, and /PROJECT/dist/manifest.json.  Open each file and ensure the uri matches your service (e.g. /sap/destinations/northwind/V2/northwind/northwind.svc)?  It's possible that service was not available but please ensure the path exists and give it a try.  Thanks.

  • Hi Dhimant Patel,

    Running step 19, could not build the app for Android.

    Build is getting failed due to key store password. I have checked and I have provided the correct password as mentioned in the steps.

    Here is the build log:

    [Android Sign Application start] [] [CordovaAndriodBuildEntity=>signApplication]

    [2016-06-29 13:18:58.10184] [IT] [5773c78ca9966::i071546@trial-i071546trial] [Extracting android Signing Information] [] [CordovaAndriodBuildEntity=>signApplication()]

    [2016-06-29 13:18:58.10960] [IT] [5773c78ca9966::i071546@trial-i071546trial] [Decrypting Certificate Start] [] [Utility=>decryptCertificate]

    [2016-06-29 13:18:58.11752] [IT] [5773c78ca9966::i071546@trial-i071546trial] [Decrypting Certificate End] [] [Utility=>decryptCertificate]

    [2016-06-29 13:18:58.12952] [IT] [5773c78ca9966::i071546@trial-i071546trial] [Executing Command :jarsigner] [] [Utility=>execCommand]

    [2016-06-29 13:18:58.53523] [IT] [5773c78ca9966::i071546@trial-i071546trial] [Command Output] [jarsigner: you must enter key password] [Utility=>execCommand]

    [2016-06-29 13:18:58.54387] [IT] [5773c78ca9966::i071546@trial-i071546trial] [Command Return Value: 1] [] [Utility=>execCommand]

    [2016-06-29 13:18:58.55179] [IT] [5773c78ca9966::i071546@trial-i071546trial] [Finished Executing Command: jarsigner] [] [Utility=>execCommand]

    [2016-06-29 13:18:58.56011] [IT] [5773c78ca9966::i071546@trial-i071546trial] [Android Sign Application Fail] [] [CordovaAndriodBuildEntity=>signApplication]

    Can you please help here?

    Thanks & regards,


  • /
    • Please note that that error is generic and is likely due to apps limit reached in trial account.  There is a limit of two Fiori Mobile apps in trial account.  Please remove existing HCPms and/or Fiori Mobile apps and try again.

  • I'm unable to log in after successful build in Step 22. (first time authentication will be required) - Registration Error - please check your connection data... 

  • hi,

    I have an interesting question.

    So it's ok when your create in WEB IDE a simple SAP fiori Master-Detail Application.


    When You have selected this application "sap fiori master-details application" the

    parameters in your Json file are :




    But when you create a other application type, I try create SAPUI5 Master Detail Kapsel Offline Application and the Url parameter is not same in the Json file.


    My question what is the url parameter for SAPUI5 Master Detail Kapsel Offline Application or Other application type ?




    • The SAPUI5 Master Detail Kapsel Offline App will be supported with Fiori Mobile in future... At the moment, you need to use template that has manifest.json/resource.json file.

  • So I can not deploy the Offline application ? or there exist other alternative ?

    Because I need to develop an offline app for 1000 users. How can manage my app with

    Hcp ?

    Thanks & Regard

    • Jaouad Essika, the current working model is a developer you create the application and publish the content back to either an on-premise Front End Server or to a Fiori cloud edition account.

      At that point, Fiori mobile service can transform that app that you just built into a hybrid application (using Kapsel) using the concept known as "packaging".  As part of the workflow you supply an advanced configuration file which specifies that the app you are packaging support offline.

      Underneath the covers (without you having to interact with it), we do use SAP HCP, mobile service for development and operations (formerly HCPms) to do runtime management and data synchronization.

      We do look to add more support to the developer experience, in webIDE, in the future.

          • Jaouad - I know this is a little bit late, but I wanted to make sure I posted that some of the steps in my original response are no longer necessary. ¬†You can build through Web IDE directly as outlined in my blog: ¬† ¬†We are looking to add a blog on how to build an offline enabled app with the Cloud Build Service soon. ¬†Stay tuned!

        • Hi Britt

          I have exactly the same issue. Everything works fine online, but this isn't possible with the Kapsel Offline Template.

          Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

          • @Adam, the cloud build service does not currently support the Kapsel Offline Template. ¬†See for the list of supported templates. ¬†The Kapsel templates are only supported with the local add-on. ¬†We are hoping to publish a blog soon about how to create offline applications using the standard templates. ¬†Stay tuned!

          • Marvellous!!!


            Thank you so much for getting back to me with the info.


            Really appreciate it and look forward to reading the blog.



  • Hi Patel,

    nice blog you have made.I have followed your steps and build my app successfully,.

    Now on HCP Cockpit > Services > Fiori Mobile > "Go to Mobile Place"  i accessed my app but the download/install button doesnt appear.Even if i click on it to see details ,still the download icon is not shown as below.I got an email that the build is successful and i can download.I downloaded on my pc the apk file which was 78778 KB in size and transferred it to my android phone version 5.1.But still it could not install. What could i have missed?



  • While running Step 19, the Android build failed. In the error logs we could see the error - [Android Sign Application Fail] [] [CordovaAndroidBuildEntity=>signApplication]

    The rectification to this is - In Step 2.b.b. the keypass and the storepass need to be same password. If both are not same, when I execute Step 19, the Android build fails. may I request to update the same in the blog. Thanks.

  • Hi Dhimant and Britt,

    Good stuff! However i am stuck at step 6. When i go to Manage Apps --> New Application --> Select Fiori Mobile ---> Press the Get Started button: nothing happens. Tried it on both Chrome / Safari, but no luck. Cancel button does work. Any idea on what might be the case?

    • Hi, the issue still exists (i.e. app does not run on mobile device)... I believe issue is with updated Web IDE template that breaks app on mobile devices.  We'll post an update once fixed.

      • Hi Dhimant, I'm running into many errors with fiori's app deployment to mobile devices by mobile secure. Is there any troubleshooting guide or an updated blog that help us with workarounds, due to the many bugs?

        Best regards,



        • Hi, I'm working on requested guide (hope to have it posted soon).  You can feel free to post encountered issues here.  Here are basic checks to keep in mind:  Trial account only support two (2) apps for mobile; Ensure you publish fiori app to HCP and subscribe the app (per instructions); Ensure your destination is alive; Make sure you have proper signing profiles created in Fiori Mobile Administrator.

      • Hi Dhimant, I've updated the app with the 22 step fix. When I tried to open the app on the device it asks me for login, then it shows me a launchpad with the application in it, the problem is when I try to open the tile inside the launchpad, it shows this error on safari's web inspector:

        Captura de pantalla 2016-09-07 a las 10.13.30 a.m..png

        Best regards,



        Captura de pantalla 2016-09-07 a las 10.13.30 a.m..png
          • Hi Britt, it's just that this has me going for days now, and I'm searching in all the possible ways to find a solution. I'll continue working with the support case and as soon as we've got a solution I'll post it in a blog for others who run into the same problem.

            Best regards,



          • I understand, and I apologize that you are having issues.  I think though the support team will be able to help you.  The colleagues that are monitoring this post are also involved in helping out with the support ticket.  We'll get it fixed!

    • When you go to HCP destinations, are you able to test connection for your destination? If you using Mobile Secure (i.e. Fiori Mobile) to create your ipa, you will not need to modify anything on HCPms (your app will display as read-only).  For iOS, do you have proper signing profile created in Mobile Secure?  The app will not run if it's not properly signed.  Also, did you subscribe app in HCP?

      • Dhimant, I'm able to ping successfully to my destination, as described in the question I've posted, when I deploy the app to HCP and then register it on Fiori Launchpad, the app runs well and reach the backend.

        I did suscribed the app in HCP, as described in this blog, also the certificates are correctly uploaded to mobile secure. If I don't put any call to backend on the app and deploy it to the device, it opens just well and runs. But if I add a call to backend and deploy it to the device, doesn't work anymore.

        Best regards.


        Juan Lopez

  • Hi Dhimant,

    I'm having problems installing/running the app on my iPhone. Every step went smooth except the last (22). I chose IOS at steps I had to choose from ios and android and did the necessary for the signing process. Build went smooth too. I get the icon on my iPhone's main screen but when tapped, it starts installing then fails after the white loading circle has finished, with the message 'Impossible de télécharger l'application - "ProductListing" n'a pu être installé pour l'instant' which roughly translate to 'Could not download the application - "ProductListing" could not be installed for now'

    Also worth mentionning, I did add the 'sap' in the northwind destination path in both manifest.json and neo-app.json

    Any idea what could prevent the app from downloading?

  • Hi Dhimant,

    I am trying to follow your blog. However i have trouble enabling the FLP in the Fiori Mobile in step 4.

    When i try to add it, it says i can't add a URL with HTTPS, only HTTP. If i try to use HTTP instead it ends up failing with the following message:

    Unable to create Fiori Server. Please contact your technical support team for assistance with error token: 57d0b76867080

    Any thoughts?

  • /
    • Hi Dhimant,

      I tried several times and finally I was able to build the apps!

      Now, i have successfully completed all 22nd steps. I have received a mail link to download the apps in my mobile.

      I have downloaded it and it is connecting to the Mobile Place Apps!!!

      Thanks & Regards,


  • Hi Dhimant,

    It is really a very helpful blog.

    Please keep writing the similar kind of blog for feature plug-ins deployment for the mobile apps.

    Thanks again for a such a wonderful blog!



  • Hi Dhimant,

    Once generated and deployed i can not seem to delete the generated app in SAP Mobile Secure nor Development and Operations (HCPms or what is it called today ūüėČ ). The context menu does not supply the given option as opposed to a manual app configuration. In Mobile Secure, the Delete button is grayed out. Any tips on how to do it?

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Dhimant/Britt,

    I am trying to add my Fiori app in this but under Applications > Manage Apps + New Application I am not getting the 'Get Started' button at all.

    This is the first app I am registering with HCPms and I have not crossed my two-app limit.

    I tried with Chrome and IE. For both the button is not appearing.

    Please help.


  • In step 8 "Select your Fiori Server (click Next)" I get this error message:

    Unable to retrieve Components from MobilePackager.
    If you require help in resolving the issue and would like to open a support ticket,
    report this case using error token: 5848339d2b7ce

    Any idea about it?
    Thx Helmut

  • As Nash noticed on June, I am facing same opening error Fiori Mobile Admin Console : "Invalid acount, username or password¬† ‚Äď Logon Again.

    SAML issue again?

  • Very nice blog!!

    When we use HCPms or Fiori Mobile to build the native/hybrid apps for the mobile devices, what all devices with their versions supported?

    For Apple devices, which iOS versions are supported for both HCPms & Fiori Mobile apps?
    For android devices, which android OS is supported? Also, will it be open to any android devices using that OS version or only specific vendors like Samsung devices are supported?

    Similarly, what about Windows mobile devices?


  • I also face this SAML problem:
    When I try in the "Fiori Mobile" service of my trial account the link "Go to Admin Console", I am redirected from first to a succesfull(!) SAML login and then unfortunatly to . All configuration and roles for Fiori mobile were done as documented.

    What can I do to succesfully get to the Fiori Mobile Admin Console?

      • If you go to you should be asked for an Account and Username. ¬†Your account should be trial-s0013822703trial

        Enter in your username or your email you used to sign up with this trial account

          • Wolfgang,

            Are you able to put in a support incident under the component MOB-FM?  I've looked at your trial server and it is provisioned and available, but I suggest someone in support should look through your setup and see what is causing this to fail as the user information does not appear to be making it to the provisioned account for some reason.

          • Hi all,

            SAP support finally solved my problem and I can login now!

            Everybody else who could not login in the past: you should give it a try now!

            A big "Thank you!" to all the SAP people who helped us here and provided a fix to this problem!





  • Hi Dhimant,

    I am following How to use SAP HCP, mobile service for SAP Fiori. All steps went fine till step #3. I am using my HANA Trial account for this. In step #4, I am not getting fiori server details. I should get default fiori server as but not getting the same in the list under Fiori Mobile. When I tried New connection, it is not taking https in the virtual host with URL. It is giving error when I tried with http as "Unable to create Fiori Server. If you require help in resolving the issue and would like to open a support ticket, report this case using error token: 5881ebd84ce16".

    Please help.

  • /
  • This worked great, but only for the Master Detail Template..... (online app).

    I tried this with the Kapsel Offline Application Template, and it displays the tile, which it shouldn't . It's also labelled with the namespace. and and it errors out without receiving any oData?

    The app works fine online.

    Any advice?

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem with my Fiori Mobile configuration as was mentioned before when using my Trial HANA Cloud Platform Developer Account. The default Fiori Server is missing (and cannot be entered manually).

    Please help.

  • Hi experts,

    In my ¬†case, the problem that I¬īm facing now is :

    The tab Signing Profile is not in my SAP Mobile -> Account

    Does anybody has an idea about this problem?



    • The Manage Signing Profile can be found under Applications. ¬†Make sure you have the correct roles assigned to your user through HCP. ¬†You will need to be an App Catalog Admin


  • Hello Guys,


    I am facing an issue after installing the app in the mobile. It's asking for a certificate 'pkcs#12 file'. Can I download it from google or does SAP provides that file?

    Please help me here.




  • Hello,


    I am facing one issue.

    I have successfully installed the application on android device & when i am trying to open the application a splash screen comes and then a white screen comes with

    Showing error:  Http Status -500 - An internal application error occurred. Request:2065975555 p1942415647trial:flpportal.

    I have followed all the required steps & still getting this error.

    Can you please help me in this?

    Thanks in advance,


    • If you go into your HCP account and in your Applications->Subscriptions, look for the subscription you created. ¬†Opening that subscription, is the Required Destination correctly mapped, it should show green if it is. ¬†If it is not then you need to either change it here, or in your project look at your App Descriptor File (neo-app.json) and see if the Destination is correct. ¬†In the file you should see as part of your routes


            "path": "/Northwind",
            "target": {
              "type": "destination",
              "name": "Northwind"
            "description": "Northwind oData Service"






  • Hi Dhimant,

    Thank you for the great blog.

    I have followed part 1,2 & 3 and built the app successfully. but in Part 3 I am not able navigate to Fiori mobile place.

    getting message like it is unavailable or moved permanently.

    Could you please let me know how I can proceed with next steps.