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  • Demo: SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment

What can I do at an SAP CodeJam event about SAP Gateway / New ABAP programming model and OData ?

This SAP CodeJam event presents you with an ABAP for SAP Gateway end-to-end scenario where you’ll get to see how different technologies integrate and work together while building your solution.

During this event you can try out different ways how to develop OData services either using the new ABAP programming model in SAP S/4HANA or using development approaches that already work in SAP Business Suite systems depending on the SAP NetWeaver release your backend system and SAP Gateway Hub / SAP Fiori frontend server is running on.

Finally you will generate a transactional SAP Fiori app in SAP Web IDE based on SAP Fiori elements to consume the service you have built beforehand.

Those that are interested to dive deeper into UI development have the option to extend the ge.nerated app with additional logic.

For a detailed overview about the OData development options have a look at my following blog:
OData service development options

For this and all other things you might want to try out we will provide a sandbox system with a fully activated SAP S/4 HANA 1709 appliance which is accesible via the internet.

You can create an instance of such a fully activated 1709 appliance yourself or even download it as described in the following blog of my colleague Joerg Wolf.

It is also possible to use your own SAP AS ABAP 751 SP02 Developer Edition which is available as a download. For more details see the blog SAP AS ABAP 751 SP02 Developer Edition to Download.

As a jump start we will provide scripts that describe both recommended development options in detail:

  1. the new ABAP programming model using CDS views and BOPF objects
  2. the referenced data source approach using CDS views and classic APIs

To get a first impression you can check out the following blogs that I published about these topics in SCN.




Referenced data source appproach:
CDS view based development as of SAP NetWeaver 750

Customers that have developed CDS Views can either use the Service Builder using Referenced Data Source approach to add for example ABAP code to perform updates via classic API’s such as BAPI’s

OData service development with SAP Gateway using CDS via Referenced Data Sources

OData service development with SAP Gateway using CDS via Referenced Data Sources – How to implement updates


Mapped data source approache:
CDS view based development as of SAP NetWeaver 740

If you are using SAP NetWeaver 740 you can leverage CDS views as a datasource for OData services if you are using service implementation using CDS views as mapped datasources.

In contrast to using Referenced Data Sources the main restriction is that annotations are not supported out of the box. You would have to implement them via code based implementation instead.

CDS view based development with SAP S/4 HANA

If you are using SAP S/4 HANA then CDS views are the recommended programming model.

Based on the SAP Online Help I created the following click thru guide

that will allow several participants to perform the sample code in one system.

The read only case is described in the SAP Online Help as well:

Developing List Reporting Apps with Search and Analytical Capabilities


Demo: SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment

In the upcoming SAP CodeJam Event in Helsinki I will give a first demo how a transactional service can be developed in the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment.

For more Information about the SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment see the following blog  SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment from Harald Kuck.

What do I have to prepare in advance?


*Remember this is a “bring your own laptop” event**

You have to bring your own laptop with you. On this you have to have installed SAPGUI and the ABAP Development tools for SAP NetWeaver (aka ABAP in Eclipse) to work with the SAP Gateway design time, the SAP Gateway Service Builder. In addition you need a browser to access the SAP Web IDE.



In order to connect to the Gateway System and to develop your own services you have to have SAPGUI installed on your desktop. Mac users have to install the Java Gui.


Get access to SAP Web IDE

In order to generate a SAP UI5 application that can consume the OData service that you are going to build we will use SAP Web IDE.

There is no need to install anything on your laptop since SAP Web IDE runs in the SAP HANA Cloud platform.

The only thing that you have to do is to register for a free HCP developer account using your SCN credentials.

This you can do here: SAP HANA Cloud Cockpit

You can create a textfile to import the destination of the ABAP demo system. The content of this file is shown in the following box: You only have to replace the IP-Address x.x.x.x that we will share with you when you attend the event.

#Thu Jan 18 12:30:01 UTC 2018
Description=A4H - CodeJam
WebIDEUsage=odata_abap, bsp_execute_abap, odata_gen


Get the ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse

Install the latest version of the ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver. This tool is needed if you want to create your own CDS view but it is also a very convenient tool for development using ABAP. In the following blog I have described how the SAPGUI based SAP Gateway development tool the Service Builder can be used together with ABAP in Eclipse Using SEGW and ABAP in Eclipse .

Will be provided by us: SAP Gateway System

We will provide a SAP S/4 HANA Sandbox system for the time of the event. This will however be dismantled afterwards. So if you want to work in a system that is available after the event we recommend that you download the latest SAP AS ABAP Developer Edition. For more details see the blog SAP AS ABAP 751 SP02 Developer Edition to Download.

If you just want to play around with OData services you can register for the SAP Gateway demo system ES5 here. This system however does NOT offer you the option to develop your own code.


Upcoming and past events

To get an impression about what you can expect from a SAP CodeJam event about SAP Gateway see the links to some of the past events below.


Upcoming events:

  • tbd

Past events (selection):


I want to host a SAP CodeJam event about SAP Gateway and OData myself.
What do I have to do?


If you are interested to host such an event yourself 🙂 you can find out more here: SAP CodeJam

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