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SAP Effective Interest Rate vs Ms Excel IRR XIRR



SAP Effective Interest Rate is MS Excel XIRR function according to SAP Note 839381 . This document is how you can validate these two functions.


In the Excel attached (no macros) there is a calculation process in SAP , XIRR and IRR .


Some points to keep in mind.


  • You can convert from XIRR to IRR only if you calculate if your base is days (interest days) not years (periods)
  • XIRR calculates on act/365
  • IRR calculates on act/360
  • You can iterate values in Excel with Data -> Whatif Analysis -> Goal Seek . This is used to get IRR for NPV = 0
  • Use SAP function EFFEKTIVZINS_BERECHNEN to calculate XIRR in SAP, only cashflow is needed.
  • Look at formulas in Excel. Look for comments in cells.


This document does not support Excel files, so I uploaded it in xml files and attached images for SAP function


SAP Function – Days Sheet


01-06-2016 09-18-12 a.m..png


01-06-2016 09-18-35 a.m..png

Effective Interest Rate

01-06-2016 09-19-00 a.m..png


SAP Function – Year Sheet


01-06-2016 09-22-09 a.m..png


01-06-2016 09-22-28 a.m..png


Effective Interest Rate

01-06-2016 09-23-07 a.m..png


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