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How to add custom field to Standard Query as Parameter


In this document i would show how to add KUT extension query parameter to standard query.

To demonstrate, i have taken Opportunity OWL as example.

Here i would add KUT extension field named “CustomParameter1”,
Part1: add this field to the Advanced search pane of the standard Opportunity OWL,
Part2: how to populate the KUT field,

Part3: how to populate the KUT field via SDK.

Part1: Adding KUT extension field to Opportunity OWL Advanced search

1)  Opportunity OWL with only standard query parameters shows the following data:


Select Advanced Search in the OWL (this is important),

select menu Adapt -> Enter Adaptation Mode

select manu Adapt -> Edit screen

select Extension Fields section -> select General -> select Add button:


Here i have added KUT field named “CustomParameter1” which is of type Indicator and with default value as true.

3) For the KUT field added , set Visible to true and select “Further Usage” link:

4) Select “Services” tab , select “Add Field” button to add KUT field to the following service:

Now you should be able to see the KUT field “CustomParameter1 in the OWL Advanced search as query parameter:

Select the query parameter, you will not see any data because the value for this field is empty in all opportunities:


Part2: How to populate data into the KUT field:

1) Add the KUT field to the Opportunity OIF screen by following the steps:
Navigateto Opportunity OIF screen,

go to Adaptation mode,
select Extension Fields section,

select Untitled Table,
select the KUT field “CustomParameter1”,

select the Visible checkbox to true.


Now, the KUT field would be available in the Opportunity OIF List to enter value into the KUT field:

Let’s create Opportunity with Description “Test” and set KUT field “CustomParameter1” to true.

2) Now go to the Opportunity OWL

and select the KUT field,

it would display the saved opportunity data in the above step:



Part3: Alternatively we could also populate value for the KUT field via SDK

1) For this create Custom Object Reference and include the KUT field:


2) Create XBO on Opportunity:


3) Add event Item->BeforeSave and assign the KUT field:

Part2 and Part3 would save data into the KUT field only for the opportunities created after adding the KUT field,

If you want to update the KUT field for the existing opportunities, then you could create MDRO.

How to create MDRO:

Other related links:

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Thanks, Pradeep.     

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      Author's profile photo Resmi V
      Resmi V

      Hi Pradeep,

      I have added KUT field 'originalordernumber' from Sales order BO as attached.

      In the event  Before-Save of salesorder extension , I need to get the value entered in originalordernumber field. But its showing empty always.I need to do validation based on this value.

      How can I access the value in KUT field.

      Thanks in advance