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Git Basics in SAP Web IDE

We’ve created a new video that show the basics for beginners on setting up Git for your projects, using some of the latest features. You can now easily create a local Git repository for your projects without deploying to SAP HANA Cloud Platform, and you can connect that local repository to any remote repository.

The video shows a simple scenario for getting started, as well as showing how 2 developers might work together.

In the future, I hope to create Git videos for additional scenarios, like cherry-picking and merging.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this video, and if its clear how to connect to any remote Git repository, not just in SAP HANA Cloud Platform, or how to use the Git pane, or anything else you can think of.

P.S.: Also check out some of the great Git blogs created by Lidor Tal in the last year, like How to Use the SAP Web IDE Git Client or Working with Multiple Branches with the Git Client.

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  • What happens if you need to create a new project using the templates? In that case, you would presumably not start by first creating a new html5 app in the app repository, right? You would instead start by creating a local app in your workspace using the Template. I guess this is how most of us would prefer to work?

  • I understand that it's not totally relevant, but I can't seem to get help in other places. I have an issue with Web IDE & Git integration in SAP HANA Express 2.0 (not HCP), but maybe you can help me.

    I'm following OpenSAP developer course and when in Web IDE, I go to File > Git > Clone repository and input

    I get an error:

    Clone request failed cannot open git-upload-pack
    I uploaded the github certificate to the XS Administration and I don't which direction to go now.
    Also, my entire Git Pane seems to be greyed out. I guess some configuration is missing, but what?
    Any help in sorting it would be appreciated
  • Hi,

    if it is possible to expose SAP HCP git repositories and files details  to another application ? we have any API available to do it ?