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Regarding Delphi 10.1 support for ADS

Currently, there are no plans for Delphi 10.1 support, but I will log an enhancement request for Engineering.

Please let me via a short answer of this posting know, which customers/companies have interest for the Delphi 10.1 support in the near future, so we can give the correct priority for this request.

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  • This has been a long time problem.  Advantage has always been many months behind supporting new versions of Delphi.  Announcing that you have no current plan for support is quite concerning for our current/future development plan.

  • Maybe it's just me, but it really seems that it's past time for SAP to finally do the right thing, and admit to all ADS developers that we need to look for a new DBMS, and sooner than later. As much as I've waited and hoped for SAP to pick up the ball and run with it, it now seems quite evident that ADS has been in the throws of death for a very long time, and SAP has no real plans to revive it. Anyone can look back on the historical record of Delphi and ADS releases, and what once seemed to be merely a worrisome trend, has now become established reality. Those of us who rely so heavily on the product must represent such a miniscule number that SAP just can't (or won't) try to make an economic case for further support.

    I for one would be extremely pleased if SAP merely ended enhancement development in favor of providing nothing more than the current core functionality and, perhaps, major bug fixes, in future releases that simply allowed the product to work with each new version of Delphi/CB. I would gladly continue to pay a reasonable subscription fee for nothing more than that. It's hard to believe that SAP couldn't find a way to make even that a positive economic scenario.

    Barring that, I can only hope that SAP will, at the very least, make a decision one way or the other, publish it, and then stick to it. Just like SAP, we little guys also need to be able to make plans for our future. I don't feel that we deserve to be strung out indefinitely for the sake of SAP being able to eek out every last dime from the ADS revenue stream right up to the moment of officially killing it.

    Anyone up for trying to find a ADS savior? How about it SAP? Sell or open source it? Please just do something, anything, once and for all.

    Just my opinion...

    • Well put, Howard.

      I personally would love to see the code put out as OpenSource, or even Embarcadero taking this over. The BDE (a.k.a. Paradox) is long dead in my book and ADS is the perfect replacement.

      • Yes, I agree. I simply cannot understand why SAP seems averse to making any kind of official statement to ADS developers concerning their intentions for future ADS development other than publish a "road map" that already is contradicted by the Hakan Haslaman post above that clearly states "Currently, there are no plans for Delphi 10.1 support." Why? The last time I checked, the road map indicated that ADS will be supported on all future versions of Delphi. I guess a x.1 release doesn't qualify as a "future" version. SAP HANA customers would absolutely not put up with this kind of side-stepping and double-talk. Now, just this morning, I receive notice of my upcoming ADS maintenance agreement being due. Seriously?? Yes, I'm thoroughly annoyed, and they'll like treat all of these posts as one would a mosquito - just swat it and ignore it.

  • Thanks to all who have voiced their feedback.  I want to re-iterate that SAP will continue to provide SPs for the in-market ADS products (currently v11, v12).  As has always been the case, our top priority for SPs will be to address any critical defects (bugs) / security issues that are impacting one or more customers.  After that, the priority will be on less critical defects and any enhancement requests that show significant customer demand – such as some of the newer client or OS support.  That's why you will see occasional posts (such as this 10.1 Delphi post by Hakan).  It's one of the ways we can solicit customer feedback and gauge demand for a particular new client / OS.  We will take this feedback into consideration when planning future SPs with Engineering.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please let us know via this forum.  If you prefer to take it offline, you can email me directly at the following address:


    Mike Paola

    SAP Product Management

    • Mike,

      what about publishing the components on github? I know that the SQL utility can't be published in sourcecode because of the commercial components being used, but the component sources are already shipped.

      Having it on github, the community could take care of maintaining the sources ... and if there's  a new feature in a new version, SAP could still post a new version (e.g. separating the github repo to ADS10, ADS10.1, ADS11, ADS11.1, ADS12 ...).

      Additionally a test suite would be beneficial so we could test all required steps before uploading a new version of the source.

  • Now Embarcadero has DELPHI 10.2 Tokyo as actual Version.

    So we don´t need sipport für 10.2 but urgent for this new Version RAD Studio 10.2.

    It was not possible to use the Advantage Delphi Components Version in Tokyo.

    We will use the Advantage Database Server also again in future, but we will Change to Delphi 10.2 Tokyo.



  • As previously mentioned - It really does feel as if SAP have given up on ADS. It's a great shame they either don't seem to realise what a great product they have, or perhaps other commercial arguments ensure it stays left in the draw. Either way a bit of honesty from SAP would be nice. There is a band of long term users (and it may well be it's too small a community for the likes of SAP) who have been badly let down.