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My Inbox – Open Task – SWFVISU configuration

Please feel free to update this document and share your example for SWFVISU configuration.

Note: Some of workflow scenarios are not supported in My Inbox.
2378748 – Workflows with Approval steps with Exceptions as outcome are not supported in My Inbox



As you know there is the button “Open Task” in My Inbox if you use desktop PC or laptop PC.


It opens another window to execute the task.

If there is no configuration in the SWFVISU table, SAPGUI for HTML windows is opened in a separate tab.


The URL is generated in the ERP backend.

http ://<host>.<domain>:<port>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui/?~transaction=SWNWIEX&P_WI_ID=000001122380&P_APPL=NOTIF&P_ACTION=EXECUTE&~OKCODE=ONLI&sap-ui-theme=sap_bluecrystal&sap-client=800&sap-language=EN


Please note that the “Open Task” button is not available in mobile and tablet devices because SAPGUI for HTML or WebDynpro application which is opened does not fit in mobile and tablet screen size.


By controlling URL generation with SWFVISU configuration, you can open existing application via http. It helps for reducing app development workload if you use many different type of workflow scenarios. You can use existing application for transition period until you develop custom Fiori app for a dedicated object.


SWFVISU configuration has been used for long time in the Portal UWL and SAP Business Client(NWBC). For example, when you execute a workitem in the Portal UWL, WebDynpro screen comes up for executing an action.


The URL generation logic is in the class “CL_SWF_UTL_URL_GENERATE


SWFVISU configuration:


If your support package of SAP_BASIS is old, check following notes.


BASIS Notes:

1966197 – UI execution link should reflect SWFVISU customizing

2009417 – Service class for generation of URLs

2069222 – No test environment available for generation of URLs

2082481 – Data element /IWWRK/RT_GUI_LINK_URL too

2185694 – Usability of transaction SWFVISU

2188428 – Optimization of SAP GUI for HTML URL generation

2200084 – Metadata for transactions SWFVISU and SWFVMD1

2230476 – Configuration of visualization type ‘NONE’ for objects

2286526 – Runtime error DBSQL_DUPLICATE_KEY_ERROR in class CL_SWF_UTL_UPDATE_00007

2288427 – No component name in URL for “Generic Application”


Let’s look at the transaction SWFVISU in ERP.


There is a configuration Task IDVisualization Type.

This table shows list of Visualization Type and flag for supported by My Inbox.


Visualization Type My Inbox
BSP BluePrint
BSP Standard X 2218632 – URL for BSP standard contains //
Java WebDynpro
ABAP WebDynpro X 2187457 – Parameter “sap-wd-configId” is not set for ABAP Web Dynpro URL
iView Used in Portal UWL
Portal Component Used in Portal UWL
Portal Page Used in Portal UWL
Object-Based Navigation Used in Portal UWL
Object Not Represented X Does not display open task action
UI5 based on BSP X 2056158 – URL generation for UI5 applications (BSP)
My Inbox Generic Application X 2178368 – URL generation for any application (My Inbox)
Intent-Based Navigation X 2274940 – URL generation for intent-based navigation




A challenge is that you need to know the parameters to pass a dynamic value. Please share your examples, when you have implemented.


Dynamic value:


Expression Description Example
{SYSTEM} Name of the back-end system (SY-SYSID) PRD
{CLIENT} Client (SY-MANDT) 005
{TASK} Work item task TS00008267
{WORKITEM} Work item ID 000006498715
{OBJKEY} Object key (_WI_OBJECT_ID.INSTID) 4711
{&EXPRESSION&} Any expression on the work item container {&_WI_OBJECT_ID.AMOUNT&}


You can find parameter name in the table SWFVVTP.

Please also look at Work Item Visualization in the Universal Worklist (UWL) – SAP Business Workflow: Reference Documentation – SAP Library.


Task: TS########: Does anyone have an example?

Type Parameter Mandatory Example
BSP Standard PAGE_ID


Task: TS21500003: Approval Process (WebDynpro ABAP)

Type Parameter Mandatory Example


Task: TS########: Does anyone have an example?

Type Parameter Mandatory Example
UI5 based on BSP PAGE_ID


Task: TS########: Purchase Order approval

Type Parameter Mandatory Example
Generic Application SCHEME X sapui5
Generic Application APPLICATION_PATH X /sap/opu/odata/sap
Generic Application COMPONENT_NAME X cross.fnd.fiori.inbox.annotationBasedTaskUI
Generic Application QUERY_PARAM00 data=/sap/opu/odata/sap/CB_PURCHASE_ORDER_SRV;o=sid({SYSTEM}.{CLIENT})/PurchaseOrders(PurchaseOrder='{OBJKEY})’
Generic Application QUERY_PARAM01 annotations=/sap/bc/bsp/sap/bscnbon_anf_mm/bscbn_purchaseorder_anno.xml
Generic Application QUERY_PARAM## Max number of parameter is 09


Visualization Parameter for My Inbox to Approve Leave Requests


Task: TS########: Supplier Invoice

Type Parameter Mandatory Example
Intent-Based SEMANTIC_OBJECT X SupplierInvoice
Intent-Based ACTION X displayAdvanced
Intent-Based QUERY_PARAM00 SupplierInvoice={&_WI_OBJECT_ID.####&}
Intent-Based QUERY_PARAM01 FiscalYear={&_WI_OBJECT_ID.####&}
Intent-Based QUERY_PARAM## Max number of parameter is 09


openMode parameter:


Intent-Based Navigation seems a good option if you develop a custom Fiori app. You can set openMode parameter value (external, replaceDetails, embedIntoDetails) in the target mapping definition.

Please look at end of SAP Fiori 2.0 for Request Approvals.


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  • Dear Masa,

    I am trying to configure a custom SAPUI5 app which will open in other tab when user will click on open task button from MyInbox application.

    (on backend) In SWFVISU for Visulization Type : BSP STANDARD

    I have added a parameter APP_PATH : /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/zmyapp/index.html

    When I click on open task : A new tab is opened with URL ->:

    [backend host_name_full]/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/zmyapp/index.html  (which shows error because zmyapp is not present there)

    But what I want is ->:

    [Gateway host_name_full]/sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/zmyapp/index.html

    How can I achieve it? or Is there any other visulization type for SAPUI5 apps?

    Please help.

  • Dear Masa,

    We have the few custom workflows included in My Inbox App. Now, we need to open the custom workflow on click of Open Task button. For that we configured the task visualization as UI5 based BSP and maintained the SAP UI 5 Application name. Now on click of the Open Task button the new URL points towards the backend system where we have configured the Task Visualization but the application resides in the front end gateway server. So we am getting a BSP dump that the application name is invalid. What should we do?

  • Hi Masa,

    First thanks for the document.

    I have read your comment on "Please note that the “Open Task” button is not available in mobile and tablet devices because SAPGUI for HTML or WebDynpro application which is opened does not fit in mobile and tablet screen size".

    Do you think that this will be something possible in the future for UI5 application (UI5_BSP, INBOX_GEN,INTENT)  ?


    I have tried to play as well with the object visualisation, but I am not sure that it taken into consideration in MyInbox, do you confirm that ?


    Best regards




    • Activating/Deactivating "Open Task" in My Inbox can be controlled. But there is no way that My Inbox controls calling apps. The app itself needs to support different screen size.

  • Hi Masayuki Sekihara


    Thanks for taking the time to answer me and for the information, now I just need to find where I can Activate for this workitem the open task .... I agree that the app itself it totally independant that is why I would like to control the open tash for specific workflow task.

    Do you know some place where I can find a documentation about it ?


    And for the object visualization do you know if there is a way to make it work ? (for the moment it always goes to the Business client and displays the web gui transaction I would prefer to redirect it to the display in a corresponding fiori application)


    Best regards



  • Hi Masa,

    Thanks for the sharing the info. We have 2 requirements for SWFVISU Config :

    1. We have configured a custom workflow in sap My inbox succesfully . Now we need to open SAP GUI Transaction FB03 from open task . Could you please share the SWFVISU config for passing the query parameters like : BELNR,GJAHR,BUKRS. which is also the same names from WF container . I have tried INBOX_GEN vtype but unable to pass the dynamic value .
    2. Another Custom Workflow , I want to open a custom sap UI5 app from open task. Which i am able to achieve through open mode config set to external through FLP designer, but cannot open the standalone app then & also wants to open in display mode.
  • Hi Masa,

    Posted :

    Kindly advise on the solution .



    Mohit Wadhwa

  • Dear Masayuki,

    I am trying to setup My Inbox for bank accounts and the button "Open Task" is missing completely. I am on a desktop. Any idea why?

    Thanks and regards,

    Ondrej ZATOPEK

  • Hi Masa,


    I am also having the same requirement, however as you mentioned above url is not useful.

    Could you please guide me how to navigate custom fiori app from my inbox open task event.




  • Dear Masayuki,


    I followed this document which helped me a alot.

    I have implemented Intent Based Navigation as per SAP Note 2274940 - URL generation for intentbased navigation. and 2178368 – URL generation for any application (My Inbox).

    As per note 2274940 , SAP has said they have not included work item context for a time being. Thus, we cannot use work item expressions to pass container values using intent based navigation.

    Is there any way, how to pass work item expression values in visualization parameter.? As per your document, {&_WI_OBJECT_ID.####&} doesn't pass values.

    Can you help me in this.?

  • Hi Masa,


    could you please advise how to set the SWFVISU configuration to open SAP GUI Transaction (e.g. ME53) in WEBGUI via "open task" in my inbox ?



    Fanuel Abednego