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Generation of Generic Entity DDIC Structures

Context: SAP for Insurance -> FS-PM -> Master Policy -> Generic Entity

In master policy, nodes like creditor, beneficiary, commissioner, broker etc., have been implemented by generic entity.

Any additional entities can be modelled by the customer as generic entity. The advantage is that quite a lot of coding (reading, persisting to DB etc.) are handled by the generic entity framework.

When a customer wants to create a new generic entity, one has to enhance the DB, relevant channel structure, field modifier structure, ranges structure etc.

So, one has to know the right structures to enhance these.

To simplify this process, one could have a wizard or a tool that enhances generic entity structures, something like EEWB of Insurable Object.

The advantage here is that one need not know the relevant structures to enhance.

This tool could be implemented in the following manner:

The user can have the option of creating new generic entity structure with persistence and/or transient fields.

  • The red ones indicate user input
  • Based on the user input, the program would create append structure at the relevant structures
  • This would enhance, Channel Structure, DB, Field modifier and range structure
  • This would not enhance UI screen, PBT (even EEWB does not do that)

Persistence Fields (Channel Structure, DB Table, Field modifiers and Range Structure):

  1. Create a structure for new generic entity say, zstr (fieldname, data type)
  2. Create Append Structure zstr_app with INCLUDE zstr for structure /PMG/GE_GEN_ABAGGEN_S with an alias ap1
  3. Create Append Structure zstr_f (fieldname, /PM0/3FJ_FIELDMODIFIER) for /PMG/ABFGGEN
  4. Create Append Structure zstr_r (fieldname, /PM0/ABR_RANGES_T) for /PMG/GE_GEN_ABG_RANGE_S

Transient Fields (Channel Model Only, Field modifiers and Range Structure):

  1. Create Append Structure zstr_trans for structure /PMG/ABTGGEN_CI (with an alias again)
  2. Create Append Structure zstr_trans_f (fieldname, /PM0/3FJ_FIELDMODIFIER) for /PMG/ABFGGEN
  3. Create Append Structure zstr_trans_r (fieldname, /PM0/ABR_RANGES_T) for /PMG/GE_GEN_ABG_RANGE_S

To create structures, includes, append structure one could look at the attached code snippet as an example.

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