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Author's profile photo Thorsten Geier

E2E connectivity test from ERP to C4C via HCI

There are many documents and posts on how to setup up and configurate the communication between ERP and SAP Cloud for Customers using HANA Cloud Integration, but there is a lack of ducumentation on how to test it.

For a connection test from C4C to ERP have a look at:

E2E connectivity test from C4C to ERP via HCI and Webdispatcher

E2E communication test from ERP to C4C via HCI

How does it work?

Report ‘RCOD_CHECK_E2E_CONNECTIVITY’ connects to HCI and calls ‘Check connectivity from SAP Business Suite’ which tests the connection to C4C.

Transaction: SE38


URL: /cxf/ERP/COD/SimpleConnect

Computer name:  HCI backend Host


Test message was sent to HCI and from there to the C4C system.

Check message on HCI Monitor view:

Select message

Log file

Status completed.

If the message transfer failes the log can provide valuable information for troubleshooting.


No message log entry at HCI monitor:

– check report log on ERP

– check report destination Host and URL

– check network connection to HCI

– check requirements for SSL connection between ERP and HCI

Failed message log entry at HCI monitor:

– check C4C availability

– check ‘Check connectivity from SAP Business Suite’ Artifact configuration on HCI

– check communication system settings on C4C system

– check communication arrangement for for ‘Connectivity check with SAP Business Suite’ on C4C system

– check requirements for SSL connection between HCI and C4C

Requirements on ERP side:

SSL Client certificate has to be singned by a CA.


Logical system / port creation

Business System creation

Configuration requirements on HCI:

‘Check connectiviy from SAP Business Suite’ Artifact has to be configured and deployed on HCI.

The certificate in the configuration screnshot is the exported certificate from ERP SSL Client PSE which needs to be signed by a CA.

Root CA (& intermediate CA) certifcate which is also needed have to be added to the HCI truststore. This can be done by opening a SAP ticket at LOD-HCI.

Requirements on C4C side:

– creation of a communication system (=ERP)

– HCI CA certificates have to be added to C4C truststore

– communication arrangement for for ‘Connectivity check with SAP Business Suite’ needs to be configured and active

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      Author's profile photo Tim Chang
      Tim Chang

      Thanks for writing it from both perspectives !

      Again, can you write a PI version of this ?  Or can we assume there's a PI equivalent of the Check Connection from Business Suite artifact ?

      Author's profile photo Thorsten Geier
      Thorsten Geier
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Tim,

      we don't use a PI currently so i can't say for sure if you can test it in the same way.

      As the PI is under your control the connection from ERP to PI should be no big problem. After setting up a communication channel (interfaces and sender & receiver agreements,...) in the PI you could use the PI monitor/log tools to identify any connection issues towards C4C.              

      The connection from C4C to PI can be tested from C4C side.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Thorsten,

      thank your for that good overview.

      I have a question to the logical port definition. At the moment we are integrating an ECC EHP4 SP14 system with web Dispatcher and HCI.

      The SOA Manager in that EHP4 looks very different regarding the menu and functionalities as it is available in an ECC EHP6/7.

      As we create that logical port in EHP4 for the consumer proxy CO_CODERINT_CONNECTIVITY_CHECK it isn't available for the report RCOD_CHECK_E2E_CONNECTIVITY. If we enter the information manually and generate the port. We get the exception "no metadata for feature "".

      As it seems the whole integration process works very different in the EHP4 than in the EHP7.

      Do you have any experiences or recommendations for that scenario?

      Just an remark, we made several succesful integrations with ECC EHP6 or EHP7 Systems and there weren't any failure like that.

      Thanks and best regards,


      Author's profile photo Thorsten Geier
      Thorsten Geier
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Stephan,

      do you have more than one logical port entries for CO_CODERINT_CONNECTIVITY_CHECK in SOAMANAGER?

      I would suggest to delete them all and then create a new logical port and set it as standard for CO_CODERINT_CONNECTIVITY_CHECK.

      That port should then be used automatically by the connection test report.

      This document could help you to recreate the port:

      Creating a default port in SOA Management for a Consumer Proxy

      I hope this will help for your EHP4 / CODERINT combination also.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Thorsten,

      thank you for your answer.

      I tried these steps several times, without success.

      In the meantime we got an answer from the SAP Development regarding this problem. I would like to share this information with you:

      So the report for the connectivity check includes a method which is available from Version SAP_BASIS 701 SP16. If the release is older the report won't run and this has also an impact on the soa manager configuration settings for consumer proxies.

      But this connectivity check report is only a goody for newer releases and isn't mandatory for the integration.  So the integration works with EHP 4 too but take care of the prerequisites which are mentioned in the ERP integration guide.

      If there are any requests regarding this topic, just send me a note.

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Kai Or
      Kai Or

      Hello Thorsten,

      I'm trying to build an integration between C4C-HCI-ECC and have some issues with the connectivity check.

      At the moment , from ERP Side I get following errors :

      Connection to Middleware system failed

      Error Receiving Response

      Connection failure reason cloud not be identified.

      when I tested the connection to ERP from C4C , it went fine and without any errors .

      When I test connectivity to the ERP Webdispatcher link , with Client Certificate authentication ,it is successful .

      Any idea where my configuration fails ?


      Thanks for helping out!




      Author's profile photo Kiran Kale
      Kiran Kale

      hello thorster , i checked the connectivity but i got thisĀ  can you please help .

      Author's profile photo Dmytro Sandulov
      Dmytro Sandulov

      Hello Thorsten, hello Kiran, I have the same error as You Kiran. Is it possible to get Help from you?