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Author's profile photo Divya Sunil Kamath

Withdrawal of Support for Scanner Devices

SAP Business ByDesign will be withdrawing support for scanner devices starting from May 2016. Below is the guideline for the usage of scanner devices for SAP Business ByDesign.

  • With the May 2016 release, the support for rugged devices is deprecated. This means that SAP will not offer further enhancements for this functionality.
  • With the May 2016 release, only minimum support will be offered for existing customers using this functionality. No support will be available for new customers.
  • With the August 2016 release, Windows Mobile: Mob Warehouses software installation package available in the download center in service marketplace will be withdrawn.



If you want to continue to use this functionality, please contact your implementation partner. For more information, see case document 2209472- Scanner Strategy in Business ByDesign.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      What are the alternative solutions for mobile handhelds?

      Author's profile photo Divya Sunil Kamath
      Divya Sunil Kamath
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Brijesh,

      Apologies for the delay in response.

      The alternative solution is detailed out in the case doucment 2209472.

      Author's profile photo Christian Baetz
      Christian Baetz

      Will the the existing scoping Business Topics also be deleted as a consequence?

      If not, what is SAP's ByD strategy then for using mobile devices/ Scanner in logistics processes?

      BTW: The link "Scanner Strategy in Business  ByDesign" in your post does not work.

      Author's profile photo Divya Sunil Kamath
      Divya Sunil Kamath
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Christian,

      Aplologies for the delay in response.

      Due to some techincal reasons, the links couldnt be accessed.
      May I request you to go through the case doucment 2209472 for details on the support for scanner strategy.

      The business scoping will be available till 1608. We are considering phasing it out during 1611.

      Author's profile photo Alexander Sinel
      Alexander Sinel

      Link does not work. Kindly provide with fresher link, thanks.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I believe the below is the strategy I found in BYD:

      This document elaborates SAP strategy which is in place to provide you with a more holistic usage and flexibility for Scanners/Rugged Devices.


      In order to provide you with a more holistic usage and flexibility for scanners/rugged devices, aPartner based strategy strictly recommended by SAP. There are various out-of-the-box web-services already provided which could be used by your implementation partners to provide mobile or scanner interfaces as per your business needs. These web-services can be accessed by following tbe below mentioned steps.

      1. Go to Application and User Management work center.
      2. Navigate to Input and Output Management view and choose the Service Eplorer sub-view.

      Below are the names of a few webservices which could be used for your enhancements.

      • Query Site Logistics Tasks:  To support query on task types such as Inbound - Unload, Put-away, Outbound - Pick, Load & Internal - Replenishment, Removal.
      • Manage Site Logistics Tasks:  To support  Inbound - Unload, Put-away, Outbound - Pick, Load& Internal - Replenishment, Removal confirmations.
      • Query Production Lots: To support query on production lot based on following parameters:Production Lot ID, Production Request ID, Production Order ID, Output Product ID, Site ID, Lifecycle Status.
      • Manage Production Lots: To support confirmation of production tasks such as Make andSupply.
      • Create Goods and Activity Confirmations for Goods Movements: To support ad-hoc Goods Movement within a site.
      • Create Goods and Activity Confirmations: To provide the ability to scrap the inventory items from the specified logistics area within a site via a webservice.
      • Manage Logistics Layout Execution: To support creation of new Replenishment and Removaltasks.

      Please note that the scanner functionality in Business ByDesign currently offers a limited enablement scope, mentioned as follows:

      1. Support for a very limited set of scanner devices which are mentioned below.
        • Microsoft® Windows® Mobile 6.1
          • Intermec® CK3 and CN3.
          • Motorola® MC9090, MC55 and MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant.
        • Microsoft® Windows® Mobile 6.5
          • Motorola®MC9190G.
      2. The existing capabilities for warehouse and production confirmation activities are very basic in nature.
      3. Advanced capabilities providing greater scanning flexibility such as support for Product Count, support for alternative Logistics Area scanning etc are not available by default. 

      Since webservice enablement is readily available, further enhancements of functional and performance topics can only be performed with the help of your partners. SAP will continue to maintain the current available scope and resolve any bugs that are detected.

      I further asked SAP to elaborate and below is my understanding:

      Here is the background for the announcement

      1. Over the course of years SAP found that the scanner technology was advancing faster than they could keep pace, the kind of hardware available was multiplying and the effort needed to support this wide variety and the pace of change was getting difficultto manage
      2. So almost a year back SAP made a decision that the only way to manage this is to open up BYD and allow partners/ customers to handle the scanner integration. BYD development has created a number web services, which partners /customer can use to integrate with scanners of their choice
      3. SAP is working with two partners to build a integration with scanners using these web services, which customers can subscribe to.

      Hope this helps.


      Author's profile photo John Kearns
      John Kearns

      Does anyone know who the two partners are?  This announcement creates a significant gap for several of our clients

      Author's profile photo Dirk Neudert
      Dirk Neudert


      just would like to try to bring a little bit more light in this topic:

      - It looks like the suggesting is that SAP will shutdown this service. This is not the case for existing customers. It just says,there won't be support for 'new' customers and the existing scanner support won't be developed further.

      - There is already an alternative solution in place developed by Reply. Reply is in the final testing phase and allows existing and new customers to join this pre-testing phase. If you have a concrete customer interested to participate, please let me know.

      Hope this helps


      Author's profile photo Alexander Sinel
      Alexander Sinel


      Hi Dirk,

      Hope you are doing well.

      Being SAP ByD user, I would like to ask for your update with current status of this functionality. Is bar code scanning still available in ByD meaning PGI/PGR, Inventory (Cycle) Counting, Fixed-Bin Strategy etc? If yes, please, provide with some process documentation, if possible.



      Author's profile photo Dirk Neudert
      Dirk Neudert

      Hello Alexander,

      as we tried to establish an alternative offering via partner, I'm happy to make you aware of that this offering is now officially available. Regarding your question about concrete process, functional support, please get in contact with Detlef Aden from All4Cloud or register to their upcoming presentation/webinar about the solution. Here are the respective links:

      scan4cloud info:

      scan4cloud - webinar in english:


      Author's profile photo Jimmy Belmans
      Jimmy Belmans

      Although I understand the strategy from SAP, it is a great loss of value. Now it is an additional cost which prospects don't always agree with. It is even becoming an argument why prospects are not choosing for BYD but other systems (or even S4H).