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Hello community,

in different context we hear a lot about Git, a version control system. You can find Git here and you can find a very good introduction, explanation and instruction manual here – and this in many different languages. With Git it is very easy possible to use a version control system for your script programming, independent which programming language you use, e.g. AutoIt, PowerShell, VBScript etc. All you have to do is to download the Git release you need and to install it, e.g. in my case I download the x86 portable version for Windows.


I unpack the 7-zip file and add to path variable the path to git.exe.

Now I change in my script directory and enter git init to create a Git repository.

In the next step I add all my scripts with git add *.vbs and git commit to the Git repository.

You can add new files on the same way and if you change a file you can see the with git status an overview and git diff the details, but don’t forget to add it in the staging area with git add. Last but not least a new git commit. You have a lot of possibilities with Git version control system.

I work with the command line version, but you can also use a GUI – you can find different here.

As I wrote here, script programming is really programming and for really programming it is standard to use a version control system. Git a is free and very good one, easy to handle and powerful.

Enjoy it.


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