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Author's profile photo Kamal Kumar

SAP Fiori My Inbox 2.0 SP02: Features

We released a new Service Package SP02 for the 2.0 version of the SAP Fiori application “My Inbox” in May 2016.

You could find the details in this note 221151.

List of features added in this SP:

  • Custom Attributes in List View
  • Options to integrate different applications UIs into My Inbox

Let’s look at these features in detail:

Custom Attributes in List View

With this feature, custom attributes with certain pre-defined names can be displayed in the Master List.

Following can be achieved with this feature as shown in the image:

  1. Replace Task title
  2. Display a KPI indicator (Number)
  3. Display a KPI unit
  4. Display one additional custom attribute

How does this feature work

  • There are maximum of 4 custom attributes that can be shown in the List View.
  • These attributes which are visible in List, is also displayed in the Detail View header data.
  • These attributes should have following pre-defined names
    • CustomTaskTitle
    • CustomNumberValue
    • CustomNumberUnitValue
    • CustomObjectAttributeValue
  • These pre-defined names are mapped to the locations in the list view as displayed in the following screen-shot.
  • Attributes which are shown in the list are not displayed in the description tab of the detail view for the selected task.


This feature is disabled in My Inbox by default.To enable it, the administrator needs to configure an additional parameter in the Tile configuration for My Inbox. The parameter is showAdditionalAttributes=true needs to be provided while launching the app as shown in the image below:


UI Integration Options in My Inbox

It is now possible to navigate to other application types configured via an intent. (Web Dynpro, Transaction etc) including the SAPUI5 Fiori applications. Refer the note 2305401 for more details.

Following three different Intent based App navigations are supported in My Inbox:

Embed in Detail View on Task Selection

The application is rendered into the detail view of My Inbox on selecting a task in master list. The header and toolbar in the detail screen is provided by My Inbox as shown below. The user can perform all the default actions provided by My Inbox on the selected task.


A target mapping for the target SAPUI5 Fiori application should exist in the Launchpad designer with the value of the parameter openMode set to embedIntoDetails as follows:


Embed in detail view on ‘Open Task’ action

The application is rendered into the detail view of My Inbox on performing the ‘Open Task’ action for the selected task in My Inbox. My Inbox does not render any header or footer in this scenario and they should be provided by the integrated application.The application can choose to have its own set of actions in the footer bar.


A target mapping for the target SAPUI5 application should exist in the Launchpad designer with the value of the parameter openMode set to replaceDetails as follows:



Cross Application navigation to an external application is triggered on choosing the ‘Open Task’ button from My Inbox detail view as shown below. In this scenario the user is navigated away from My Inbox to the configured SAPUI5 application. It is recommended that the integrated SAPUI5 Fiori Application provides a ‘back’ button, which can be used to navigate back to My Inbox.


A target mapping for the other SAPUI5 application should exist in the Launchpad with the value of the parameter openMode set to external as follows:


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      Author's profile photo soujanya bhaumik
      soujanya bhaumik

      Hello Kamal,

      After launching external app navigation can we open it in a separate browser window ? Also how do we specify the URL to be used to launch the external application ?



      Author's profile photo Matt Harding
      Matt Harding

      Hi Kamal,

      Excellent update on the SP02 functionality. One point I would make is that CustomNumberValue and CustomNumberUnitValue are available since 1.6 (maybe earlier) and worked if you just added them to an extended gateway service.

      It's also might be worth pointing out in your post that there is a note to add the Intent SWFVISU option and associated class to generate the URL (that might be the note you refer to as I don't have SMP access at the moment).

      Lastly, was anything ever released similar to this blog about the annotations task UI in SP01? I've got it mostly working on ECC 6, but it's really guesswork trying to interpret the UI5 code on how to build the annotation file (I'll write it up shortly with my interpretation/findings if nothing is documented anywhere).



      Author's profile photo Gopi Nidjelli
      Gopi Nidjelli

      Hi Kamal,

          When I try to access the note 221151, it says not released. Also I don't see INTENT(Intent based navigation) in SWFVISU even after implementing the note 2305401 .

      Any suggestions?



      Author's profile photo Christian Loos
      Christian Loos

      Hi Gopi,

      The note 221151 is released now.
      Did you also check this note for the intent URLs:



      Author's profile photo Christian Loos
      Christian Loos

      Additional information:
      Note 2323669 explains how the custom attributes can be configured for Business Workflow.

      Author's profile photo Benni Perzy
      Benni Perzy


      HI Experts,


      I replace the delivered parameter (allItems=true) with string shown in the screen shot (

      scenrioid=CUSTATTR_LIST&showAdditionalAttributes=true). Nothing change.


      Can someone help me to show the additional fields as described in this blog?