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Hi All,

Many of us PDI developer, when we check consistency for huge solution, some time may have faced network time out issue, or it takes long to show message, From the 1605, developer can check consistency in background, which does not freeze the SDK and you can utilize time to develop or change in content.

How to use this feature: follow the steps below:

1. Right click on solution->Check->Enable Background Mode


*this will just enable the background mode, not trigger the check, you should notice messages at left bottom corner


2. Now again Right click on Solution->Check, you will find a new option ‘Display Log‘ and option to Make it disable background mode


3. Now background mode is enable and trigger the Check (right click on solution -> Check->Item)


Notice at left bottom corner – Consistency check triggered in background mode


Note: When consistency check is running in background, you can change/add content(BO, absl, datasource …etc) but consistency check trigger will capture current state of solution. Changes will not affect consistency. Once check will be complete you can check the error message(if any) in Display Log.

Success(Consistence Solution) Error(In-consistence Solution)
                     BCcheck7.JPG BCCheck8.JPG

whenever you need to disable Background Mode you can disable it and Check consistency will work on front end.



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