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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ EWM



This blog is about Frequently Asked Questions in Extended Warehouse Management and aims to collect the main information of EWM threads in one single document, so the information can be easily find. This document will be updated when new important threads appears.

If you have a suggestion of a good thread that are out of the list please give some feedback and I can add it here.



Topic Thread

Future of EWM

WM on S/4 HANA?

EWM Future

EWM 9.4 General availibility

EWM Roadmap 2016

Delivery Processing

Inbound delivery not getting created from inbound delivery notification in EWM

Customer Return Delivery not Distribute to EWM

Reject Outbound Delivery

EWM – Issue assigning Inbound Delivery to TU

Auto creation of ID and ODO


Opportunistic Cross-docking in EWM

Master Data

Change of SUoM in ERP after GI

Putaway control indicator (PACI)

Debug Material MasterERP(R/3) to EWM(Product Master)

Warehouse number XXXX not assigned to a supply chain unit Message no. /SAPAPO/MAT299

Wave Management

EWM wave warehouse task creation error

FM /SCWM/WAVE_RELEASE_EXT is not releasing wave

Physical Inventory

Ad-hoc PI (product): parameter not transferred correctly

Difference between EWM Physical Inventory Transactions

Not able to create PI Doc

Shipping and Receiving Shipment Capacity Check

Send message to users using RF handheld

User Exits for Materials Master (Picking with RF Guns)

Transit Warehouse SAP EWM Transit warehousing functionality release 9.3
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