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Lately, I found several requests on this question ‘return order can be created with reference of a cancelled invoice’. Most customer is questioning why system behaves like this and ask what ‘s the best way to avoid it. So here I’d like to explain it in a short blog and give you some hint for it.

First we need to understand it is standard system behavior that it is possible to create documents (for example returns, credit memo, debit memo) with reference to a cancelled invoice. Normally ‘copying requirements 021 billing header’ is used in the copy control from billing to returns. (Transaction: VTAF)

The copy requirement routine 021 does not have any check for the field VBRK-FKSTO = X (billing document is cancelled). So it is allowed to create such document.

If you want to avoid the creation of documents when the invoice has been cancelled, you need to add the check for ‘VBRK-FKSTO = X’ in the requirement routine.

You could either modifying standard routine 021 or creating your own requirement routine in VOFM by copying the same coding in 021 and include the check for VBRK-FKSTO.

You may let me know if you had another good way to avoid such behavior.

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  1. G Lakshmipathi

    This is a grey area of SAP functionality I would say.  Just imagine from client point of view.  Due to some reason, some billing document is cancelled which means, the customer has not debited and the goods are not despatched. This being the case, ideally, system should not allow me to create a return order with reference to the cancelled billing document.  I dont see any proper justification from SAP as to why system should allow when the status of VBRK-FKSTO = X

    G. Lakshmipathi

    1. TW Typewriter

      some billing document is cancelled which means, the customer has not debited and the goods are not despatched.

      G Lakshmipathi,

      If a billing document is cancelled, then it does not mean that the goods are not dispatched or delivered to the customer.

      Mostly a billing document cannot be created unless the delivery is PGI, so in most cases to create a (original) billing document, the goods must be dispatched. Then comes the step of cancelling the original bill.

      Yes, I too don’t understand the business reason for SAP to allow creating a return order with reference to a cancelled billing document.



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