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Trying out what is new in Analysis Office 2.3

So first I install the client, then try the Report-to-Report where Analysis Office is a receiver from Design Studio:

First you set up the RSBBS on the back end, then in Design Studio you can select right-click and “Jump-to”

So the “jump” is from Design Studio to Analysis Office


Note what is new in RSBBS as shown above – Analysis Office is a report type

In the above I am formatting cells (not new) but what is new is the table rules editor:

This is on the 4th tab of the Design panel


You see the last data update of your multiprovider


It is also nice to have the ability to cancel long-running queries as shown above

You can also rename your measures from within Analysis Office


And you can logoff now from Analysis Office; this is a long-standing request from the ASUG Analysis Influence Council More to come.

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  • Hi Tammy,

    i am also testing the new features. Are you able to see AO formulas in the table rules editor if you select Formulas as ruletype?

    This does not work for me.



    • Hi Michael,

      as you can read in this post under "Highlights: Table Design Editor" you can only edit formats and new lines at the moment.



      • Hi Tobias,

        yes and no 😉 It is correct that you only can edit formats and new lines, but ruletype text and formulas should still list objects for text and formulas. I first thought formulas lists all SAP formulas used in the workbook, but it does not.


        Ruletype Text: A rule is listed when an empty row/column is inserted in a crosstab AND a formula OR a text is added in the member header.

        Ruletype formulas: A rule ist listed when an empty row/column is inserted in a crosstab AND a formula is inserted in a data cell, column data or row data. (but NO text).

        I had an incident open regarding this and SAP will enhance the documentation/user guide with 2.3 SP01 what exactly a customer/end user can expect from the ruletype formula and text. As this is currently not documented.



  • Is anyone else experiencing the problem that logon after logoff is only working the first time with BIP logon screen in combination with SSO? When trying this the second time there is no logon window for BIP which means you will allways getting the same BIP connection which makes no sense because in our case we have:

    BO Dev <> BW Dev

    BO Live <> BW Live

    Which means what's happening after first logoff with logon afterwards makes sense but everything which is happening after the second logoff with logon again makes no sense.#



    • Hi Torsten,

      yes i experience the same with 2.3 SP00:

      1. Start AO and click on Open Workbook -> Logon screen with 2 systems appears

      2. Choose system A and select any workbook

      3. Log off with the new logoff feature and close the workbook, but not Excel

      4. Click again on Open Workbook -> Logon screen with 2 systems appears where system A is preselected

      5. Choose system A and open any workbook

      6. Log off with the new logoff feature and close the workbook, but not Excel

      7. click again on Open Workbooks -> No logon screen appears instead directly the Open Document windows appears and system A was automatically choosen.

      have you opened an incident?



      • /
          • Finally an unsatisfying answer from SAP: This behaviour is a bug, but not in the way we thought! It is possible to log off when a BOE / BIP connection is used, but it is not possible to switch then between between BOE / BIP connections... This is only possible if you close the Excel session.

            According to the response from the SAP Incident this is not planned currently. So please vote if you need also this feature:

            Thanks & Regards,


          • I have got the same answer some minutes ago. But this is the opposite:

            Re: LogOn LogOff in Analysis?

            Hi Torsten,

            we're fixing this bug. LogOff should really behave like closing/opening the Excel workbook, i.e. you should be prompted for a BI system again.

            However: logoff is not like in Bex analyzer where you can assign a new system to the query afterwards - this is handled by the system remapping functionality.

            By the way, the long awaited and frequently requested logoff-button has made it into release 2.3 ...



            If Excel is closed and opened again this is definately a new session.



  • Hi,

    very intuitive article. I'm new to BO & Analysis with my background BPC/IP/BPS. Can some one guide how to get BO Analysis? I've BO suite installed but i don't see ANALYSIS add-in in excel and also it is not listed in BO Menu.

    also, Do we need special license to get Analysis? Is license per user? appreciate any inputs.

    • You will not find it in BO. It is a separate tool which will be installed locally. It is integrated in BO platform but you don't need BO platform for AO.

      Licences is allways a difficult topic because this changes and depends on your contracts with SAP. As we started to use it it was a separate licence. But please ask a SAP representative concerning that.

  • Is a BW update needed to set up Analysis Office as a receiver in transaction RSBBS? If yes, which version is needed? We are on BW 7.40 SP10 and don't see AO as receiver there.

  • Hello!

    Do the Analysis reports for the BBS (Jump from Design Studio to Analysis f. Office) be stored in BW or can also lie on the BO platform (we use the BO platform)?

    • Markus - if you have set up RSBBS in BW you can still use when deploying to the BI platform.  Does this answer your question?

      • Hi Tammy,

        I would like to follow up on that question, maybe specify it: Can you use the RRI-functionality only to jump to Analysis Office documents, that are stored on the BW itself?

        Or can you also use it to jump to Analysis Office documents that are stored on the BI platform (in contrast to the openDocument links)?

        I couldn't see any information regarding a configuration/an example for the functionality yet.

        Cheers, Philipp

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  • Hello everyone,

    i´m trying to jump from Analysis 2.3  with RSBBS in a SAP Transaction, for Example KSB1. It´s possible but i have been directed into the web and i wanted to open the transaction directly in the SAP System. How can i achieve this? Can somebody help me. Thank you!

  • Hi Tammy,

    short question -> Jump target functionality to Analysis Office workbook doesn't work with SAP NetWeaver 7.01. Am I right?



  • Hi Tammy,
    I have an issue with a planning Scenario.

    The Business department wants to plan data and in this context they want to add / push back manually data lines into the source (cube).

    I found the Default value 5 in the design area of Analysis and I have read that in former Versions (1.x)  the absolute limit was 1000 regarding this.
    Is this now increased?
    and how can we understand this Limit? is it the number of data lines or is also the combination of characteristic values important (such like a 'Limit of possible combinations of values')?

    Thanks and regards,

  • When jumping from a BEx rerpot to an Anakysis office workbook.document - should the system be passing parameters and thus maintaining the point-of-view?

    When i set up RRi (via RSBBS) betwwen two bex reports, this is the behavior,. We recently upgraded to AFO 2.4 and was glad to see it supported RSBBS, but after testing, it seems it only jumps to the AFO workbook in general, but does not pass parameters that are defined in the RSBBS Assignment Details?


    Can anyone shed light on this?

    • Brad - please see - does this help/answer your question?