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Hours of programming

Hours of programming / debugging ? Here is something useful for SAP ABAP developers to reduce stress on your eyes 🙂


First go to SE38 -> Utilities -> Settings -> Editor tab -> Front-end Editor (new). Click OK and you’re done.

Create 2 xml files (find the code below)

1. abap_spec.xml

  1. <?xml version=”1.0″?>
  2. <?xml-stylesheet type=”text/xsl” href=”lang_spec.xslt”?>
  3. <XMLConfigSettings>
  5. <Author>Mr Black</Author>
  6. <Type>LangSpec</Type>
  7. <Language>ABAP</Language>
  8. <Desc>Language specification for ABAP</Desc>
  9. </FILEINFO>
  11. <FilePattern>*.abap</FilePattern>
  12. <LexerDll>sapab4lex.dll</LexerDll>
  13. <CaseSensitive>0</CaseSensitive>
  14. <OpenClose>()[]”“||{}</OpenClose>
  15. <Delimiters>,.:</Delimiters>
  16. <WrapBy>(),</WrapBy>
  17. <LineEnd>.</LineEnd>
  18. <Words>0-9a-Z_/&lt;&gt;</Words>
  19. <HierarchySeparator>
  20. <Separator id=”1″ text=”-“/>
  21. <Separator id=”2″ text=”-&gt;”/>
  22. <Separator id=”3″ text=”=&gt;”/>
  23. <Separator id=”4″ text=”~”/>
  24. </HierarchySeparator>
  27. <exception-follows value=”=”/>
  28. <Structure open=”region” close=”endregion” header=”0″ has_name=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  29. <Structure open=”if” middle=”else” close=”endif” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″>
  30. <Middle name=”elseif”/>
  31. </Structure>
  32. <Structure open=”case” middle=”when” close=”endcase” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″>
  33. <Middle name=”others”/>
  34. </Structure>
  35. <Structure open=”loop” close=”endloop” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  36. <Structure open=”form” close=”endform” has_name=”1″ separator=”1″ header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  37. <Structure open=”while” close=”endwhile” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  38. <Structure open=”do” close=”enddo” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  39. <Structure open=”try” middle=”catch” close=”endtry” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″>
  40. <Middle name=”cleanup”/>
  41. </Structure>
  42. <Structure open=”class” close=”endclass” has_name=”1″ separator=”1″ header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  43. <Structure open=”method” close=”endmethod” has_name=”1″ separator=”1″ header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  44. <Structure open=”function” close=”endfunction” has_name=”1″ separator=”1″ header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  45. <Structure open=”module” close=”endmodule” has_name=”1″ separator=”1″ header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  46. <Structure open=”interface” close=”endinterface” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  47. <Structure open=”at” close=”endat” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  48. <Structure open=”exec” close=”endexec” header=”1″ sent_start=”0″/>
  49. <Structure open=”define” close=”end-of-definition” has_name=”1″ separator=”1″ header=”0″ sent_start=”1″/>
  50. <Structure open=”provide” close=”endprovide” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  51. <Structure open=”select” close=”endselect” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″>
  52. <open-exception-follows value=”single”/>
  53. <open-exception-contains value=”into table”/>
  54. </Structure>
  55. <Structure open=”begin” close=”end” header=”0″/>
  56. <Structure open=”enhancement” close=”endenhancement” header=”0″ has_name=”1″ separator=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  57. <Structure open=”enhancement-section” close=”end-enhancement-section” header=”0″ has_name=”1″ separator=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  58. <Structure open=”seam” close=”endseam” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  59. <Structure open=”inject” close=”endinject” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  60. <Structure open=”for” close=”endfor” header=”1″ sent_start=”1″/>
  62. <FORMAT>
  63. <DefaultIndent>2</DefaultIndent>
  64. <ResetFormatSymbols>,</ResetFormatSymbols>
  65. <FormatWords>
  66. <FormatWord word=”data” indent=”6″ next_line=”1″/>
  67. <FormatWord word=”field-symbols” indent=”15″ next_line=”1″/>
  68. <FormatWord word=”importing” indent=”2″ next_line=”1″/>
  69. <FormatWord word=”exporting” indent=”2″ next_line=”1″/>
  70. <FormatWord word=”changing” indent=”2″ next_line=”1″/>
  71. <FormatWord word=”exceptions” indent=”2″ next_line=”1″/>
  72. <FormatWord word=”tables” indent=”2″ next_line=”1″/>
  73. <FormatWord word=”using” indent=”6″ next_line=”1″/>
  74. <FormatWord word=”elseif” indent=”-2″/>
  75. <FormatWord word=”binding” indent=”2″ next_line=”1″/>
  76. </FormatWords>
  77. </FORMAT>
  79. <InfoType id=”1″ name=”Compiler error” clr=”-1″/>
  80. <InfoType id=”2″ name=”Performance tip” clr=”-1″/>
  81. <InfoType id=”3″ name=”Syntax tip” clr=”-1″/>
  82. <InfoType id=”4″ name=”Spelling error” clr=”-1″/>
  85. <IconIndex id=”0″ name=”Bold”/>
  86. <IconIndex id=”1″ name=”Public”/>
  87. <IconIndex id=”2″ name=”Protected”/>
  88. <IconIndex id=”3″ name=”Private”/>
  89. <IconIndex id=”4″ name=”Class”/>
  90. <IconIndex id=”5″ name=”Variable”/>
  91. <IconIndex id=”6″ name=”Constant”/>
  92. <IconIndex id=”7″ name=”Structure”/>
  93. <IconIndex id=”8″ name=”Function”/>
  94. <IconIndex id=”9″ name=”Type”/>
  95. <IconIndex id=”10″ name=”Method”/>
  96. <IconIndex id=”11″ name=”Keyword”/>
  97. <IconIndex id=”12″ name=”Regular”/>
  98. <IconIndex id=”13″ name=”Screen”/>
  99. <IconIndex id=”14″ name=”Include”/>
  100. <IconIndex id=”15″ name=”Application”/>
  101. <IconIndex id=”16″ name=”Table”/>
  102. <IconIndex id=”17″ name=”Attribute”/>
  103. <IconIndex id=”18″ name=”Relation”/>
  104. <IconIndex id=”19″ name=”Event”/>
  107. <TextType id=”8″ name=”Breakpoint” d/>
  108. <TextType id=”10″ name=”Changed indicator” d/>
  109. <TextType id=”11″ name=”Changed and saved indicator” d/>
  110. <TextType id=”5″ name=”Current line” d/>
  111. <TextType id=”6″ name=”Erroneous line” d/>
  112. <TextType id=”7″ name=”Execution” d/>
  113. <TextType id=”3″ name=”Inactive selected text” d/>
  114. <TextType id=”4″ name=”Line number” d/>
  115. <TextType id=”13″ name=”Maximum line length” d/>
  116. <TextType id=”2″ name=”Selected text” d/>
  117. <TextType id=”1″ name=”Selection margin” d/>
  118. <TextType id=”21″ name=”Text highlights” bold=”1″ italic=”0″ underline=”0″ clr=”16777215″ bkclr=”-1″/>
  119. <TextType id=”22″ name=”Text highlights error” bold=”1″ italic=”0″ underline=”0″ clr=”255″ bkclr=”-1″/>
  120. <TextType id=”30″ name=”Normal” d/>
  121. <TextType id=”9″ name=”Read-only mode” d/>
  122. <TextType id=”31″ name=”Comments” d>
  123. <FirstChar>*</FirstChar>
  124. <Conditions>
  125. <Condition start=”&quot;” end=”\n”/>
  126. </Conditions>
  127. </TextType>
  128. <TextType id=”52″ name=”Keywords” ImageIdx=”13″ bold=”0″ italic=”0″ underline=”0″ clr=”13688896″ bkclr=”-1″>
  129. <Keywords>
  130. <Keyword text=”Class-pool”/>
  131. <Keyword text=”Function-pool”/>
  132. <Keyword text=”Include”/>
  133. <Keyword text=”Interface-pool”/>
  134. <Keyword text=”Program”/>
  135. <Keyword text=”Report”/>
  136. <Keyword text=”Type-pool”/>
  137. <Keyword text=”bound”/>
  138. <Keyword text=”Class”/>
  139. <Keyword text=”Class-data”/>
  140. <Keyword text=”Class-events”/>
  141. <Keyword text=”Class-methods”/>
  142. <Keyword text=”Constants”/>
  143. <Keyword text=”Contexts”/>
  144. <Keyword text=”Data”/>
  145. <Keyword text=”Definition”/>
  146. <Keyword text=”Endclass”/>
  147. <Keyword text=”Endinterface”/>
  148. <Keyword text=”Enhancement”/>
  149. <Keyword text=”Endenhancement”/>
  150. <Keyword text=”Enhancement-section”/>
  151. <Keyword text=”End-enhancement-section”/>
  152. <Keyword text=”Events”/>
  153. <Keyword text=”Field-groups”/>
  154. <Keyword text=”Field-symbols”/>
  155. <Keyword text=”Implementation”/>
  156. <Keyword text=”Interface”/>
  157. <Keyword text=”Interfaces”/>
  158. <Keyword text=”Local”/>
  159. <Keyword text=”Methods”/>
  160. <Keyword text=”Parameters”/>
  161. <Keyword text=”Private”/>
  162. <Keyword text=”Protected”/>
  163. <Keyword text=”Public”/>
  164. <Keyword text=”Ranges”/>
  165. <Keyword text=”Section”/>
  166. <Keyword text=”Selection-screen”/>
  167. <Keyword text=”Select-options”/>
  168. <Keyword text=”Static”/>
  169. <Keyword text=”Statics”/>
  170. <Keyword text=”spots”/>
  171. <Keyword text=”Type-pools”/>
  172. <Keyword text=”Types”/>
  173. <Keyword text=”During “/>
  174. <Keyword text=”End-of-page”/>
  175. <Keyword text=”End-of-selection”/>
  176. <Keyword text=”Initialization”/>
  177. <Keyword text=”Line-selection”/>
  178. <Keyword text=”Line-selection”/>
  179. <Keyword text=”Load-of-program”/>
  180. <Keyword text=”Selection-screen”/>
  181. <Keyword text=”Start-of-selection”/>
  182. <Keyword text=”Top-of-page”/>
  183. <Keyword text=”User-command”/>
  184. <Keyword text=”and”/>
  185. <Keyword text=”assigned”/>
  186. <Keyword text=”At”/>
  187. <Keyword text=”Begin”/>
  188. <Keyword text=”between”/>
  189. <Keyword text=”binding”/>
  190. <Keyword text=”block”/>
  191. <Keyword text=”byte-ca”/>
  192. <Keyword text=”byte-cn”/>
  193. <Keyword text=”byte-co”/>
  194. <Keyword text=”byte-cs”/>
  195. <Keyword text=”byte-na”/>
  196. <Keyword text=”byte-ns”/>
  197. <Keyword text=”Ca”/>
  198. <Keyword text=”Call”/>
  199. <Keyword text=”Case”/>
  200. <Keyword text=”Catch”/>
  201. <Keyword text=”Change”/>
  202. <Keyword text=”Check”/>
  203. <Keyword text=”Cleanup”/>
  204. <Keyword text=”cn”/>
  205. <Keyword text=”co”/>
  206. <Keyword text=”Continue”/>
  207. <Keyword text=”cp”/>
  208. <Keyword text=”cs”/>
  209. <Keyword text=”Define”/>
  210. <Keyword text=”Do”/>
  211. <Keyword text=”Each”/>
  212. <Keyword text=”Else”/>
  213. <Keyword text=”Elseif”/>
  214. <Keyword text=”End”/>
  215. <Keyword text=”Endat”/>
  216. <Keyword text=”Endcase”/>
  217. <Keyword text=”Enddo”/>
  218. <Keyword text=”Endexec”/>
  219. <Keyword text=”Endfor”/>
  220. <Keyword text=”Endform”/>
  221. <Keyword text=”Endfunction”/>
  222. <Keyword text=”Endif”/>
  223. <Keyword text=”Endloop”/>
  224. <Keyword text=”Endmethod”/>
  225. <Keyword text=”Endmodule”/>
  226. <Keyword text=”End-of-definition”/>
  227. <Keyword text=”Endon”/>
  228. <Keyword text=”Endprovide”/>
  229. <Keyword text=”Endselect”/>
  230. <Keyword text=”Endtry”/>
  231. <Keyword text=”Endwhile”/>
  232. <Keyword text=”eq”/>
  233. <Keyword text=”Exec”/>
  234. <Keyword text=”Exit”/>
  235. <Keyword text=”first”/>
  236. <Keyword text=”Form”/>
  237. <Keyword text=”Function”/>
  238. <Keyword text=”ge”/>
  239. <Keyword text=”gt”/>
  240. <Keyword text=”If”/>
  241. <Keyword text=”in”/>
  242. <Keyword text=”initial”/>
  243. <Keyword text=”is”/>
  244. <Keyword text=”last”/>
  245. <Keyword text=”le”/>
  246. <Keyword text=”Leave”/>
  247. <Keyword text=”Loop”/>
  248. <Keyword text=”lt”/>
  249. <Keyword text=”M”/>
  250. <Keyword text=”Method”/>
  251. <Keyword text=”Module”/>
  252. <Keyword text=”na”/>
  253. <Keyword text=”ne”/>
  254. <Keyword text=”new”/>
  255. <Keyword text=”not”/>
  256. <Keyword text=”np”/>
  257. <Keyword text=”ns”/>
  258. <Keyword text=”o”/>
  259. <Keyword text=”of”/>
  260. <Keyword text=”On”/>
  261. <Keyword text=”or”/>
  262. <Keyword text=”Perform”/>
  263. <Keyword text=”Provide”/>
  264. <Keyword text=”requested”/>
  265. <Keyword text=”Return”/>
  266. <Keyword text=”screen”/>
  267. <Keyword text=”Select”/>
  268. <Keyword text=”Sql”/>
  269. <Keyword text=”Stop”/>
  270. <Keyword text=”supplied”/>
  271. <Keyword text=”transaction”/>
  272. <Keyword text=”Try”/>
  273. <Keyword text=”When”/>
  274. <Keyword text=”While”/>
  275. <Keyword text=”z”/>
  276. <Keyword text=”Abs”/>
  277. <Keyword text=”Abs”/>
  278. <Keyword text=”Abs”/>
  279. <Keyword text=”Acos”/>
  280. <Keyword text=”Add”/>
  281. <Keyword text=”Add-corresponding”/>
  282. <Keyword text=”Adjacent”/>
  283. <Keyword text=”Aliases”/>
  284. <Keyword text=”all”/>
  285. <Keyword text=”Analyzer”/>
  286. <Keyword text=”Any”/>
  287. <Keyword text=”Append”/>
  288. <Keyword text=”appending”/>
  289. <Keyword text=”as”/>
  290. <Keyword text=”ascending”/>
  291. <Keyword text=”Asin”/>
  292. <Keyword text=”Assign”/>
  293. <Keyword text=”assigning”/>
  294. <Keyword text=”Assert”/>
  295. <Keyword text=”Atan”/>
  296. <Keyword text=”Authority-check”/>
  297. <Keyword text=”Avg”/>
  298. <Keyword text=”Back”/>
  299. <Keyword text=”BAdi”/>
  300. <Keyword text=”binary”/>
  301. <Keyword text=”Bit”/>
  302. <Keyword text=”Bit-and”/>
  303. <Keyword text=”Bit-not”/>
  304. <Keyword text=”Bit-or”/>
  305. <Keyword text=”Bit-xor”/>
  306. <Keyword text=”Blank”/>
  307. <Keyword text=”Bound”/>
  308. <Keyword text=”Break-point”/>
  309. <Keyword text=”buffer”/>
  310. <Keyword text=”by”/>
  311. <Keyword text=”c”/>
  312. <Keyword text=”case”/>
  313. <Keyword text=”Ceil”/>
  314. <Keyword text=”Centered”/>
  315. <Keyword text=”changing”/>
  316. <Keyword text=”Charlen”/>
  317. <Keyword text=”Checkbox”/>
  318. <Keyword text=”Clear”/>
  319. <Keyword text=”client”/>
  320. <Keyword text=”Close”/>
  321. <Keyword text=”Cnt”/>
  322. <Keyword text=”Code”/>
  323. <Keyword text=”Collect”/>
  324. <Keyword text=”color”/>
  325. <Keyword text=”col_negative”/>
  326. <Keyword text=”col_normal”/>
  327. <Keyword text=”Comment”/>
  328. <Keyword text=”Commit”/>
  329. <Keyword text=”Communication”/>
  330. <Keyword text=”comparing”/>
  331. <Keyword text=”component”/>
  332. <Keyword text=”Compute”/>
  333. <Keyword text=”Concatenate”/>
  334. <Keyword text=”Condense”/>
  335. <Keyword text=”Control”/>
  336. <Keyword text=”Controls”/>
  337. <Keyword text=”Convert”/>
  338. <Keyword text=”Copy”/>
  339. <Keyword text=”Cos”/>
  340. <Keyword text=”Cosh”/>
  341. <Keyword text=”Count”/>
  342. <Keyword text=”Country”/>
  343. <Keyword text=”Create”/>
  344. <Keyword text=”Currency”/>
  345. <Keyword text=”Cursor”/>
  346. <Keyword text=”Customer-function”/>
  347. <Keyword text=”Database”/>
  348. <Keyword text=”Dataset”/>
  349. <Keyword text=”date”/>
  350. <Keyword text=”Dbmaxlen”/>
  351. <Keyword text=”Decimals”/>
  352. <Keyword text=”default”/>
  353. <Keyword text=”Delete”/>
  354. <Keyword text=”Demand”/>
  355. <Keyword text=”descending”/>
  356. <Keyword text=”Describe”/>
  357. <Keyword text=”Detail”/>
  358. <Keyword text=”Dialog”/>
  359. <Keyword text=”Distinct”/>
  360. <Keyword text=”Div”/>
  361. <Keyword text=”Divide”/>
  362. <Keyword text=”Divide-corresponding”/>
  363. <Keyword text=”duplicates”/>
  364. <Keyword text=”Dynpro”/>
  365. <Keyword text=”Edit”/>
  366. <Keyword text=”Editor-call”/>
  367. <Keyword text=”encoding”/>
  368. <Keyword text=”equal”/>
  369. <Keyword text=”Event”/>
  370. <Keyword text=”Exceptions”/>
  371. <Keyword text=”excluding”/>
  372. <Keyword text=”Exp”/>
  373. <Keyword text=”Exponent”/>
  374. <Keyword text=”Export”/>
  375. <Keyword text=”exporting”/>
  376. <Keyword text=”Extended”/>
  377. <Keyword text=”Extract”/>
  378. <Keyword text=”Fetch”/>
  379. <Keyword text=”Field”/>
  380. <Keyword text=”Fields”/>
  381. <Keyword text=”Find”/>
  382. <Keyword text=”Floor”/>
  383. <Keyword text=”for”/>
  384. <Keyword text=”Format”/>
  385. <Keyword text=”Frac”/>
  386. <Keyword text=”frame”/>
  387. <Keyword text=”Free”/>
  388. <Keyword text=”from”/>
  389. <Keyword text=”Generate”/>
  390. <Keyword text=”Get”/>
  391. <Keyword text=”greater”/>
  392. <Keyword text=”Group”/>
  393. <Keyword text=”handler”/>
  394. <Keyword text=”hashed”/>
  395. <Keyword text=”header”/>
  396. <Keyword text=”help-id”/>
  397. <Keyword text=”Help-request”/>
  398. <Keyword text=”Hide”/>
  399. <Keyword text=”Hotspot”/>
  400. <Keyword text=”i”/>
  401. <Keyword text=”Icon”/>
  402. <Keyword text=”id”/>
  403. <Keyword text=”Import”/>
  404. <Keyword text=”importing”/>
  405. <Keyword text=”index”/>
  406. <Keyword text=”Infotypes”/>
  407. <Keyword text=”Inheriting”/>
  408. <Keyword text=”Input”/>
  409. <Keyword text=”Insert”/>
  410. <Keyword text=”intensified”/>
  411. <Keyword text=”into”/>
  412. <Keyword text=”Inverse”/>
  413. <Keyword text=”Iterator”/>
  414. <Keyword text=”Join”/>
  415. <Keyword text=”key”/>
  416. <Keyword text=”Language”/>
  417. <Keyword text=”Leading”/>
  418. <Keyword text=”left”/>
  419. <Keyword text=”left-justified”/>
  420. <Keyword text=”less”/>
  421. <Keyword text=”Like”/>
  422. <Keyword text=”Line”/>
  423. <Keyword text=”Line-count”/>
  424. <Keyword text=”Lines”/>
  425. <Keyword text=”Line-size”/>
  426. <Keyword text=”List-processing”/>
  427. <Keyword text=”Load”/>
  428. <Keyword text=”lower”/>
  429. <Keyword text=”Locale”/>
  430. <Keyword text=”Log”/>
  431. <Keyword text=”Log10″/>
  432. <Keyword text=”Margin”/>
  433. <Keyword text=”Mask”/>
  434. <Keyword text=”Matchcode”/>
  435. <Keyword text=”Max”/>
  436. <Keyword text=”memory”/>
  437. <Keyword text=”Mesh”/>
  438. <Keyword text=”Message”/>
  439. <Keyword text=”Message-id”/>
  440. <Keyword text=”Min”/>
  441. <Keyword text=”Mod”/>
  442. <Keyword text=”mode”/>
  443. <Keyword text=”Modify”/>
  444. <Keyword text=”Move”/>
  445. <Keyword text=”Move-corresponding”/>
  446. <Keyword text=”Multiply”/>
  447. <Keyword text=”Multiply-corresponding”/>
  448. <Keyword text=”New-line”/>
  449. <Keyword text=”New-page”/>
  450. <Keyword text=”Next”/>
  451. <Keyword text=”no “/>
  452. <Keyword text=”nodes”/>
  453. <Keyword text=”No-gap”/>
  454. <Keyword text=”No-heading”/>
  455. <Keyword text=”Non-unique”/>
  456. <Keyword text=”No-scrolling”/>
  457. <Keyword text=”No-sign”/>
  458. <Keyword text=”No-title”/>
  459. <Keyword text=”No-zero”/>
  460. <Keyword text=”number”/>
  461. <Keyword text=”Numofchar”/>
  462. <Keyword text=”occurs”/>
  463. <Keyword text=”occurrences”/>
  464. <Keyword text=”Open”/>
  465. <Keyword text=”optional”/>
  466. <Keyword text=”order”/>
  467. <Keyword text=”others”/>
  468. <Keyword text=”Output”/>
  469. <Keyword text=”Overlay”/>
  470. <Keyword text=”Pack”/>
  471. <Keyword text=”Page”/>
  472. <Keyword text=”Parameter”/>
  473. <Keyword text=”Pf-status”/>
  474. <Keyword text=”places”/>
  475. <Keyword text=”position”/>
  476. <Keyword text=”Print”/>
  477. <Keyword text=”Print-control”/>
  478. <Keyword text=”Property”/>
  479. <Keyword text=”Put”/>
  480. <Keyword text=”Radiobutton”/>
  481. <Keyword text=”Raise”/>
  482. <Keyword text=”Raising”/>
  483. <Keyword text=”Read”/>
  484. <Keyword text=”Receive”/>
  485. <Keyword text=”redefinition”/>
  486. <Keyword text=”ref”/>
  487. <Keyword text=”reference”/>
  488. <Keyword text=”Refresh”/>
  489. <Keyword text=”Reject”/>
  490. <Keyword text=”Replace”/>
  491. <Keyword text=”Reserve”/>
  492. <Keyword text=”Reset”/>
  493. <Keyword text=”right-justified”/>
  494. <Keyword text=”Rollback”/>
  495. <Keyword text=”Round”/>
  496. <Keyword text=”rows”/>
  497. <Keyword text=”Rtti”/>
  498. <Keyword text=”Run”/>
  499. <Keyword text=”Scan”/>
  500. <Keyword text=”Scroll”/>
  501. <Keyword text=”Scroll-boundary”/>
  502. <Keyword text=”Search”/>
  503. <Keyword text=”Selection-table”/>
  504. <Keyword text=”Selector”/>
  505. <Keyword text=”separated”/>
  506. <Keyword text=”Set”/>
  507. <Keyword text=”shared”/>
  508. <Keyword text=”Shift”/>
  509. <Keyword text=”Sign”/>
  510. <Keyword text=”Sin”/>
  511. <Keyword text=”single”/>
  512. <Keyword text=”Sinh”/>
  513. <Keyword text=”Size”/>
  514. <Keyword text=”Skip”/>
  515. <Keyword text=”Sort”/>
  516. <Keyword text=”sorted”/>
  517. <Keyword text=”Specified”/>
  518. <Keyword text=”Split”/>
  519. <Keyword text=”Sqrt”/>
  520. <Keyword text=”Stamp”/>
  521. <Keyword text=”standard”/>
  522. <Keyword text=”starting”/>
  523. <Keyword text=”Strlen”/>
  524. <Keyword text=”Structure”/>
  525. <Keyword text=”Submit”/>
  526. <Keyword text=”Subtract”/>
  527. <Keyword text=”Subtract-corresponding”/>
  528. <Keyword text=”Sum”/>
  529. <Keyword text=”Summary”/>
  530. <Keyword text=”Supply”/>
  531. <Keyword text=”Suppress”/>
  532. <Keyword text=”Symbol”/>
  533. <Keyword text=”Syntax-check”/>
  534. <Keyword text=”Syntax-trace”/>
  535. <Keyword text=”System-call”/>
  536. <Keyword text=”System-exceptions”/>
  537. <Keyword text=”table”/>
  538. <Keyword text=”Tables”/>
  539. <Keyword text=”Tan”/>
  540. <Keyword text=”Tanh”/>
  541. <Keyword text=”task”/>
  542. <Keyword text=”Text”/>
  543. <Keyword text=”Textpool”/>
  544. <Keyword text=”Time”/>
  545. <Keyword text=”times”/>
  546. <Keyword text=”title”/>
  547. <Keyword text=”Titlebar”/>
  548. <Keyword text=”to”/>
  549. <Keyword text=”Transfer”/>
  550. <Keyword text=”Translate”/>
  551. <Keyword text=”transporting”/>
  552. <Keyword text=”Trunc”/>
  553. <Keyword text=”type”/>
  554. <Keyword text=”Uline”/>
  555. <Keyword text=”under”/>
  556. <Keyword text=”unique”/>
  557. <Keyword text=”Unit”/>
  558. <Keyword text=”Unpack”/>
  559. <Keyword text=”up”/>
  560. <Keyword text=”Update”/>
  561. <Keyword text=”upper”/>
  562. <Keyword text=”using”/>
  563. <Keyword text=”value”/>
  564. <Keyword text=”Value-request”/>
  565. <Keyword text=”Wait”/>
  566. <Keyword text=”Where”/>
  567. <Keyword text=”Window”/>
  568. <Keyword text=”with”/>
  569. <Keyword text=”With-title”/>
  570. <Keyword text=”Work”/>
  571. <Keyword text=”Write”/>
  572. <Keyword text=”x”/>
  573. <Keyword text=”xor”/>
  574. <Keyword text=”Xstrlen”/>
  575. <Keyword text=”zone”/>
  576. </Keywords>
  577. </TextType>
  578. <TextType id=”32″ name=”Numbers” d/>
  579. <TextType id=”55″ name=”Operators” ImageIdx=”12″ bold=”0″ italic=”0″ underline=”0″ clr=”16777215″ bkclr=”-1″>
  580. <Separators>
  581. <Separator text=”.”/>
  582. <Separator text=”:”/>
  583. <Separator text=”,”/>
  584. <Separator text=”(“/>
  585. <Separator text=”)”/>
  586. </Separators>
  587. <Keywords>
  588. <Keyword text=”=”/>
  589. <Keyword text=”=?”/>
  590. </Keywords>
  591. </TextType>
  592. <TextType id=”33″ name=”Strings” d>
  593. <FirstChar/>
  594. <Conditions>
  595. <Condition start=”‘” end=”‘”/>
  596. <Condition start=”`” end=”`”/>
  597. </Conditions>
  598. </TextType>
  599. <TextType id=”40″ name=”Syntactical error” d/>
  600. <TextType id=”70″ name=”Token operator” bold=”0″ italic=”0″ underline=”0″ clr=”8421504″ bkclr=”-1″>
  601. <Separators>
  602. <Separator text=”-“/>
  603. <Separator text=”-&gt;”/>
  604. <Separator text=”=&gt;”/>
  605. <Separator text=”~”/>
  606. </Separators>
  607. </TextType>
  608. <TextType id=”20″ name=”User region” d>
  609. <Conditions>
  610. <Condition start=”&quot;$.” end=”\n”/>
  611. </Conditions>
  612. </TextType>
  614. </XMLConfigSettings>

2. abap_user.xml

  1. <?xml version=”1.0″?>
  2. <?xml-stylesheet type=”text/xsl” href=”lang_user.xslt”?>
  3. <XMLConfigSettings>
  5. <Author>Mr Black</Author>
  6. <Type>LangUser</Type>
  7. <Language>ABAP</Language>
  8. <Desc>User specific settings for ABAP</Desc>
  9. </FILEINFO>
  10. <EXPANDS>
  11. <Expand key=”case”>
  12. <Descr>Case (§)</Descr>
  13. <Text>CASE |.\nWHEN .\nWHEN .\nWHEN OTHERS.\nENDCASE.</Text>
  14. </Expand>
  15. <Expand key=”region”>
  16. <Descr>Region (§)</Descr>
  17. <Text>”$. Region %Region Name%\n%SurroundedText%\n”$. Endregion %Region Name%</Text>
  18. </Expand>
  19. <Expand key=”loop”>
  20. <Descr>Loop (§)</Descr>
  21. <Text>LOOP AT |.\n%SurroundedText%\nENDLOOP.</Text>
  22. </Expand>
  23. <Expand key=”define”>
  24. <Descr>Define (§)</Descr>
  25. <Text>DEFINE |.\n%SurroundedText%\nEND-OF-DEFINITION.</Text>
  26. </Expand>
  27. <Expand key=”try”>
  28. <Descr>Try (§)</Descr>
  29. <Text>TRY |.\n%SurroundedText%\nCATCH .\n\nENDTRY.</Text>
  30. </Expand>
  31. <Expand key=”*–“>
  32. <Descr>*——-…</Descr>
  33. <Text>*——————————————————————–*</Text>
  34. </Expand>
  35. <Expand key=”ife”>
  36. <Descr>If (§) Else</Descr>
  37. <Text>IF |.\n%SurroundedText%\nELSE.\n\nENDIF.</Text>
  38. </Expand>
  39. <Expand key=”while”>
  40. <Descr>While (§)</Descr>
  41. <Text>WHILE |.\n%SurroundedText%\nENDWHILE.</Text>
  42. </Expand>
  43. <Expand key=”***”>
  44. <Descr>***…..</Descr>
  45. <Text>**********************************************************************</Text>
  46. </Expand>
  47. <Expand key=”if”>
  48. <Descr>If (§)</Descr>
  49. <Text>IF |.\n%SurroundedText%\nENDIF.</Text>
  50. </Expand>
  51. <Expand key=”do”>
  52. <Descr>Do (§)</Descr>
  53. <Text>DO | TIMES.\n%SurroundedText%\nENDDO.</Text>
  54. </Expand>
  55. </EXPANDS>
  56. </XMLConfigSettings>

Create a backup of your original files if you ever want to reset it and copy these files into

C:\Users\[[YOUR USER]]\AppData\Roaming\SAP\SAP GUI\ABAP Editor\

Above code  does the color setup for your editor. After you copied those, you can start SAPgui again, open any program using SE38 and you’ll see the new colors.

Change your font to Consolas 🙂 Enjoy

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      Author's profile photo Simone Milesi
      Simone Milesi

      It's a nice workaround but... why not using Eclipse with ATC at this point, setting up the layout more easily?

      Author's profile photo Sandra Rossi
      Sandra Rossi

      Thanks. I had issues with your "file" because it contains invalid characters. I have corrected them, and now it works on my SAP GUI 7.40 SP 5. Here is the corrected abap_spec.xml (sorry, no button for uploading it). The other file is useless as it only contains code templates:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
      <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="lang_spec.xslt"?>
      		<Author>Mr Black</Author>
      		<Desc>Language specification for ABAP</Desc>
      			<Separator id="1" text="-"/>
      			<Separator id="2" text="-&gt;"/>
      			<Separator id="3" text="=&gt;"/>
      			<Separator id="4" text="~"/>
      		<exception-follows value="="/>
      		<Structure open="region" close="endregion" header="0" has_name="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="if" middle="else" close="endif" header="1" sent_start="1">
      			<Middle name="elseif"/>
      		<Structure open="case" middle="when" close="endcase" header="1" sent_start="1">
      			<Middle name="others"/>
      		<Structure open="loop" close="endloop" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="form" close="endform" has_name="1" separator="1" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="while" close="endwhile" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="do" close="enddo" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="try" middle="catch" close="endtry" header="1" sent_start="1">
      			<Middle name="cleanup"/>
      		<Structure open="class" close="endclass" has_name="1" separator="1" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="method" close="endmethod" has_name="1" separator="1" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="function" close="endfunction" has_name="1" separator="1" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="module" close="endmodule" has_name="1" separator="1" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="interface" close="endinterface" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="at" close="endat" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="exec" close="endexec" header="1" sent_start="0"/>
      		<Structure open="define" close="end-of-definition" has_name="1" separator="1" header="0" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="provide" close="endprovide" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="select" close="endselect" header="1" sent_start="1">
      			<open-exception-follows value="single"/>
      			<open-exception-contains value="into table"/>
      		<Structure open="begin" close="end" header="0"/>
      		<Structure open="enhancement" close="endenhancement" header="0" has_name="1" separator="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="enhancement-section" close="end-enhancement-section" header="0" has_name="1" separator="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="seam" close="endseam" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="inject" close="endinject" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      		<Structure open="for" close="endfor" header="1" sent_start="1"/>
      			<FormatWord word="data" indent="6" next_line="1"/>
      			<FormatWord word="field-symbols" indent="15" next_line="1"/>
      			<FormatWord word="importing" indent="2" next_line="1"/>
      			<FormatWord word="exporting" indent="2" next_line="1"/>
      			<FormatWord word="changing" indent="2" next_line="1"/>
      			<FormatWord word="exceptions" indent="2" next_line="1"/>
      			<FormatWord word="tables" indent="2" next_line="1"/>
      			<FormatWord word="using" indent="6" next_line="1"/>
      			<FormatWord word="elseif" indent="-2"/>
      			<FormatWord word="binding" indent="2" next_line="1"/>
      		<InfoType id="1" name="Compiler error" clr="-1"/>
      		<InfoType id="2" name="Performance tip" clr="-1"/>
      		<InfoType id="3" name="Syntax tip" clr="-1"/>
      		<InfoType id="4" name="Spelling error" clr="-1"/>
      		<IconIndex id="0" name="Bold"/>
      		<IconIndex id="1" name="Public"/>
      		<IconIndex id="2" name="Protected"/>
      		<IconIndex id="3" name="Private"/>
      		<IconIndex id="4" name="Class"/>
      		<IconIndex id="5" name="Variable"/>
      		<IconIndex id="6" name="Constant"/>
      		<IconIndex id="7" name="Structure"/>
      		<IconIndex id="8" name="Function"/>
      		<IconIndex id="9" name="Type"/>
      		<IconIndex id="10" name="Method"/>
      		<IconIndex id="11" name="Keyword"/>
      		<IconIndex id="12" name="Regular"/>
      		<IconIndex id="13" name="Screen"/>
      		<IconIndex id="14" name="Include"/>
      		<IconIndex id="15" name="Application"/>
      		<IconIndex id="16" name="Table"/>
      		<IconIndex id="17" name="Attribute"/>
      		<IconIndex id="18" name="Relation"/>
      		<IconIndex id="19" name="Event"/>
      		<TextType id="8" name="Breakpoint" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="10" name="Changed indicator" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="11" name="Changed and saved indicator" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="5" name="Current line" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="6" name="Erroneous line" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="7" name="Execution" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="3" name="Inactive selected text" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="4" name="Line number" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="13" name="Maximum line length" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="2" name="Selected text" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="1" name="Selection margin" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="21" name="Text highlights" bold="1" italic="0" underline="0" clr="16777215" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="22" name="Text highlights error" bold="1" italic="0" underline="0" clr="255" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="30" name="Normal" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="15790320" bkclr="0"/>
      		<TextType id="9" name="Read-only mode" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="0" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="31" name="Comments" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="37632" bkclr="-1">
      				<Condition start="&quot;" end="\n"/>
      		<TextType id="52" name="Keywords" ImageIdx="13" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="13688896" bkclr="-1">
      				<Keyword text="Class-pool"/>
      				<Keyword text="Function-pool"/>
      				<Keyword text="Include"/>
      				<Keyword text="Interface-pool"/>
      				<Keyword text="Program"/>
      				<Keyword text="Report"/>
      				<Keyword text="Type-pool"/>
      				<Keyword text="bound"/>
      				<Keyword text="Class"/>
      				<Keyword text="Class-data"/>
      				<Keyword text="Class-events"/>
      				<Keyword text="Class-methods"/>
      				<Keyword text="Constants"/>
      				<Keyword text="Contexts"/>
      				<Keyword text="Data"/>
      				<Keyword text="Definition"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endclass"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endinterface"/>
      				<Keyword text="Enhancement"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endenhancement"/>
      				<Keyword text="Enhancement-section"/>
      				<Keyword text="End-enhancement-section"/>
      				<Keyword text="Events"/>
      				<Keyword text="Field-groups"/>
      				<Keyword text="Field-symbols"/>
      				<Keyword text="Implementation"/>
      				<Keyword text="Interface"/>
      				<Keyword text="Interfaces"/>
      				<Keyword text="Local"/>
      				<Keyword text="Methods"/>
      				<Keyword text="Parameters"/>
      				<Keyword text="Private"/>
      				<Keyword text="Protected"/>
      				<Keyword text="Public"/>
      				<Keyword text="Ranges"/>
      				<Keyword text="Section"/>
      				<Keyword text="Selection-screen"/>
      				<Keyword text="Select-options"/>
      				<Keyword text="Static"/>
      				<Keyword text="Statics"/>
      				<Keyword text="spots"/>
      				<Keyword text="Type-pools"/>
      				<Keyword text="Types"/>
      				<Keyword text="During "/>
      				<Keyword text="End-of-page"/>
      				<Keyword text="End-of-selection"/>
      				<Keyword text="Initialization"/>
      				<Keyword text="Line-selection"/>
      				<Keyword text="Line-selection"/>
      				<Keyword text="Load-of-program"/>
      				<Keyword text="Selection-screen"/>
      				<Keyword text="Start-of-selection"/>
      				<Keyword text="Top-of-page"/>
      				<Keyword text="User-command"/>
      				<Keyword text="and"/>
      				<Keyword text="assigned"/>
      				<Keyword text="At"/>
      				<Keyword text="Begin"/>
      				<Keyword text="between"/>
      				<Keyword text="binding"/>
      				<Keyword text="block"/>
      				<Keyword text="byte-ca"/>
      				<Keyword text="byte-cn"/>
      				<Keyword text="byte-co"/>
      				<Keyword text="byte-cs"/>
      				<Keyword text="byte-na"/>
      				<Keyword text="byte-ns"/>
      				<Keyword text="Ca"/>
      				<Keyword text="Call"/>
      				<Keyword text="Case"/>
      				<Keyword text="Catch"/>
      				<Keyword text="Change"/>
      				<Keyword text="Check"/>
      				<Keyword text="Cleanup"/>
      				<Keyword text="cn"/>
      				<Keyword text="co"/>
      				<Keyword text="Continue"/>
      				<Keyword text="cp"/>
      				<Keyword text="cs"/>
      				<Keyword text="Define"/>
      				<Keyword text="Do"/>
      				<Keyword text="Each"/>
      				<Keyword text="Else"/>
      				<Keyword text="Elseif"/>
      				<Keyword text="End"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endat"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endcase"/>
      				<Keyword text="Enddo"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endexec"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endfor"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endform"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endfunction"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endif"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endloop"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endmethod"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endmodule"/>
      				<Keyword text="End-of-definition"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endon"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endprovide"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endselect"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endtry"/>
      				<Keyword text="Endwhile"/>
      				<Keyword text="eq"/>
      				<Keyword text="Exec"/>
      				<Keyword text="Exit"/>
      				<Keyword text="first"/>
      				<Keyword text="Form"/>
      				<Keyword text="Function"/>
      				<Keyword text="ge"/>
      				<Keyword text="gt"/>
      				<Keyword text="If"/>
      				<Keyword text="in"/>
      				<Keyword text="initial"/>
      				<Keyword text="is"/>
      				<Keyword text="last"/>
      				<Keyword text="le"/>
      				<Keyword text="Leave"/>
      				<Keyword text="Loop"/>
      				<Keyword text="lt"/>
      				<Keyword text="M"/>
      				<Keyword text="Method"/>
      				<Keyword text="Module"/>
      				<Keyword text="na"/>
      				<Keyword text="ne"/>
      				<Keyword text="new"/>
      				<Keyword text="not"/>
      				<Keyword text="np"/>
      				<Keyword text="ns"/>
      				<Keyword text="o"/>
      				<Keyword text="of"/>
      				<Keyword text="On"/>
      				<Keyword text="or"/>
      				<Keyword text="Perform"/>
      				<Keyword text="Provide"/>
      				<Keyword text="requested"/>
      				<Keyword text="Return"/>
      				<Keyword text="screen"/>
      				<Keyword text="Select"/>
      				<Keyword text="Sql"/>
      				<Keyword text="Stop"/>
      				<Keyword text="supplied"/>
      				<Keyword text="transaction"/>
      				<Keyword text="Try"/>
      				<Keyword text="When"/>
      				<Keyword text="While"/>
      				<Keyword text="z"/>
      				<Keyword text="Abs"/>
      				<Keyword text="Abs"/>
      				<Keyword text="Abs"/>
      				<Keyword text="Acos"/>
      				<Keyword text="Add"/>
      				<Keyword text="Add-corresponding"/>
      				<Keyword text="Adjacent"/>
      				<Keyword text="Aliases"/>
      				<Keyword text="all"/>
      				<Keyword text="Analyzer"/>
      				<Keyword text="Any"/>
      				<Keyword text="Append"/>
      				<Keyword text="appending"/>
      				<Keyword text="as"/>
      				<Keyword text="ascending"/>
      				<Keyword text="Asin"/>
      				<Keyword text="Assign"/>
      				<Keyword text="assigning"/>
      				<Keyword text="Assert"/>
      				<Keyword text="Atan"/>
      				<Keyword text="Authority-check"/>
      				<Keyword text="Avg"/>
      				<Keyword text="Back"/>
      				<Keyword text="BAdi"/>
      				<Keyword text="binary"/>
      				<Keyword text="Bit"/>
      				<Keyword text="Bit-and"/>
      				<Keyword text="Bit-not"/>
      				<Keyword text="Bit-or"/>
      				<Keyword text="Bit-xor"/>
      				<Keyword text="Blank"/>
      				<Keyword text="Bound"/>
      				<Keyword text="Break-point"/>
      				<Keyword text="buffer"/>
      				<Keyword text="by"/>
      				<Keyword text="c"/>
      				<Keyword text="case"/>
      				<Keyword text="Ceil"/>
      				<Keyword text="Centered"/>
      				<Keyword text="changing"/>
      				<Keyword text="Charlen"/>
      				<Keyword text="Checkbox"/>
      				<Keyword text="Clear"/>
      				<Keyword text="client"/>
      				<Keyword text="Close"/>
      				<Keyword text="Cnt"/>
      				<Keyword text="Code"/>
      				<Keyword text="Collect"/>
      				<Keyword text="color"/>
      				<Keyword text="col_negative"/>
      				<Keyword text="col_normal"/>
      				<Keyword text="Comment"/>
      				<Keyword text="Commit"/>
      				<Keyword text="Communication"/>
      				<Keyword text="comparing"/>
      				<Keyword text="component"/>
      				<Keyword text="Compute"/>
      				<Keyword text="Concatenate"/>
      				<Keyword text="Condense"/>
      				<Keyword text="Control"/>
      				<Keyword text="Controls"/>
      				<Keyword text="Convert"/>
      				<Keyword text="Copy"/>
      				<Keyword text="Cos"/>
      				<Keyword text="Cosh"/>
      				<Keyword text="Count"/>
      				<Keyword text="Country"/>
      				<Keyword text="Create"/>
      				<Keyword text="Currency"/>
      				<Keyword text="Cursor"/>
      				<Keyword text="Customer-function"/>
      				<Keyword text="Database"/>
      				<Keyword text="Dataset"/>
      				<Keyword text="date"/>
      				<Keyword text="Dbmaxlen"/>
      				<Keyword text="Decimals"/>
      				<Keyword text="default"/>
      				<Keyword text="Delete"/>
      				<Keyword text="Demand"/>
      				<Keyword text="descending"/>
      				<Keyword text="Describe"/>
      				<Keyword text="Detail"/>
      				<Keyword text="Dialog"/>
      				<Keyword text="Distinct"/>
      				<Keyword text="Div"/>
      				<Keyword text="Divide"/>
      				<Keyword text="Divide-corresponding"/>
      				<Keyword text="duplicates"/>
      				<Keyword text="Dynpro"/>
      				<Keyword text="Edit"/>
      				<Keyword text="Editor-call"/>
      				<Keyword text="encoding"/>
      				<Keyword text="equal"/>
      				<Keyword text="Event"/>
      				<Keyword text="Exceptions"/>
      				<Keyword text="excluding"/>
      				<Keyword text="Exp"/>
      				<Keyword text="Exponent"/>
      				<Keyword text="Export"/>
      				<Keyword text="exporting"/>
      				<Keyword text="Extended"/>
      				<Keyword text="Extract"/>
      				<Keyword text="Fetch"/>
      				<Keyword text="Field"/>
      				<Keyword text="Fields"/>
      				<Keyword text="Find"/>
      				<Keyword text="Floor"/>
      				<Keyword text="for"/>
      				<Keyword text="Format"/>
      				<Keyword text="Frac"/>
      				<Keyword text="frame"/>
      				<Keyword text="Free"/>
      				<Keyword text="from"/>
      				<Keyword text="Generate"/>
      				<Keyword text="Get"/>
      				<Keyword text="greater"/>
      				<Keyword text="Group"/>
      				<Keyword text="handler"/>
      				<Keyword text="hashed"/>
      				<Keyword text="header"/>
      				<Keyword text="help-id"/>
      				<Keyword text="Help-request"/>
      				<Keyword text="Hide"/>
      				<Keyword text="Hotspot"/>
      				<Keyword text="i"/>
      				<Keyword text="Icon"/>
      				<Keyword text="id"/>
      				<Keyword text="Import"/>
      				<Keyword text="importing"/>
      				<Keyword text="index"/>
      				<Keyword text="Infotypes"/>
      				<Keyword text="Inheriting"/>
      				<Keyword text="Input"/>
      				<Keyword text="Insert"/>
      				<Keyword text="intensified"/>
      				<Keyword text="into"/>
      				<Keyword text="Inverse"/>
      				<Keyword text="Iterator"/>
      				<Keyword text="Join"/>
      				<Keyword text="key"/>
      				<Keyword text="Language"/>
      				<Keyword text="Leading"/>
      				<Keyword text="left"/>
      				<Keyword text="left-justified"/>
      				<Keyword text="less"/>
      				<Keyword text="Like"/>
      				<Keyword text="Line"/>
      				<Keyword text="Line-count"/>
      				<Keyword text="Lines"/>
      				<Keyword text="Line-size"/>
      				<Keyword text="List-processing"/>
      				<Keyword text="Load"/>
      				<Keyword text="lower"/>
      				<Keyword text="Locale"/>
      				<Keyword text="Log"/>
      				<Keyword text="Log10"/>
      				<Keyword text="Margin"/>
      				<Keyword text="Mask"/>
      				<Keyword text="Matchcode"/>
      				<Keyword text="Max"/>
      				<Keyword text="memory"/>
      				<Keyword text="Mesh"/>
      				<Keyword text="Message"/>
      				<Keyword text="Message-id"/>
      				<Keyword text="Min"/>
      				<Keyword text="Mod"/>
      				<Keyword text="mode"/>
      				<Keyword text="Modify"/>
      				<Keyword text="Move"/>
      				<Keyword text="Move-corresponding"/>
      				<Keyword text="Multiply"/>
      				<Keyword text="Multiply-corresponding"/>
      				<Keyword text="New-line"/>
      				<Keyword text="New-page"/>
      				<Keyword text="Next"/>
      				<Keyword text="no "/>
      				<Keyword text="nodes"/>
      				<Keyword text="No-gap"/>
      				<Keyword text="No-heading"/>
      				<Keyword text="Non-unique"/>
      				<Keyword text="No-scrolling"/>
      				<Keyword text="No-sign"/>
      				<Keyword text="No-title"/>
      				<Keyword text="No-zero"/>
      				<Keyword text="number"/>
      				<Keyword text="Numofchar"/>
      				<Keyword text="occurs"/>
      				<Keyword text="occurrences"/>
      				<Keyword text="Open"/>
      				<Keyword text="optional"/>
      				<Keyword text="order"/>
      				<Keyword text="others"/>
      				<Keyword text="Output"/>
      				<Keyword text="Overlay"/>
      				<Keyword text="Pack"/>
      				<Keyword text="Page"/>
      				<Keyword text="Parameter"/>
      				<Keyword text="Pf-status"/>
      				<Keyword text="places"/>
      				<Keyword text="position"/>
      				<Keyword text="Print"/>
      				<Keyword text="Print-control"/>
      				<Keyword text="Property"/>
      				<Keyword text="Put"/>
      				<Keyword text="Radiobutton"/>
      				<Keyword text="Raise"/>
      				<Keyword text="Raising"/>
      				<Keyword text="Read"/>
      				<Keyword text="Receive"/>
      				<Keyword text="redefinition"/>
      				<Keyword text="ref"/>
      				<Keyword text="reference"/>
      				<Keyword text="Refresh"/>
      				<Keyword text="Reject"/>
      				<Keyword text="Replace"/>
      				<Keyword text="Reserve"/>
      				<Keyword text="Reset"/>
      				<Keyword text="right-justified"/>
      				<Keyword text="Rollback"/>
      				<Keyword text="Round"/>
      				<Keyword text="rows"/>
      				<Keyword text="Rtti"/>
      				<Keyword text="Run"/>
      				<Keyword text="Scan"/>
      				<Keyword text="Scroll"/>
      				<Keyword text="Scroll-boundary"/>
      				<Keyword text="Search"/>
      				<Keyword text="Selection-table"/>
      				<Keyword text="Selector"/>
      				<Keyword text="separated"/>
      				<Keyword text="Set"/>
      				<Keyword text="shared"/>
      				<Keyword text="Shift"/>
      				<Keyword text="Sign"/>
      				<Keyword text="Sin"/>
      				<Keyword text="single"/>
      				<Keyword text="Sinh"/>
      				<Keyword text="Size"/>
      				<Keyword text="Skip"/>
      				<Keyword text="Sort"/>
      				<Keyword text="sorted"/>
      				<Keyword text="Specified"/>
      				<Keyword text="Split"/>
      				<Keyword text="Sqrt"/>
      				<Keyword text="Stamp"/>
      				<Keyword text="standard"/>
      				<Keyword text="starting"/>
      				<Keyword text="Strlen"/>
      				<Keyword text="Structure"/>
      				<Keyword text="Submit"/>
      				<Keyword text="Subtract"/>
      				<Keyword text="Subtract-corresponding"/>
      				<Keyword text="Sum"/>
      				<Keyword text="Summary"/>
      				<Keyword text="Supply"/>
      				<Keyword text="Suppress"/>
      				<Keyword text="Symbol"/>
      				<Keyword text="Syntax-check"/>
      				<Keyword text="Syntax-trace"/>
      				<Keyword text="System-call"/>
      				<Keyword text="System-exceptions"/>
      				<Keyword text="table"/>
      				<Keyword text="Tables"/>
      				<Keyword text="Tan"/>
      				<Keyword text="Tanh"/>
      				<Keyword text="task"/>
      				<Keyword text="Text"/>
      				<Keyword text="Textpool"/>
      				<Keyword text="Time"/>
      				<Keyword text="times"/>
      				<Keyword text="title"/>
      				<Keyword text="Titlebar"/>
      				<Keyword text="to"/>
      				<Keyword text="Transfer"/>
      				<Keyword text="Translate"/>
      				<Keyword text="transporting"/>
      				<Keyword text="Trunc"/>
      				<Keyword text="type"/>
      				<Keyword text="Uline"/>
      				<Keyword text="under"/>
      				<Keyword text="unique"/>
      				<Keyword text="Unit"/>
      				<Keyword text="Unpack"/>
      				<Keyword text="up"/>
      				<Keyword text="Update"/>
      				<Keyword text="upper"/>
      				<Keyword text="using"/>
      				<Keyword text="value"/>
      				<Keyword text="Value-request"/>
      				<Keyword text="Wait"/>
      				<Keyword text="Where"/>
      				<Keyword text="Window"/>
      				<Keyword text="with"/>
      				<Keyword text="With-title"/>
      				<Keyword text="Work"/>
      				<Keyword text="Write"/>
      				<Keyword text="x"/>
      				<Keyword text="xor"/>
      				<Keyword text="Xstrlen"/>
      				<Keyword text="zone"/>
      		<TextType id="32" name="Numbers" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="55" name="Operators" ImageIdx="12" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="16777215" bkclr="-1">
      				<Separator text="."/>
      				<Separator text=":"/>
      				<Separator text=","/>
      				<Separator text="("/>
      				<Separator text=")"/>
      				<Keyword text="="/>
      				<Keyword text="=?"/>
      		<TextType id="33" name="Strings" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="55295" bkclr="-1">
      				<Condition start="'" end="'"/>
      				<Condition start="`" end="`"/>
      		<TextType id="40" name="Syntactical error" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1"/>
      		<TextType id="70" name="Token operator" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="8421504" bkclr="-1">
      				<Separator text="-"/>
      				<Separator text="-&gt;"/>
      				<Separator text="=&gt;"/>
      				<Separator text="~"/>
      		<TextType id="20" name="User region" bold="0" italic="0" underline="0" clr="-1" bkclr="-1">
      				<Condition start="&quot;$." end="\n"/>
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      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Took 6 months to get the first comment? 🙂

      I'm a bit confused why this is needed... Are you suggesting that black background is less stressful for the eyes? I believe most studies actually show the opposite, unless you are in a very dark room. And this is not the case for most people working in the office.