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Author's profile photo Andre Nunes

Checking SUM status

Recently I was involved in a SAP SCM 7.0 upgrade using Software Update Manager (SUM) 1.0 SP16 (PL6). This SUM version lacks the functionality of alerting whenever the upgrade stops waiting for input. Instead of standing for hours staring to the tool, I developed a Windows script (Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host) that monitors the existence of the SUM\abap\tmp\upalert.log file.

The script is available at


C:\cscript checkSUM.vbs -file|-f <path\upalert.log> [-smtp <SMTP server>  -to|-t <semicolon separated e-mail addresses> -from <e-mail address>] [-verbose|-v]

C:\cscript checkSUM.vbs [-help|-?]

The file parameter is the upalert.log that is created whenever SUM stops waiting for input. For example, X:\usr\sap\SUM\abap\tmp\upalert.log

A log called X:\usr\sap\SUM\abap\tmp\upalert.log.TXT is created with all the stops and starts.


SUM stopped;18-05-2016 10:45:10

SUM running;18-05-2016 10:45:46

SUM stopped;18-05-2016 10:47:27

SUM running;18-05-2016 10:54:39

SUM stopped;18-05-2016 14:51:49

This script should run at certain intervals in background.

To avoid a command prompt window from showing up, the attached script runHidden.vbs can be used.

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      Author's profile photo Tilakraj Sandrasegran
      Tilakraj Sandrasegran

      Does this works on Linux/Unix?

      Author's profile photo Andre Nunes
      Andre Nunes
      Blog Post Author

      Hi, this script only runs on Windows.

      If you are using SAMBA on your Linux server, you can share the SUM/abap/tmp folder then you can run the script from a Windows machine.

      Better yet, the upgrade manual has a sample bash script for alert triggering :



      # Sample script for alert triggering


      # Configure mailx to send e-mails

      #FROM_ADDRESS - indicates the e-mail sender

      #SUBJECT - subject of the e-mail

      #EMAIL_ADDRESS - indicates the e-mail receiver

      #BODY - body of the e-mail

      #ATTACHED_FILE - file to be attached to e-mail


      #SUBJECT="EHP Installer Alert"


      #BODY="EHP Installer cannot continue"


      #If you want to send an e-mail, use the following command:

      echo "$BODY" | mailx -r "$FROM_ADDRESS" -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAIL_ADDRESS"

      #If you want to attach the file with the alert message, specify the path to the alert file.

      #The absolute path to the alert file should be the same as in the alert view.

      #cat "$ATTACHED_FILE" | mailx -r "$FROM_ADDRESS" -s "$SUBJECT" "$EMAIL_ADDRESS"

      Change it accordingly your scenario.


      André Nunes