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Solution Manager 7.2 – Installation and Configuration – SOLADM – Solution Administration

We have been using SMSY transaction to add technical systems to a Solution in Solution Manager 7.1.

It is done in Solution Administration  SOLADM transaction in Solution Manager 7.2.


I needed Solution Administration when I asked a CQC service from SAP and they told me to upload the solution holding my technical system to SAP Support Portal.


What steps I performed are;

  • Created a new Logical Component Group in System Landscape tab of Solution Administration
  • Assigned it to the technical system in LMDB
  • Uploaded the Technical System Data to SAP Support Portal in LMDB.


You can see screenshots of these steps below.



Now I want to summmarize the Solution Administration with the help of Solution Documentation document.


First of all what is Solution? What is Logical Component Group?

These 2 pictures are taken from one of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 presentations and describes the solution and Logical Component Groups in brief well in my opinion.


There are systems in SAP System Landscape and they are grouped under ERP as Logical components Production and Development. You can also see that several branches of ERP LCG are created for solution documentation versions.


You can start the Solution Administration with transaction code SOLADM or via the SAP Solution Manager launchpad (SOLMAN_WORKCENTER).



With Solution Administration you can create, change and display your solutions.

By pressing Open link in Solution Documentation column you can open graphical view of your solutions.


These are the short explanations of the tabs on Solution Administration screen.


System Landscape Tab

You see the assigned logical component groups to system landscapes on this tab.  Above picture shows the tab detail.


Change Control Landscapes Tab

In this tab change control landscapes are displayed. They are used for Change Request Management.


Document Types Tab

In this tab document types are displayed. These are needed for Knowledge Warehouse.



Tab SAP Best Practices Packages

In this tab imported SAP Best Practices Packages are displayed in detail. You can see detailed in fo about importing best practices in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 ALM Best Practices blog of  Henrik Zimmermann



LMDB Configurations

In the detail of the technical system in LMDB screen you can assign Logical Component Group to the system.


In order to upload the data to SAP Support Portal you should enter the installation and system numbers manually. And there must be RFC to



You can go to Solution Manager 7.2 Documentations for detailed information.


Thank you also for your valuable comments.





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  • Hope you might help,

    I have imported SAP BP 1610 into solman into the import branch.

    my question is what should be released for the design branch. I found in one of the SAP documents that i should create a customer solution and then "move" not copy all the processes from the SAP BP import into the new Customer Solution object and then release this to the Parent branch for the fitgap analysis.


    I tried this but when opening the Design branch i found that all the objects including the SAP BP content had also been released. Is this correct?

    Thanks in advance



    • Hello Juan,

      Unfortunately I cannot help you about the issue.

      I don't have deep info about it.

      Open a question on Solution Manager tag, please.


      Yuksel AKCINAR


    Hello Yuksel,


    When I try to create a new logical component from LMDB by using:

    Created a new Logical Component Group in System Landscape tab of Solution Administration

    I get error 404 not found:

    Error: Requested resource dose not exist.

    Any ide?




    • Hello Reza,

      Unfortunately I have no idea about the issue.


      You should better open a question about the issue.

      So others can see an answer your question.



      Yuksel AKCINAR

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