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Does ASE support concurrent I/O


I want to know if ASE support conncurrent I/O. From want I have found, it does but not directly like it does with direct i/o.

Does anyone have experience using FS with concurrent i/o on AIX.

We are currently on raw device (and very happy with the performance) but our sys admin unix is pushing for FS.


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  • Not sure why you made this a blog post instead of a question posted to SCN.   The bigger question is whether your file system supports CIO.   Many do not.   For those that do, you can mount the file systems forcing concurrent IO and just add the devices in ASE specifying directIO.    We do support CIO directly on HPUX with JFS which is variation on VxFS.   Not sure if we natively invoke CIO there or not....but I believe VxFS and AIX JFS supports CIO force via mount options.

    With CIO, file system doesn't implement file locks when writing - consequently two processes can write to same file same time......hence filesystem support is most critical here.