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ATD / ABAP Eclipse with SAP ChaRM CSOL Multisystem landscape – Workarround


we are working in a multi system setup:

MaintDEV -> MainTST -> PRD

ProjDEV  -> ProjTST -> prePRD

To handle changes in the two dev Systems we have we use Solution Manager Retrofit and CSOL etc.

Now me an my colleges are in the situation that we have transports arrived on project test system where tests are ongoing. Fine.

For new features we need to enhance development objects that are still under test.

In ADT we end up with the Error message:

CSOL Error.png

So no possibility to change the source in Eclipse right away.  (The mentioned SAP note does not help, it is responsible for the Error)


Go to good old SE80, edit every method in form based view:


confirm the Messages, if you know what you are doing


unfortunately, this seems not to be possible in adt, what makes it a big hazzle for us to use it with objects that are under test.

I hopeThomas Fiedler  & Team will have a solution soon.

Any feedback is welcome on this topic.

<<< EDIT >>>>>

See Solution using Enhancements here

<<< END EDIT >>>

Second Work around:

use TA: /n/tmwflow/lockmon in Solman to delete the locks.

– be sure, you know what you do –



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    • Hello Thomas Fiedler thank you for your reply. This issue really makes Eclipse unusable cause it breaks up development so often. you can not use any wizzards, cause saving of new methods does not work and so on. 

      Opening SE80 again and again, decreases dev speed enormous.

      I already opened a support message, but no reply ...

      Please help us out!

      Thanks in advance


      • Hi Timo,

        so your request is that we change the behavior so that the CSOL error message just gets a warning in Eclipse. Correct? 



        • Well, we need to overcome the CSOL locks, it needs to be set as "ignored" as shown in the screens in SE80. CSOL must be notified, that the developer is aware of the risk. Basically a warning would be fine. Important is that we can save and activate the modifications. Selection of a ChaRM transport request worked well. By the way ... I was able to create new transports although ChaRM & TMS denys it in SE01 etc. .. Looks like ADT goes deep in the API 🙂